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We can close the book on 2017 and what a year it was. This is a very competitive time for Boxing and the UCA is committed to giving the fans the matchups they want to see. 2017 witnessed a rise of a new era.  Legends bid farewell and new champions taking their place. Join us as we relive some of boxing’s most memorable moments of the year.

UCA Promoter of the Year – Jeff Penn, SoCal Battle of the Badges
One who is respected and experienced in putting together the biggest fights with the biggest names. A production that can be compared to a professional boxing event. Events that are held in fan friendly venues and everyone is guaranteed a good time.

UCA EventFullSizeRender (2) of the Year – Central California Battle of the Badges, Hanford Civic Auditorium April 8, 2017

In just 4 years the Central California Battle of the Badges has hosted the biggest fights in the sport. On Saturday April 8, 2017 some of the biggest names competed in front of a SOLD OUT crowd. 5 UCA Championship title fights saw 3 new champions crowned along with an action packed undercard. Fund raising efforts benefitted the Fallen Officers Resource Fund which provides financial assistance to the families of officers hurt or killed in the line of duty. The Hanford Police Athletic League and the Hanford Police Dept. Explorers.

UCA Fighter of the Year – Deirdre Fonseca, Los Angeles Police Dept.
A fighter who directly impacts Public Safety boxing by the way he/she performs in the ring. A fighter who 2017-Fighter-of-the-Year---stood out from the rest and proved they are the best by challenging and defeating anyone who was put in front of them.

On April 8, 2017 Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD avenged her only loss to the former undefeated #1 ranked Laura Morales Madera Dept. of Corrections and captured the UCA Super Featherweight Title. On August 12, 2017 Fonseca defeated Sandra Hildany, FDNY New York Fire Dept. to become the 2017 World Police & Fire Games Gold Medalist. 

Honorable Mention
On April 8, 2017 the undefeated Champion Shant Sheklanian, CDCR State Paroles defended his Jr Welterweight title in a near perfect performance against the highly skilled BJ Adkins, Raleigh County Sheriff’s Dept. (West Virginia)

Hector Mendoza, LAPD became the first fighter to lose his title and recapture it. On October 6, 2016 Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept. defeated Mendoza to take Mendoza’s UCA Middleweight title. On September 9, 2017 Mendoza defeated Remin Pineda, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. to capture the UCA Light Heavyweight title.

FullSizeRender (6)

UCA Coach of the Year – Jorge Gonzalez, Los Angeles Police Dept.

A coach who has the knowledge and experience to unlock a fighters true potential and mold them into a champion. There are a lot of critical factors that make a champion, having a great coach is the most important one.

Jorge Gonzalez is the coach of UCA Welterweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD, UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD, and Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD Super Featherweight Champion

UCA Biggest Most Memorable Fights of 2017 
Fights that undoubtedly will be talked about years from now. While most fights come and go these memorable battles will live on through the ages and become a part of UCA Boxing History.

Josh Webb, CHP vs Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation was a battle between two fighters in tremendous shape, fundamentally sound with a high boxing IQ. For 3 rounds these warriors went back and forth trying to out work and out think each other. In the end Blevins would be crowned the new UCA Heavyweight Champion.

Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD avenged her only loss by getting off the canvas to defeat Laura Morales, Madera Dept. of Corrections to claim the UCA Super Featherweight Title.

Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Mike Valle, CDCR PVSP took turns holding the belt. Valle would lift the title from Mirage in their first encounter April 8, 2017 and 6 months later Mirage would take his title back. This has Trilogy written all over it.

UCA Champions Missing in Action

Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept. UCA Middleweight Champion 

Asiah Medawar, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. UCA Welterweight Champion

Stephanie Sparks, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. Masters UCA Super Middleweight Champion

Chuck Pfau, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept.  Masters UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion

James Moore, Monroe Louisiana Fire Dept. Master UCA Heavyweight Champion

UCA Championship Fights That Got Away

FullSizeRender (7)Jose Bustillos, U.S. Navy vs Delvin Delery, Redondo Beach Police Dept. – Masters UCA Jr Welterweight Championship

Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept vs Jorge Caamal, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. – UCA Middleweight Championship

UCA Breakout Fighter of the Year

A fighter who steps into the ring for the first time and wins over the crowd with skill, heart and personality. One you can’t wait to see fight again.

Brent Pavey, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Gerardo Serrano, Reedley Police Dept.

Jessica Ortiz, LAPD

Kevin Dunbar, BLM Fire Dept.

Most Improved Fighter
Devon Dejoie, U.S. Navy

UCA Dream Fight
Henry Sanchez, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. vs Alex Duran, U.S. Border Patrol – Masters UCA Welterweight Championship

David Bermudez, Easy Bay Regional Parks PD vs Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD – UCA Jr Middleweight Championship

Hector Mendoza, Los Angeles Police Dept. vs DJ Vargas, Hanford Police Dept – Light Heavyweight Championship

Chris Dubinasky, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept vs Justin Robinson, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept. – UCA Super Heavyweight Championship

UCA Announcer of the Year
Carlton Jones, Fresno Fire Dept.

FullSizeRender (3)

UCA DJ of the Year 
DJ Prince

UCA Gym of the Year
City of Angels and 818 Boxing Gym

Photographer of the Year
Chris Akins and Mikey B, MB Sports Photography

UCA Quote of the Year
Quincy Mirage, LAPD “Went to hell, danced with the devil and came back with his crown”

Rivalry of the Year
Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison

UCA Fights of the Year 
A fight that delivers the most exciting back and forth battle that has fans cheering and on the edge of their seat. These fights symbolize what public safety boxing stands for.

Hugh Estrada, CHP vs Jose Bustillos, U.S. Navy (4-8-17)

Brent Pavey, Federal Bureau of Prisons vs Byron Chambers, San Bernardino County Probation (4-8-17)

Hector Mendoza, LAPD vs Remin Pineda, LASD  9-9-17

Most Talented Fighter without a Title 
With the talent these fighters possess it’s just a matter of time before they become a champion.

Daniel Rosales, Los Angeles Police Dept.

Josh Webb, California Highway Patrol

David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks Police Dept.

UCA Chin of Granite
A boxer who can withstand heavy punishment and continue fighting. Amazing ability to take huge shots and continue fighting.

Justin Robinson, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept.

UCA Upset of the Year
A fighter who enters a contest a considerable favorite and is defeated by a less experienced, unknown or unranked fighter.

July 29, 2017 Chris Dubinasky, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept. defeated Albert Deleon, CDCR, Ironwood 1st rd TKO to win the UCA Super Heavyweight Championship title.


UCA Champion with the Most Title Defenses Brian Stevens, District Attorney’s Office
1st Title Defense – Brian Stevens, LASD vs #1 ranked Jamaal Brathwaite, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept SoCal BOTB August 17, 2013, Pala Casino & Resort.

2nd Title Defense – Brian Stevens, LASD vs #1 ranked Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept – LA BOTB September 26, 2014 at the Quiet Cannon, Montebello

3rd Title Defense – Brian Stevens, LASD vs #1 ranked Guillermo Garcia, Los Angeles Police Dept – LA BOTB October 1, 2016 Pacific Palms Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

UCA Classic Rematches
Rematches are a result of a close, intense, all action, competitive fight, where both camps believe they won. The close decisions of these fights made fans begging for a rematch.

Hector Mendoza, LAPD vs Remin Pineda, LASD – Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Mike Valle, CDCR PVSP – Split 1-1

Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD vs Laura Morales, Madera Dept. of Corrections – Split 1-1

Monique Hernandez, Riverside Sheriff’s Dept. vs Denise Guerrero, San Bernardino PD – Split 1-1

UCA Fighter with the Most Rematches Quincy Mirage, Los Angeles Police Dept.FullSizeRender (5)

Quincy Mirage vs Erik Ramirez, LASD Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage vs Dennis Burgos, NYPD Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs DJ Vargas, Hanford PD Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage vs Mike Valle, CDCR PVSP Split 1-1

UCA Hidden Talent – Fighter no one knows about

Kellan-Kramer---Hidden-TaleKellen Kramer, Bell Gardens Police Dept. (3-0)

Gabriel Flores, Los Angeles Police Dept. (3-1)

Anthony Cross, CDCR CA State Prison Sacramento (2-0)

Noel Montes, CDCR Folsom State Prison (5-1)

Retired A Champion
5 UCA Champions hang up their gloves after a great career. Is this really the end for these Champions?
Shant Sheklanian, CDCR State Paroles, undefeated reigning & defending UCA Jr Welterweight Champion
Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara Sheriffs Dept undefeated reigning & defending 2 division UCA Champion.
Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriffs Dept reigning & defending UCA Light Heavyweight Champion

Brian Stevens, District Attorney’s Office undefeated, reigning & defending UCA Cruiserweight Champion

Alan Rojas, Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept undefeated, reigning & defending UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion

Nov 2017 13


The UCA #1 ranked David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks Police Dept picked up a hard fought victory securing a title shot against the former UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept or a rematch with the reigning and defending UCA Welterweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD. Competing on the same card was UCA #3 Jose Gomez, Army National Guard who extended his undefeated record to 3-0 securing a title fight with the undefeated UCA Middleweight Champion Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept.

Oct 2017 26

FullSizeRenderOn November 17, 2017 the Fight for Life Boxing Event will take place at the Pacific Palms Resort and Hotel, City of Industries. Proceeds from the event will benefit the research, treatment, and education programs of the City of Hope Hospital. The City of Hope charity boxing event started in November of 1994, shortly after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, while working patrol in the East Los Angeles area, encountered a young boy who had been diagnosed with cancer. So touched were these deputies that they befriended the young boy and attempted to provide help and improve the quality of life for him and his family. Although this young boy did succumb, the deputies continued their commitment to helping others and turned to the Los Angeles Police Department to join them in organizing the first of what is now an annual boxing event between the LASD and the LAPD. Whatever the outcome from this event, whether the competitors win or lose, they are all in agreement that the true winner here is City of Hope and the individuals they treat yearly.

Oct 2017 10

uca boxing (1)What a night of action at the SoCal Battle of the Badges Saturday October 7, 2017 at the Pacific Palms Resort and Hotel. It was the perfect stage for two UCA Championship title fights, fighters making their ring debut and fighters continuing their climb up the division ladder. The night started off with Aaron Padilla, CDCR, San Quentin Prison who was making his ring debut against 2nd ranked Alex Duran, U.S. Border Patrol. This was a boxer vs brawler match up with Padilla being the boxer. Padilla is a crafty fighter with good footwork. Duran’s style is to press forward and attack and that’s what he did.  Padilla would have his moments but the pressure was too much. After Padilla was given two standing 8 counts due to exhaustion the referee waved off the fight in the 3rd round. Duran would pick up the TKO victory and take over the #1 spot in the Masters Welterweight division.  Padilla is still polishing his style but he showed good fundamentals and composure in his first fight. Someone to keep an eye on.

Next up was the only female fight on the card. This matchup feauca boxing (7)tured two fighters stepping into the ring for the first time. Jessica Ortiz, LAPD vs Katrina Kim in a battle of lightweights. When the bell sounded Ortiz came out of the blue corner looking to land a one punch knockout blow. Kim was a game opponent and avoided the heavy blows thrown by Ortiz, This was a fast paced fight with a lot of punches thrown, mostly by Ortiz.  After Kim received two standing 8 counts in the first round the referee kept a close eye on her. Ortiz came out in the 2nd round just like the 1st, throwing punches in bunches forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight. Ortiz winner by TKO in 2nd round. Ortiz put on an impressive performance and could be the future of the Lightweight division.

uca boxing (4) (800x557)The Masters UCA Super Heavyweight title was up for grabs as the Champion Sean Johnson, CDCR, KVSP looked to make his first title defense against #1 ranked David Ross, CHP. When the bell sounded Ross came out using good footwork and his reach advantage. 30 seconds into the fight Johnson threw a flurry of punches backing Ross against the ropes. Surprisingly, the referee stepped in between the fighters and stopped the fight. Johnson winner, 1st round TKO. And still…The Masters UCA Super Heavyweight Champion.  After the fight Ross said, “I felt it was an early stoppage. I didn’t even get an opportunity to battle. At least a standing 8?  I’m more disappointed I didn’t get a chance to fight than I am about losing the fight. I saw guys get numerous 8 counts while continuing to get pummeled and the referee didn’t stop the fight. I prepared for a fight.  I knew I was going to get popped but I also knew he was going to get popped.  Not the way I wanted my career to end.  Especially after the progress made.  Please know I’m not angry or even frustrated, just heartbroken. Just give me a chance”

What we have all been waiting for is finally here. The rematch between the undefeated UCA Super Middleweight Chauca boxing (6) (800x653)mpion Mike Valle, CDCR PVSP vs #1 Ranked Quincy Mirage, LAPD “Repeat or Revenge” During training camp both couches predicted a knockout. Half way through the first round it looked like their prediction would come true. Valle was landing vicious uppercuts that were driving Mirage’s head back. The referee was forced to step in after a clean uppercut momentarily stunned Mirage and gave him a standing 8 count. Once the count was completed the cobwebs were clear and Valle and Mirage were back at it trying to knock each other’s head off. You can’t ask for a bigger heart than what these fighters showed they have. Back and forth, give and take for 3 nonstop rounds. This was a legendary fight that will not be forgotten. This one is going to the score cards. Did Mirage do enough to take the champion’s title? Will Mirage get the decision in his hometown? Was the standing 8 count in the first round enough to seal the victory for the champion? It wouldn’t be boxing without a bit of controversy in the results, right? And once again…And the New…..UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD. We are now tied up, one win a piece. One word sums up this fight, Trilogy.

uca boxing (5) (800x534)The UCA #1 ranked Masters Cruiserweight Edward Espinoza, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. squared off with Fugitive Recovery Officer, Mike Tupa who was making his ring debut. Espinoza’s experience advantage showed early. Espinoza seem to hit Tupa with everything he threw. Tupa showed a lot of heart. He was knocked down 3 times and got right back up, there was no quit in Tupa. The fight would go the distance and Espinoza would pick up the unanimous decision victory and extend his undefeated record to 4-0.

The UCA #1 ranked Super Heavyweight Justin Robinuca boxing (3) (800x459)son, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept.  suffered a shocking defeat to Security Officer, Robert Martinez. Robinson hasn’t fought in 3 years and wanted to take a tune up fight before his UCA Super Heavyweight Championship title fight with the newly crowned Champion Chris Dubiansky, CPFD.  Robinson was given a total of 3 standing 8 counts before he was able to get the ring rust off. Robinson started to look like himself late in the 2nd and 3rd round. But it was too late. Martinez was too far ahead on the score cards for Robinson to catch him. Martinez winner by decision.


Middleweight Kevin Dunbar,a Firefighter from BLM Palm Springs made a good first impression in his ring debut. He showed lighting speed, power and a killer instinct. Dunbar is a humble 24 yr old who trains out of his garage and shows early signs of becoming a champion. It will take someone in the top ten to test him to really get a read on his ability. Dunbar winner by 1st round KO.

Oct 2017 07


fullsizerender15The Battle of the Badges UCA Championship Doubleheader is on! All 26combatants are weighed in and are ready to get this show started. Aside from the two UCA Championship title fights between the Super Middleweight Champion Mike Valle, CDCR, PVSP vs #1 Quincy Mirage, LAPD and the Masters Super Heavyweight Champion Sean Johnson, CDCR, KVSP vs #1 ranked David Ross, CHP keep an eye on #1 ranked Justin Robinson, Camp Pendleton FD. Robinson is taking a tune up fight tonight to stay sharp for his scheduled showdown with the UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Dubiansky, Camp Pendleton FD in 2018. Look out for UCA newcomer Jessica Ortiz, LAPD who looks to make her first step toward the UCA Lightweight title. Ortiz trains under 2X UCA Coach of the year Jorge Gonzalez who is familiar with building Champions. He has already made 4 UCA champions. Early prediction for “Fight of the Night” honors, goes to Aaron Padilla, CDCR San Quentin Prison who will be making his ring debut against the all action 2nd ranked Welterweight Alex Duran, U.S. Border Patrol. Also fighting tonight will be the undefeated #1 ranked Masters Cruiserweight Edward Espinoza, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. This is the event you don’t want to miss. You still have time to get on a plane, bus, train or boat. Doors open at 5pm first punch thrown at 7pm. Tickets will be available at the door.

Oct 2017 06

thumbnailThe UCA Super Middleweight Championship title fight became official today when the undefeated Champion Mike Valle, CDCR, PVSP weighed in at the contracted limit of 168lbs. His opponent #1 ranked hometown favorite Quincy Mirage, LAPD came in at a ready 164lbs.   These fighters are raring to go and there is only one thing left to do now, and that’s Fight! See you tomorrow. Doors open at 5pm leather flys at 7pm. SoCal Battle of the Badges  Pacific Palms Resort and Hotel. Tickets are still on sale and can be purchased online or at the door. 

Oct 2017 02

Fight Week

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It’s fight week and for the past 10 weeks 30 elite fighters have been preparing for the SoCal Battle of the Badges. The only place to experience the Battle of the Badges is the Pacific Palms Hotel & Resort on Saturday October 7, 2017. In the days leading up to event the fighters will be going over strategy and mentally preparing for battle.  The work is done, its fight time. Let’s get ready to rumble. Tickets are still available and can be purchased online or at the door. Tickets start at $30 General Admission and $50 Reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5pm first punch lands at 7pm. 

Oct 2017 01


The Masters UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Sean Johnson, CDCR will wear custom made pink Sabas gloves when he defends his title against David Ross, CHP at the SoCal Battle of the Badges Saturday October 7, 2017 at Pacific Palms Hotel & Resort. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in honor of breast cancer awareness Johnson requested to wear pink gloves.

Sep 2017 29

It’s a good thing that the UCA Super Middleweight Title fight is next UCABOXING (30) (800x532)Saturday night, because the undefeated UCA Super Middleweight Champion Mike Valle, CDCR, PVSP can’t wait any longer. Mike Valle and Quincy Mirage, LAPD each looks to leave no doubt in the rematch. It’s so on!!! Let’s do this already! Get your tickets to the SoCal Battle of the Badges Saturday October 7, 2017 at Pacific Palms Hotel & Resort. Doors open at 5pm first bell rings at 7pm. Tickets start at $30 General Admission and $50 Reserved Ringside. Purchase tickets online or at the door.

Sep 2017 26


Add another blockbuster fight to the SoCal Battle of the Badges card. The Masters UCA #1 ranked Cruiserweight Edward Espinoza, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept will put his undefeated record on the line when he challenges Mike Tupa, Cold Case Investigations. Tupa looks to play spoiler against the battle tested veteran Espinoza and give him his first defeat. This is a can’t miss fight. Doors open at 5 pm first punch thrown at 7 pm. Tickets are still available starting at $30 for General Admission and $50 for Reserved Ringside. The leather is going to fly Saturday October 7, 2017 at the Pacific Palms Hotel & Resort. 

Sep 2017 21


Aaron Padilla, CDCR San Quentin State Prison vs Albert Diaz, ASG Security features two hungry lions in a 3 round showdown. Padilla will be making his ring debut and first step toward the UCA Lightweight title. Diaz tasted defeat in his last fight and looks to redeem himself by defeating Padilla. Don’t miss the SoCal Battle of the Badges Saturday, October 7, 2017 at Pacific Palms Resort & Hotel. Doors open at 5 pm first bell rings at 7 pm. General Admission $30.00 Reserved Ringside $50.00.

Sep 2017 18

The MasJohnson vs Rossters UCA Super Heavyweight champ is back! Sean Johnson, CDCR Kern Valley State Prison after an 18-month layoff, returns to the ring Saturday October 7, 2017 to take on #1 ranked David Ross, CHP. Johnson is not getting an easy tune-up fight coming off of a long layoff. Ross is coming off a dominating performance win over tough Adam Zamudio, Fresno Sheriffs Dept. and believes the timing is perfect to take out the champion. And the new….? Or And still…..? Tickets on sale now starting at $30 General Admission and $50 Reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. SoCal Battle of the Badges Saturday October 7, 2017 Pacific Palms Hotel & Resort 1 Industry Hills Pkwy, City of Industry, CA, 91744.

Sep 2017 14

 Female-Fight-PosterA pair of female lightweights have been added to the SoCal Battle of the Badges card Saturday, October 7, 2017 at Pacific Palms Resort. Jessica Ortiz, LAPD will meet Katrina Kim, C4KC as they both make their ring debut. A fight card isn’t complete without female warriors on it. Female fights never disappoint, they are the most exciting and usually walk away with “Fight of the Night” honors. See you Saturday. Doors open at 5pm first bell rings at 7pm.


Sep 2017 11

On DSC_3356 (800x658)Saturday September 9, #1 ranked Remin Pineda, LASD squared off with the former UCA Champion #2 Hector Mendoza, LAPD. Pineda and Mendoza were the headliners for the 911 Fight Night at Citizens Business Bank Arena, in Ontario CA. Pineda came into the fight a slight favorite having already beat Mendoza last year. Once the fighters met in the center of the ring and received their final instructions, it was on! When the bell sounded both fighters looked to implement their game plan. Mendoza used his ring smarts, and speed advantage to land quick punches against the stronger more aggressive Pineda. While Pineda threw punches with bad intentions as he was looking to knock Mendoza out. From the first to the last bell both fighters imposed their will on one another. Pineda was effective using an aggressive calculated attack landing punches but not the fight ending blow he was looking for. Mendoza used his boxing instincts and athleticism to weave his way in and out of danger. After 3 hard fought rounds this fight was going to the score cards. This 3 round war showcased both fighters grit, toughness and will to win. In the end it was Mendoza’s speed, timing, and counter punching that edged out Pineda to become the new UCA Light Heavyweight Champion. With the score now even at one a piece, boxing fans will demand a third fight. There have been some great trilogies in Public Safety boxing. A Pineda vs Mendoza trilogy would join the great trilogy classics of Jorge Caamal, LASD vs Ivan Guillermo, LAPD, Ray Encinas, LAPD vs Angel Vasquez, LASD and Brandon Manning, LASD vs Chris Martinez, Fresno PD.

 Hector Mendoza made UCA history by becoming the first UCA fighter to regain the title after losing it. 

Sep 2017 06

IMG_0826In the history of the UCA no fighter has ever regained the title after losing it. Will Hector Mendoza, LAPD be the first? On Saturday September 9, 2017 UCA #1 ranked Remin Pineda, LASD will square off with the former UCA Champion Hector Mendoza, LAPD for the UCA Light Heavyweight Championship title. Will UCA history be made?  911 Fight Night at Citizens Business Park Arena 4000 Ontario Center Ontario CA. 

Sep 2017 02


For the next 5 weeks two bitter rivals will be preparing for the most anticipated rematch of the year. The undefeated UCA Super Middleweight Champion Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison will defend his title against the former Champion Quincy Mirage, Los Angeles Police Dept. Their first meeting was a thriller from start to finish and when the final bell rang a new champion was crowned. The win provided validation and justified the faith shown by Valle’s coach Arthur Peraza who believed in his fighter, putting him up against the veteran champion in only his 3rd fight. Will the Champion once again prove he is unbeatable? Will Mirage regain the title from the man who took it from him? Find out Saturday October 7, 2017 at the Pacific Palms Hotel and Resort. Doors open at 5 pm first fight starts at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale now! General Admission $30 Reserved Ringside $50.

Aug 2017 21

FullSizeRender (1)Need a place to stay for the SoCal Battle of the Badges October 7, 2017 at the Pacific Palms Hotel and Resort? Pacific Palms has generously partnered with the Battle of the Badges to become the host hotel and provide top-notch hospitality for the athletes and fans for $149. If you are interested in staying at the Pacific Palms Hotel please call 1-800-524-4557 mention Battle of the Badges for a $149 discounted rate.  Located in the City of Industry the Pacific Palms Hotel accommodations are nothing less than extraordinary. This hotel features, spacious accommodations, friendly service, and all the amenities needed for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. With live entertainment, spa and fitness center, pool, golf and dining there is something for everyone. The Pacific Palms Hotel has been designed to make you feel perfectly at home.

Aug 2017 19


The UCA Light Heavyweight title that was once held by James Davis, CDCR Folsom Prison, Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara Police Dept, Kyle Stewart, USMC and Travon Taylor Orange County Sheriffs Dept will once again be up for grabs. On September 9, 2017 the Former UCA Middleweight Champion Hector Mendoza, LAPD will square off with #1 ranked Remin Pineda, LASD. Pineda defeated Mendoza last year by split decision in a fight Mendoza felt he won. Both fighters plan on taking the decision out of the judges hands this time around. Don’t miss this one! 911 Fight Night at Citizens Business Park Arena 4000 Ontario Center Ontario CA. 

Aug 2017 17

SoCal-October-2017Dear fight fans join us at the Pacific Palms Hotel for what could be the most sensational boxing cards of the year. On Saturday October 7, 2017 the Battle of the Badges will close out 2017 with a block buster night of boxing. Once again we are delighted to bring you the absolute best in public safety boxing and thrilled to be closing out the year at the Pacific Palms Hotel & Resort. With the beautiful golf courses, restaurants, pool, spa free parking and night club, your best bet for excitement has just become a sure thing. Doors open at 5 pm first punch thrown at 7 pm. Tickets start at $30.00 for General Admission and $50.00 Reserved Ringside. Interested fighters sign up at or 

Aug 2017 16

Travon Taylor

Brent Bugarin      


Alan Rojas     

Brian Stevens       


Shant Sheklanian


After giving fans the most thrilling fights in boxing, Shant Sheklanian, Brent Bugarin, Travon Taylor, Brian Stevens, and Alan Rojas are retiring from the ring. Their names will forever be linked to public safety boxing greatness. Inside the ring they were wrecking machines chopping down opponents with a seek and destroy mentality.  These fighters reigned over their division, defending their titles and cementing their status as the best public safety boxers in the game.

 These Champions represented a certain purity, they were humble, gracious, dedicated and appreciative for their opportunities. Their image was important to them. If people paid money to see them fight they made sure they were in tip top shape to give the fans a show and most importantly to represent their department and make them proud. Their legacy will not only be defined by what they accomplished in the ring but by their character and class outside of it. 


Aug 2017 01

www.ucaboxing (2) (783x800)On Saturday night July 29, 2017 Agua Caliente Resort & Casino hosted the SoCal Battle of the Badges. The night got started with heavyweights. It was Brad Guzman traveling from Arizona to make his ring debut. It wasn’t a wasted trip to California for the Arizona Correctional Officer. Guzman defeated Paul Giantonio, CDCR Ironwood State Prison by unanimous decision setting up a Heavyweight showdown with undefeated #3 Chris Seelig, Rialto Poliwww.ucaboxing (3) (800x534)ce Dept.

In the first female fight of the night Nicolette Anderson, Morongo Ambulance made a good first impression defeating #3 Rachel Garcia, Federal Bureau of Prisons by decision. Anderson showed good boxing fundamentals and toughness. Anderson vs Hernandez?
www.ucaboxing (6) (800x635)

Jasper Sandoval, CDCR Chino State Prison made his ring debut against Travon McMillian, AMR Redlands. Sandoval put on an impressive performance against the more experienced McMillian. Sandoval would walk away with the decision win. Sandoval showed good skills in his first fight and is definitely a fiwww.ucaboxing (1) (800x789)ghter to keep an eye on.

Amber Sarkissian, Cal Fire and Natalie Becerra, CDCR, Chuckawalla State Prison engaged in a back and forth Muay Thai battle that had the crowd on their feet until the closing bell. Tough fight to judge. When the score cards were added up it was Becerra who would walk away with the victory.
www.ucaboxing (5) (800x759)

Daniel Heredia, AMR, Riverside suffered his first defeat at the hands of Carlos Palomino, CDCR, CIM Chino State Prison. Palomino came into the fight looking to make a statement. Palomino jumped on Heredia and did not let up until the referee stepped in to stop the fight at 1:13 of the 2nd round. Palomino winner bwww.ucaboxing (4) (800x758)y TKO.

With 3 female fights on the card it was a no brainer one of those bouts would walk away with “Fight of the Night” honors. Female warriors always bring it and that’s what Monique Hernandez, Riverside Sheriffs Dept and Denise Guerrero, San Bernardino Police Dept did. This was a Repeat or Revenge matchup and after 3 rounds of nonstop action it was sweet revenge for Hernandez. Trilogy?

The SoCal Battle of the Badges returns Saturday, October 7, 2017 to the Pacific Palms Resort & Hotel.

Jul 2017 30


And the new…. UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Dubiansky, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept. Dubiansky scored a shocking surprise KO win over the highly favored Albert “Big Cactus” DeLeon, CDCR Ironwood State Prison in Saturday night’s SoCal Battle of the Badges Main Event. When the bell rang to start this highly anticipated fight DeLeon and Dubiansky met in the center of the ring. Big Cactus seemed to control the action through most of the round. With 10 seconds left in the round Dubiansky landed a blow that momentarily stunned DeLeon. Before he could recover Dubiansky went in for the kill forcing referee Tony Crebs to step in and stop the fight. DeLeon was humble in defeat after the fight he said “Its boxing, I got caught. He was the better man tonight. Congratulations to the new champ.”

Jul 2017 29

DSC_0969The official Weigh Ins are complete and the fighters are ready to trade leather at tonight’s SoCal Battle of the Badges event being held at Agua Caliente Casino. Doors open at 4pm first punch thrown at 5pm.

Jul 2017 26

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Here we go fight fans FullSizeRender(40)it’s time to make your predictions for this weekends SoCal Battle of the Badges. The night will kick off with heavyweight Brad Guzman who is traveling from Arizona to make his ring debut against Paul Giantonio. Next up will be UCA newcomer Nicolette Anderson looking to knock off 3rd ranked Rachel Garcia. One of the most intriguing fights on the card features a Repeat or Revenge matchup. 2nd ranked Monique Hernandez looks to avenge her only loss to #1 ranked Denise Guerrero. Will Guerrero prove once again she is the best in the Super Lightweight division? Does 2nd ranked Alex Duran have what it takes to defeat Antonio Soria and take over the number spot in the Masters Welterweight Division? In a battle of Super Cruiserweights Carlos Palomino 0-2 meets unbeaten Daniel Heredia 2-0. Someones “O” might go?  Middleweight Travon McMillan looks to sneak past Jasper Sandoval and get back in the win column. The Preachers Wife Amber Sarkissian returns to the ring to battle with Natalie Becerra in a Muay Thai fight. The Main Event will feature #3 Chris Dubiansky vs #2 Albert DeLeon for the UCA Super Heavyweight Championship title. And the new……….?  These are just a few of the matchups on the SoCal Battle of the Badges card. Don’t wait, tickets are still available and can be purchased at the Agua Caliente Resort and Casino box office. Doors open at 4pm first fight at 5pm.

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Fight-WeekThe excitement is building as we enter Fight Week for the SoCal Battle of the Badges, Saturday July 29, 2017 at Agua Caliente Resort & Casino.  Nothing gets boxing fans more excited than watching two fighters going toe to toe in the center of the ring. Well fight fans, that is exactly what you will see Saturday night. All together there will 15 action packed fights.  Don’t wait, get your tickets now at the Agua Caliente Box Office. Doors open at 4pm first fight starts at 5pm.

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To see the complete list of UCA Champions click on the Champions tab.

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3rd ranked Chris Seelig, Rialto Police Dept will put his undefeated record on line as he looks to continue his run towards a UCA title shot. Standing in front of him will be Brad Guzman, from Arizona Dept of Corrections. Seelig and Guzman will square off on the SoCal Battle of the Badges card being held at Agua Caliente Resort & Casino July 29, 2017. Doors open at 4pm first punch thrown at 5pm. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the Aqua Caliente Resort box office or at the door.

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Chance to Shine

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UCA 3rd ranked Super Lightweight Rachael Garcia, Federal Bureau of Prisons will square off with UCA newcomer Nicolette Anderson, Morongo Ambulance EMT Saturday, July 29th at the SoCal Battle of the Badges being held at Agua Caliente Resort and Casino. Garcia and Anderson are two special talents who have their sights set on the title. Find out who moves forward and who gets stopped in their tracks. Don’t miss it! Doors open at 5pm, first punch thrown at 6pm. Tickets are only $20.00 and can be purchased online or at the door.

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The SoCal Battle of the Badges main event is drawing huge interest. Two of the baddest big men will go toe to toe for the UCA Super Heavyweight Championship title. A title that was once held by Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriffs Dept will be on the line when 2nd ranked Albert DeLeon, CDCR Ironwood State Prison squares off with #3 Chris Dubiansky Camp Pendleton Fire Dept. Both fighters are coming off big wins and are ready to prove they are the best big man in the game. The oddsmakers currently have Deleon -320 favorite and Dubiansky the underdog at +250. The lopsided odds can be attributed to Deleon’s size and power and where he trains. DeLeon trains at the Coachella Valley Boxing Club under coach Marcos Caballero and Danny Ortega. This fight is scheduled for 3 rounds but most likely won’t go the distance. Fight fans get to your seats early. Doors open at 4:00 PM. First bout at 5:00 PM.  If you still need tickets visit the Agua Caliente Resort & Casino Box Office.

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Breaking News

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Agua Caliente Resort & Casino will once again play host to the SoCal Battle of the Badges Saturday, July 29, 2017. The main event will feature a UCA Super Heavyweight Championship title fight between #3 Chris Dubiansky, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept. vs #2 Albert Deleon, CDCR Ironwood State Prison. Both fighters are coming off impressive wins and have been waiting for their shot. Also waiting in line is #1 ranked Justin Robinson who will face the winner October 7, 2017 at the Pacific Palms Resort & Hotel. Don’t wait get your tickets now.

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Champions possess something unique that sets them apart from the rest. They are willing to do whatever it takes to reach success. It takes an unheard of amount of time, effort, sacrifice and punishment to win a UCA Championship title. Congratulations to Mike Valle, Travis Clark, Asiah Medawar, Brent Bugarin, Deirdre Fonseca, Marqus Blevins and Mike Delery on reaching the pinnacle of public safety boxing.

Apr 2017 16

Some of the biggest names in the UCA converged on the Hanford Civic Auditorium Saturday April 8, 2017 for the 4th annual Battle of the Badges. The lineup of top fighters blew the doors off the hinges in front of a packed house. Three new UCA Champions were crowned and the fans were introduced to future stars. Lets find out how the action played out.

UCA_0374 (704x800)Bout 1 – Brent Pavey – Federal Bureau Prisons vs. Byron Chambers – San Bernardino County Probation, Cruiserweights making their UCA debut.  A pair of range-finding jabs from each fighter touched off this night’s event when these two men met in the middle of the ring in the opening bout. Soon thereafter, a right cross from Chambers would land on Pavey’s jaw & would send him down on one knee. But Pavey got back up quickly during the ref’s count to 8. He then gathered himself and he then went right after Chambers. He shot a leaping left hook from a distance that would catch and surprise Chambers. But Chambers came right back with two monster right hands that would buzz Pavey and back him into a corner. Pavey tried his best to cover up from a barrage of punches Chambers threw, but the referee had to step in and give Pavey another 8-count in the first minute of the fight. It seemed that Pavey was in trouble early. After surviving the first stanza, Pavey came out in the second seeking retribution for Chambers’ earlier actions. He came out swinging hard, heavy leather, and would soon land a booming right hook on Chambers’ head that would have him on shaky legs. The referee would then be forced to give Chambers a standing 8-count of his own. Chambers fought on though, he jabbed off his back foot and tried his best to counter and stave off his opponent’s attack. But Pavey just continued to charge forward.  He eventually landed a set of heat-seeking left and right hooks that would drop Chambers a total of three times in the third round. In a major turn of events, Pavey had come back and gotten himself some payback.  The referee had seen enough though. He waved the fight off late in the round and declared Pavey the winner by TKO. My hat goes off to both fighters. What a great way to start off the night!

Bout 2 – Jose Bustillos, Navy vs Hugh Estrada, CHP. (Welterweights) Bustillos had a good 2 to 3 inch height advantage over Hugh Estrada. His arms were visibly longer as well. Bustillos would try to use those advantages by jabbing Estrada’s head from what seemed to be a safe distance. Bustillos would then follow up that jab with a straight right hand from the outside. But it wouldn’t take long for Estrada to bust through Bustillos’ comfort zone. What Estrada lacked in height and reach, he made up for with quickness and constant movement. And he would use it all on the slowUCA_0702 (791x800)er Bustillos. Estrada would slip and dip, and slide away from those straight punches while constantly moving his head and feet. His hands were constantly moving as well.
Once inside Bustillos’ space, Estrada would throw combinations of left and right hooks to Bustillos’ body and head in rapid succession. Those punches would always come in bunches. For every 1 or 2 punches Bustillos would land, Estrada would quickly land 3 or 4 in return. And he seemed to always beat Bustillos to the punch. Estrada would counter and catch Bustillos before and after Bustillos would let off his punches. Estrada quickly transitioned from offense to defense and defense to offense. He would move his head and punch, and punch and move his head. He would make Bustillos miss, and make Bustillos pay. The 3rd round, was Bustillos’ best round of all. He got into the trenches with Estrada and fought in the same manner as his opponent did. While in close, his straight punches became arched and they came at a 3 to 4 punch clip. Bustillos had started to really let his hands go. Both fighters exchanged combos all the way to the end. What a great fight! After the last bell sounded, Bustillos was declared the winner by Decision. This action packed fight would receive UCA “Fight of the Night” honors.

DSC_9247 (534x800)Bout 3 – UCA Super Featherweight Championship Title – Deirdre Fonseca – LAPD vs. Laura Morales – Madera Dept. of Corrections. The long-awaited rematch between these two lady fighters was finally here. In their first meeting three years ago, Laura Morales had been declared the victor in a match that had earned both women Fight of The Night honors. But now, the first UCA Women’s 132 pound Title was on the line.  This fight would start off very tactical & methodical. Both women circled one another and used probing jabs to get reacquainted. But it wouldn’t take long before they’d pick up where they left off the last time. Fonseca continuously landed a stiff, stinging jab that would send Morales’ head back. Morales threw quick and violent 3-punch combinations that caught Fonseca whenever she was in range. Fonseca however, did a good job of getting in and out of danger using quick feet. Fonseca’s straight right hand showed up shortly thereafter. Both women started coming at each other full force. They would constantly get tangled up during exchanges. The referee would repeatedly be forced to step in and break them up. The fight for the UCA Title was definitely on. Using fast footwork and angles, Fonseca started and ended every combination with a piston-like jab. Fonseca seemed to land the cleaner and more-telling punches. But Morales would land some too. Late in the second round, Morales caught an off-balance Fonseca with a straight right and left hook combination that sent her backwards and down on the canvas. But Fonseca quickly bounced back up just before the round ended.  In the closing round, both fighters kept going at it full tilt. Morales came forward and bull-rushed Fonseca. Fonseca would do her best matador impersonation and stuck Morales with left jabs and straight rights, and tried to get out of the way. But they both continued to get tangled. They’d have to keep being separated but would sometimes punch off of the break. What a great fight! Great back and forth action from each fighter from start to finish! This fight was close. And it would be a tough one to call. But then the Decision was read, and the New UCA Women’s Super Featherweight Champion is Deirdre Fonseca.

Bout 4 – Jacob Duncan – Anderson Police Dept. vs. Roman Grider CDCR Corcoran SATF. (Jr Cruiserweights)  Jacob Duncan UCA_1222 (800x788)came forward and stalked a reversing Roman Grider behind a long left jab. Grider would then land sharp, blistering combinations upstairs and downstairs whenever Duncan caught up to him. Grider would set up traps going backwards and Duncan would fall into them. Despite that, Duncan would keep coming forward. He kept chopping away at Grider’s body whenever he was in close. But Grider did a good job of fending off Duncan’s approach as he jabbed and countered him off of his back foot. In the closing round both, fighters traded powerful hooks that let off a thudding sound. Shortly thereafter, a big right hand caught Duncan on the head and he would be given a standing 8-count by the ref. Both fighters kept at it until that last bell sounded. When it was it over, Grider would win by Decision.

UCA_1575 (799x800)Bout 5 – UCA Jr Welterweight Championship Title BJ Adkins (West Virginia) – Raleigh Sheriff’s Dept. vs. UCA Champion Shant Sheklanian – CDCR State Parole  At the start of this fight, Shant Sheklanian calmly and patiently stalked BJ Adkins who boxed going backwards. Sheklanian proceeded forward behind a range-finding jab, a strong straight right hand, and monstrous left hook that thudded whenever it landed on Adkins’ head. The power advantage Sheklanian had over Adkins was quite evident early on. Adkins fought back though. He threw a stiff jab and countered Sheklanian with hooks to the head that would temporarily slow down his momentum. And to Adkins’ credit, he would sometimes be the aggressor himself and go after Sheklanian. But the champion, Sheklanian showed great versatility with his defense as well as he did with his offense. Sheklanian would simply take a few steps back or spin out of the way of the oncoming Adkins. He had very light feet, covered up well, and was always on balance. He would even switch up to a left handed stance in order to give Adkins a different look. In the second half of the fight, Sheklanian was in seek and destroy mode. He kept coming after Adkins with very bad intentions. Sheklanian did a really good job of sitting down on his punches for optimum leverage. Adkins kept fighting back though. He stood in the pocket and went toe to toe with the champ. He traded left hooks and uppercuts on the inside with Sheklanian, but he did not come out on top of that deal. Eventually, Sheklanian caught Adkins with two straight left hands from the southpaw stance that forced the referee to give Adkins two standing 8-counts. But the very brave BJ Adkins fought on. He came forward towards Sheklanian, but the champion just pushed Adkins back against the ropes. And after another thunderous right hand and left hook landed on Adkins’ head, the referee had seen enough. The fight was waved off in the third. And still UCA Jr Welterweight Champion, Shant Sheklanian.

Bout 6 – Jose Gomez – National Guard vs. Nazim Jokham-Hudson – U.S. NAVY  (Light Heavyweights) Nazim Jokham-Hudson was the taller rangier fighter. He boxed off his back foot, using a long left jab and straight right hand that kept the oncoming Jose Gomez aUCA_1622 (800x742)t bay in the opening seconds. But it wouldn’t take long for Gomez to work his way around the taller man’s defense. Gomez was compact and stocky, but was quick with his head and his feet. He slipped and dipped out of the way of Jokham-Hudson’s longer punches in order to position his shorter arms to reach their target. And he was able to get out of range quickly before being countered. Gomez was also a brawler. After landing a hard up-jab, he caught Jokham-Hudson with a booming overhand right that made his legs wobble. Jokham-Hudson tried to hold on to Gomez in order to keep his balance but just couldn’t do so, and down to the canvas he went. But Jokham-Hudson got right back up and went right back to work. This time he started to slug it out with Gomez. But a boxer should never brawl with a brawler. Gomez threw and caught Jokham-Hudson with a 4-punch set of wild and winging left hooks and right hooks. Jokham-Hudson would then receive a standing 8-count. Jokham-Hudson advised the referee that he was fine and wanted to keep on fighting, and so he did. But his legs were now gone. After receiving yet another heavy left hook, right hook combination, the ref had seen enough. The fight was waved off, and Jose Gomez would win by TKO late in the first.

DSC_9726 (516x800)Bout 7 – UCA Welterweight Championship Title – UCA Champion Mike Delery – LAPD vs. Chris Martinez – Fresno Police Dept. Chris Martinez was the quicker fighter of the two. He had quick hands and utilized quick footwork to easily move around the ring. Mike Delery slowly stalked after Martinez, using a range-finding jab that would sometimes find its mark upstairs and downstairs. Whenever Delery would close in on Martinez, Martinez would use a set of quick jabs, winging alternating hooks, and an uppercut to try to keep Delery off him. Delery would bend at the waist and would slip away from most of Martinez’ punches. Delery then threw some right hands and a combination of hooks that Martinez easily blocked and avoided. Delery kept stalking Martinez. He used intelligent pressure, feinted his jab, and waited for just the right time to unleash and connect his powerful right hand. And unleash and connect it he did. He caught Martinez with a strong straight hand to the head, and followed it up with a grazing left hook that Martinez was able to spin away from. Delery quickly went after Martinez, and this time Martinez tried to spin away from Delery’s right hand. But he wasn’t quite able to do so this time. Delery had changed levels and caught Martinez on the right side of his body with a thudding right hand. That punch must’ve sent shockwaves through Martinez’ liver and the rest of his body, as Martinez went down shortly right after. Reeling from crippling agony while down on his gloves and knees, Martinez was unable to get up and beat the ref’s count to 10. The referee waved his hands, and the winner by sensational KO, and still UCA Welterweight Champion Mike Delery.

DSC_9904 (800x537)Bout 8 – Kellyn Furgiuele – U.S. Army vs. Gerardo Serrano – Reedley Police Dept. Gerardo Serrano was the taller fighter with the longer arms. Kellyn Furgiuele was the more compact and quicker fighter. Serrano did a good job of using his height and reach advantage, and was able to keep Furgiuele at the end of his punches. Furgiuele would use quick footwork to try to get into range in order to deliver his own punches. But Serrano would use great timing to catch Furgiuele with hooks and an uppercut on his way in. Serrano also had the clearer power advantage over Furgiuele. He made him think twice about entering his punch zone. But Furgiuele kept on trying. He would have some success, landing his jab and the occasional 1, 2. But Serrano also had a good defense. He used those long arms of his to block head shots with his gloves and body shots with his elbows. He also used subtle head and foot movements to get out of Furgiuele’s range. And whenever Furgiuele did get into his range, Serrano would use his timing and power to make Furgiuele pay. At times while inside, all Furgiuele could do was just wrap Serrano up for his protection. Serrano was a tough puzzle to solve and indeed a tall order for Furgiuele. Sensing he was down on the scorecards, Furgiuele fought on with a sense of urgency in the final round. He threw an overhand right that got Serrano on the head. But Serrano just shook it off and kept coming after Furgiuele. Serrano was looking to close out the show and leave it out of the hands of the judges. He charged full steam ahead and kept throwing punches. Furgiuele would not give up though. He threw Hail Mary haymakers that would more than even things up. But the haymakers missed their mark. And all he could do was tie Serrano up in order to survive. When the fight ended, the winner by Unanimous Decision was Gerardo Serrano.

DSC_0083 (800x680)Bout 9 – UCA Heavyweight Championship Title – Josh Webb – California Highway Patrol vs. Marqus Blevins – Kings County Probation Marqus Blevins was the boxer in this equation. He jabbed well off his back foot, had quick feet, and moved his head really well to avoid incoming punches. He had a really good defense and would make Josh Webb miss with big punches early. Webb was a bull dozer. He would keep putting pressure on Blevins, as he continuously plowed his way forward. He would come forward behind a stiff jab and heavy alternating hooks. Webb seemed to always want to be right up in Blevins’ chest. But Blevins seemed to always find a way to spin out of danger. Not only did Blevins have a really good defense, but his offense was quite good as well. He would back up and catch the forward fighting Webb with quick combinations on his way in. Blevins countered Webb with lighting quick right uppercuts and left hooks whenever Webb was inside. Blevins also shot and landed a short, straight right hand in close quarters. Blevins threw punches from all different angles, and his punches always came in bunches. The second round was Webb’s best round. He kept backing up Blevins behind a stiff jab and straight right hand. The pressure that Webb presented was very strong and steady. Webb then had success landing his thumping, thunderous right hand on Blevins’ head that would keep having Blevins on his toes. The fight was now even. Going into the third round, it all would come down to who wanted it more. Webb swung heavy leather coming forward and Blevins swung heavy leather boxing backwards. The punches never stopped. At one point, while in the middle of the ring, both fighters seemed to be fighting in a phone booth. Each of them giving and taking punch after punch, neither of them wanting to be outpointed by the other. Wow! What a great back and forth battle this was! Both fighters displayed a very strong will to win. This fight had non-stop action from start to finish. It would definitely be tough one for the judges to score. But when the decision was finally rendered, Blevins would win by a razor-close Split Decision. And he would be crowned The New UCA Heavyweight Champion.

Bout 10 Light Heavyweights – John Henderson, Lemoore Police Dept winner by disqualification over Kyle Davey, CDCR.

UCA_2608 (800x522)Bout 11 – Masters UCA Super Heavyweight Title Eliminator – Adam Zamudio – Fresno Sheriff’s Dept.(retired) vs. David Ross – California Highway Patrol.  David Ross had at least a 6-8 inch height advantage over Adam Zamudio. His arms were way longer than Zamudio’s as well. Ross did a good job of fighting tall, but he never really quite used his reach advantage in the beginning. He didn’t really have to. Ross was able to pull his head up and back away from Zamudio’s shorter punches. He would also take a back step or two, make Zamudio miss, and then make Zamudio pay with thudding power shots inside. Ross would throw alternating, hybrid-like uppercut-hooks that seemed to always catch Zamudio at whatever distance they fought. But Zamudio never backed down. He kept swinging his shorter punches at an upwards angle. After missing most of his shots, Zamudio would simply shake off Ross’ counter combinations and just keep coming forward. Zamudio was tough and displayed a really huge heart. He kept on trying to hit his target with overhand rights. He would land a couple, but he would miss most of the others. For Zamudio , Ross was indeed a tall order. In the final minutes of the fight, Zamudio just kept doing what he was able to do. He kept on winging his punches upwards and never stopped coming forward. With Zamudio having had some success in the second round, Ross would now start to use his distance and also change levels. Ross came up and dipped low and started to land hooks to Zamudio’s body as well as his head. Ross would also start to throw straight punches in a downwards motion and land them on top of Zamudio’s head. But Zamudio never stopped fighting. He took everything Ross had to give him. But when the last bell sounded, David Ross was declared the winner by way of Decision.

UCA_2965 (800x702)Bout 12 – UCA Super Middleweight Championship Title- UCA Champion Quincy Mirage – LAPD vs. Mike Valle – CDCR Pleasant Valley State Prison  Quincy Mirage always came  forward. He threw a hard jab and strong right hand that would snap his opponent’s head back. He would have the clear power advantage over Mike Valle. Valle fought mostly off of his back foot. He threw a busy jab that would slow Mirage’s momentum and break up his rhythm. He would also pepper Mirage with 3 to 5 punch combinations whenever he was in range. Valle would sometimes stop his backward motion, throw his barrage at Mirage, then get right back to boxing backwards again. Valle would always keep punching throughout. However, Mirage had a good defense. And most of Valle’s punches would hit Mirage’s gloves up on top and on his elbows down low. Mirage did a very good job of covering up as he continued to keep coming forward. In round two, Mirage would catch up to Valle. He closed the distance and was able to  deliver bone-crushing combinations of uppercuts and left hooks to Valle’s body and head. These punches kept landing solid and clean, and really affected Valle. Sometimes all Valle could do was tie up the relentless Mirage in order to rest. Valle still kept on punching though. But now his shots seemed to be losing their steam; they’d now be a little slower and have a little less pop. But he would still keep on throwing them. And that pesky jab of Valle’s just never stopped. With one round a piece, each fighter would try to close out the show in the third. Mirage would still punch pressing forward, and Valle would still counter him going backwards. When in close quarters, they each would exchange right hooks, left hooks, and uppercuts. Mirage’s punches never lost their steam though. They could not only be seen but could also be heard throughout the entire auditorium. And though Valle’s punches were more of the pitty-pat variety, he just kept on throwing them. Both fighters were giving it their all. Neither one of them wanting to leave any doubt. Valle would flurry, tie up Mirage, rest, and then flurry again. And behind that strong jab of his, Mirage kept on looking to land that one perfect punch that would end everything. But then the final bell sounded, and he was unable to do so. The fight was then over. But what an Awesome fight it was! What a great way to close out this night’s event! This fight was super close and way too tough for anyone to easily call. But when the announcer finally read the Decision, Mike Valle was the New UCA Super Middleweight Champion.

vasquez-531x800Article written by the 2X Fight of the Night winner, former UCA #1 ranked Super Middleweight and UCA Super Middleweight title challenger Aurelio Vasquez, Los Angeles Police Dept.

Apr 2017 07


The UCA Battle of the Badges official weigh in took place this evening at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. All the fighters successfully hit their mark on the scale to make their bout’s official. All eyes were on the champions and challengers competing in tomorrow night’s UCA Championship title fights.  There is no room for error on the scale, each fighter had to make their contracted weight. First to the scale were the only female fighters on the card and also the two baddest female fighters in the country. #1 ranked Laura Morales, Madera DOC and #2 Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD both fighters came in under the 132 pound limit to make their UCA Super Featherweight Championship Title fight official. This fight is a rematch and 2014 UCA Fight of the Night winner. Morales would pick up the win in their first meeting. Repeat or Revenge? Next to the scale was Shant Sheklanian, CDCR, State Parole who will be defending his Jr Welterweight title. The champ came in at a ready 139.8lbs. His opponent BJ Adkins, Raleigh Sheriff’s Dept. who traveled from West Virginia had no trouble coming in at 138.8lbs. Next to the scale was the UCA Welterweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD who will be putting his title on the line against the former interim UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. Both fighters had no trouble hitting their mark on the scale. Next to the scale was the #1 ranked Super Cruiserweight Josh Webb, CHP who is moving up in weight to challenge the undefeated #1 ranked Heavyweight Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation. Webb weighed in at a ready 214.2lb and Blevins came in at 211.2lbs both came in under the the heavyweight limit of 220lbs. We will have a new UCA Heavyweight Champion tomorrow night. Tomorrow night’s Main Event alone is worth the price of admission. The UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD and Mike Valle, CDCR Pleasant Valley State Prison made their UCA Championship Title fight official by coming in under the 168 pound limit. Mirage weighed in at 167lbs and Valle tipped the scales at 167.2lbs. Both fighters looked in tremendous shape. Valle lost over 50 pounds to test his skills against the champion. Oh man these guys are going to bang! The under-card features homegrown talent and exciting matchups. The Hanford Civic Auditorium will host tomorrow nights event. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets are still available and will be sold at the door $30.00 General Admission, $50 Reserved Ringside.

Apr 2017 06

IMG_7589Here we go fight fans, just when you thought the UCA Battle of the Badges couldn’t possibly get any better we hit you with another banger! The intermission entertainment will feature Christ Like Record’s Recording artist KAYO who will perform his hit single R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  What more could you ask for? The answer is “Nothing” We hit a Grand Slam with this one! Get your tickets now. Don’t be mad when you get to the front of the line and tickets are sold out.

Apr 2017 05

FullSizeRender(24)Ladies and gentlemen we are three days away from the biggest Public Safety boxing event of the year. This Saturday the UCA presents the 4th annual Central California Battle of the Badges at the Hanford Civic Auditorium.   This special night of UCA Championship Boxing will benefit the Fallen Officers Resource Fund, and the Hanford Police Athletic League. Come out and enjoy great fights, food, and music, with an incredible atmosphere. Doors open at 5pm first bell rings at 7pm. Tickets will be sold at the door. General admission $30.00, Reserved Ringside $50.00.

Apr 2017 04


All 26 fighters participating in Saturday night’s highly-anticipated Battle of the Badges boxing event will hit the scales on Friday April 7, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. The first fighter will step on the scale at 6pm. Don’t miss your chance to meet and take photos with some of the best Public Safety boxers in the country.  If you are planning to stay in town after the weigh ins, or after the fights, Tachi Palace Resort & Casino is offering a special room rate of $115.00 per night.  When you make reservations mention UCA Battle of the Badges.

The Hanford Auditorium is the place to be on Saturday April 8, 2017. The Battle of the Badges action begins at 7 p.m., and doors open at 5 p.m. Tickets are still onsale and will be available for purchase at the weigh in and at the door the day of the event. Tickets start at $30 General Admission and $50 Reserved Ringside.

Apr 2017 03


Ladies and gentlemen it’s fight week!  On Saturday April 8, 2017, 26 extraordinary athletes will arrive in Hanford California to display their skills and lay it all on the line for charity. For each of these exceptional fighters the preparation for one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys started months ago. The work is done and the stage is set for another unbelievable night of boxing. See you Saturday.  Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission and $50 Reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5 pm first bell rings at 7 pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium 400 N Douty Street Hanford CA.

Mar 2017 30

Pavey-vs-ChambersAdd another great matchup to the already stacked UCA Battle of the Badges card. Brent Pavey, Federal Bureau of Prisons vs Byron Chambers, San Bernardino County Probation is sure to bring up the fan excitement for this event. Pavey wants to stay busy and already has plans to fight next month. He has his sights set on the UCA Cruiserweight Champion Brian Stevens, LASD. Chambers is the 4th opponent for Pavey and is not backing out. Team Chambers will be traveling from San Bernardino to go to war with Pavey. Fight fans, time is running out to purchase tickets. $30 General Admission $50 Reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5pm first punch thrown at 7pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium.

Mar 2017 28

Mirage-vs-2017-1The Battle of the Badges main event between the UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, Los Angles Police Dept. and the undefeated #4th ranked Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison promises to be a fan pleasing bout. Both guys are hard hitters who come forward looking for the knockout. Most likely someone is hitting the canvas. Don’t wait get your tickets now. Tickets start at $30 General Admission, $50 Reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5pm action starts at 7pm.

Mar 2017 27

FullSizeRenderOn Saturday, April 8, 2017 two of the best welterweights will engage in a battle for the UCA Welterweight Championship title. The UCA Champ Mike Delery, LAPD will put his title on the line against #2 Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. The UCA caught up with the champion to ask him a few questions about his upcoming fight with Martinez.

UCA – How has the process been preparing for this fight with work, family, training and fitting it into your schedule?
MD -Preparing for a fight is always a balancing act between family and work. My kids understand the demands of camp and have been extremely helpful and understanding. My department is supportive of the boxing team which allows me some flexibility during camp.

UCA – Has training camp been more intense compared to other training camps?
MD – This training camp has been just as intense as any other. Jorge (my coach) always demands a high level of consistency from his fighters every camp.

UCA – What does a typical day of training consists of?
MD – A typical day of training starts with warming up with some rope or shadowing boxing. Some days we focus on the technical aspects of our fight and other days we focus on sparring.

UCA – In your title fight win over David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD you were knocked down in the first round and it looked to everyone that it was over and Bermudez would be the new champion. But you beat the count, kept your composure, stuck to the game plan and became the new UCA Welterweight Champion. What was going through your mind when you were knocked down?
MD – The first thing I thought was, “I can’t let Jorge down.” He trains the team for free and dedicates A LOT of time to us in the gym. I felt I needed to show him that his sacrifice was worth more than a 10 second fight.

UCA – A win, is a win, but which do you prefer, a knockout, unanimous decision, or a war?
MD – When I climb through the ropes I’m ready for a war.

UCA – Are you feeling added pressure or stress about traveling to Hanford and fighting Martinez in his hometown?
MD – No added pressure. It’s always nice to fight in front of a hometown crowd but my job description remains the same regardless of where I fight.

UCA – Will Martinez hometown fans affect your performance?
MD – Not at all. My focus will be on doing what I need to do in order to win the fight.

UCA – Do you feel you have any advantages over Martinez? Footwork, speed, coach, gym, stablemates. hunger, will, power?
MD – I believe that I have a very knowledgeable coach and very skilled stablemates. I will never underestimate my opponent, but I am confident in our preparation.

UCA – Based on Martinez style and past fights are you working on anything specific in training camp to prepare for your fight with him?
MD – We have a fight plan. However, Martinez is a warrior and former UCA Champion so we have to be able to make adjustments.

UCA – Do you feel you will have to put on the best performance of your career to keep the title?
MD – I will definitely have to put on my best performance to keep my title.

UCA – If the fight is close going into the 3rd round will you come out hard and push the pace to win the round?
MD – No doubt, and I 100% expect Martinez to do the same.

UCA – Has your coach Jorge Gonzalez brought in special sparring to prepare you for Martinez?
MD – Jorge hasn’t brought in anyone specifically for Martinez. Between my stablemates and the tough fighters at City Of Angels, we’re able to get some good work.

UCA – Are you sparring with professional fighters to prepare for this fight?
MD – This camp I’ve had the opportunity to work with Isaac Freeman and David Estrada. Both are great fighters.

UCA – Do you feel having the UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage and the Former UCA Middleweight Champion Hector Mendoza, LAPD as stablemates gives you an advantage over Martinez?
MD -It definitely helps to have stablemates that understand what it takes to be a champion. Martinez is a former champion and I’m sure he’s going to bring that championship drive and determination into the ring on April 8th.

UCA – In boxing they say once you become a champion you become a better fighter. Do you feel you are a better fighter physically or mentally now that you are a champion?
MD – I try to learn and build after every fight. Becoming champion didn’t necessarily make me better, I think the tough competition did.

UCA – Do you feel that you have to workout & train even harder now that you are the champion and people are gunning for you?
MD – As a UCA champion, I feel like it’s my responsibility to workout and train harder. The UCA is a very competitive league and I am sure that there is a hungry UCA fighter grinding in the gym right now!

UCA – As a champion do you feel Martinez has to win convincingly to take your belt?
MD – Martinez is a proven and experienced warrior, but he will need to be at his best to take my belt.

UCA – What will you be thinking about as you walk to the ring?
MD – I will be focused on what I need to do win the fight.

UCA – At the end of the fight will we hear “And Still….the UCA Welterweight Champion?
MD – Absolutely.

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