Apr 2015 18

GoldenFist(1) Zachary Farris, California Highway Patrol and Steven Lee, Sedgwick Sheriff’s Dept. were recipients of the UCA Golden Fists Award for their performance at the Battle of the Badges April 11, 2015 event in Hanford CA. The Golden Fists Award recognizes a fighter who has the skills and characteristics to become a champion. Farris and Lee put on a superior athletic performance and proved to have a firm foundation of the sweet science with championship qualities.

Apr 2015 17

The Main Event of Saturday night’s Battle of the Badges at the Hanford Civic Auditorium featured the best Super Heavyweights in California. #1 ranked Pierce Masse – Fresno PD vs the Champion Chris Lewis – Fresno SD for the UCA Super Heavyweight State Championship. The small ring used for this night’s event would be made to look even smaller when these two large men stepped into it. The challenger, Pierce Masse calmly made his way to the ring with a focused look on his face. Johnny Cash’s, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” played slow and steady in the background. The champion, Chris Lewis, would come in pumped up and energetic; bouncing and bobbing his head to a track rapped by Drake. At the bell, these two big men sized up one another as they circled the ring. Both of them planning on just how they would open up their attacks. Then all of a sudden, the battle broke out. A jabbing Lewis landed a thunderous right hand that let off a loud boom heard all through the venue.  Masse took it well, but would be sent back to the ropes as the champ charged at him. Caught in a tangle, both fighters tussled as they leaned on the ropes. The ring seemed about to give in and collapse where their combined weight would press. But just then, the champ would get back his distance; he jabbed his way outside and fought off his back foot. The ex-star football player was athletic and quite nimble for such a big man. He would let Masse make his way into range and catch him on the head and body with powerful right hands and left hooks. Masse would shake off the punches and keep coming forward. Masse would then utilize his advantage in reach and land his long left jab and right cross from the outside. To negate Pierce’s superior reach, Chris changed up his positioning and ripped uppercuts and left hooks to Masse’s body and head on the inside. But Pierce would press on. Then the champ would change it up again, and get back to the outside. He worked some flashy, quick feet as he circled away from the challenger’s reach. Lewis was elusive and avoided a scary, huge right hand from Masse to close out the 2nd. Well behind on the scorecards, the challenger Masse, had no choice but to keep coming forward and forcing the action. He caught up to the champion with his longer arms and landed some big 1, 2’s from outside. Those punches were not only heard, but could somehow also be felt by the spectating crowd who was cringing. He then closed the distance, forcing Lewis into the corner. The ring and ropes rattled. Both fighters would push and exchange punches in close proximity. Neither man going backward. In the closing seconds, both fighters hurled bombs at one another, and went at it full tilt. Masse showed off his own power and finished strong, but it was too late. The final bell sounded. And still UCA Super Heavyweight Champion of the State Chris Lewis – Fresno SD.

With the success over the past two years, the UCA is proud to announce they will be returning to the Hanford Auditorium for another four years, with the next event April 9, 2016.

Apr 2015 16

The co main event featured the decorated UCA Middleweight Champion DJ Vargas, Avenal PD against #1 ranked Quincy Mirage, LAPD, the unheralded challenger who is hungry and in pursuit of a performance that will recognize him as the best. Mirage has methodically moved up in competition to claim the #1 spot and earn his shot at title. Vargas has had a target on his back since winning the title last year and ready to protect his title against all challengers.  Mirage had a game plan and when the bell sounded he went to work on it. He brought the fight to the Champion in a big way; he pursued and pressured Vargas around the ring and would not let him breathe. Vargas would fight back with counter-punching, elusiveness and fancy footwork.  Mirage pushed the pace and kept up his attack for 6 minutes. When the final bell sounded it was clear Mirage was the aggressor and brought the fight to the champion. Was it enough?  When the scorecards were collected Vargas would be announced the winner. With the win Vargas validates himself as the reigning, and defending UCA Middleweight State Champion.

Apr 2015 15

The 9th bout of the night featured the undefeated 2nd ranked Shant Sheklanian – Madera PD vs the UCA State Champion Francisco Flores – Stanislaus SD for the UCA Jr Welterweight Title. Both fighters would come out slow to begin this one. The mutual respect shown by each boxer was obvious. Both men very aware of the power the other possessed. They were judicious with their punches in the beginning. But it didn’t take long for the action to start. Shant Sheklanian, the boxer-puncher, landed hard, crisp 1, 2, 3 combos to the head & body of the forward-fighting Francisco Flores. His strikes would let off a loud thud that could be heard throughout the auditorium. Flores would take these punches in stride and avoid some of the others with side to side head movement. Flores would land a big right hand of his own. He tried to keep Sheklanian on the ropes to keep on landing his bombs, but Shant would simply spin out of them. The challenger caught the champ with well-timed 1, 2’s and hard counter hooks that would put the average fighter to sleep. But Flores just kept on stalking him. The champ’s chin was resilient. Feeling the fight and the title slipping away from him, the champ came back in the 3rd and fought back with ferocity. His champion’s mettle and will was apparent. He traded punches with Sheklanian in the center ring and landed some big combos and hooks of his own.  But so did Sheklanian. Francisco would still keep the pressure on. But Shant, well ahead on the scorecards, would finish by sticking and moving his way to a win. When the decision was announced, both fighters embraced one another with great, mutual respect. Sheklanian was as graceful in victory as Flores was in defeat. And the New UCA Junior Welterweight Champion is Shant Sheklanian.

Apr 2015 14

The 8th bout of the night featured two of the best Jr Middleweights in the state competing for the Interim UCA Junior Middleweight State Championship, Eddie Montano- LAPD vs Chris Martinez – Fresno PD. When the bell sounded Martinez came out of his corner moving well around the ring. His footwork was quick and effective. He opened up with a jumping left hook reminiscent of Roy Jones Jr., catching Montano as he made his way in. Montano continued to stalk Martinez behind a jab and straight right. But Martinez would use the whole ring; and used it well to keep himself out of danger’s reach. He countered Montano as he came into range, peppering him with quick, clean combinations up top and down low. Montano would use a high-glove turtle shell guard and would defend himself well, but many of Martinez’ punches still found their mark. Montano would land a big right hand of his own, and did well when he was able to keep Martinez on the ropes. But it was easier said than done. Besides using his legs very well, Martinez would also employ effective upper body and head movement to remain elusive from Montano. He kept his distance well in the center of the ring. He flurried and stopped his opponent in his tracks, and would not let him reset to throw his punches. What a masterful display of boxing by Martinez. Well behind on the scorecards in the last episode, Montano would keep stalking Martinez, hoping to land his killer overhand right that would more than even things up. He kept trying to get Martinez up against the ropes so he can work in his other big punches. But Martinez had other plans. He fought himself off of the ropes and recaptured his distance. He stayed out of reach of the mauling Montano, and skated his way to a well-earned victory. And the New Interim UCA Jr Middleweight State Champion is Chris Martinez -Fresno PD. This sets up a fantasy blockbuster match-up between two champions. Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD vs Chris Martinez, Fresno PD.

Apr 2015 13

The 6th bout of the night featured the most anticipated fight of the night. The return of Bryan Williams, Fresno PD taking on the best fighter from Louisiana James Moore, Monroe Fire Dept for the UCA Masters Heavyweight Championship Title.  When the bell sounded Moore would get off to a blazing start throwing really big bombs at Williams’ body and head, mauling him up against the ropes. His strength and power were evident. But Williams fought well off the ropes. He had great success popping a piston-like jab and speedy right hands that slowed Moore’s momentum. The crowd cheered him on. Moore continued to stalk the boxing Bryan Williams. He led off with a stiff, long jab that jarred Williams back. He landed a big uppercut that kept Williams on the defensive. An elusive Williams would employ the famous Philly Shell defense and displayed flashy footwork to avoid Moore’s attack. But Moore’s long double-jab and bruising right hand would reach a retreating Williams to close out the second stanza. Very competitive fight going into the 3rd and final round. The 3rd round would start out a chess match with both men circling the ring. Even the heavy handed Moore would flash some footwork of his own. But the chess game quickly turned into Checkers. Both men would fire sizzling combinations at each other. They fought tit for tat. Moore would maul Williams and Williams would pepper Moore from off of the ropes. Moore would have more success when he would lead with his spear of a jab, but was more intent on brawling it out on the inside. And to the crowd’s delight, that’s how the fight ended. This was a war between two modern day gladiators. What a war this was! and what a tough one to score! When the scores were tallied up Williams would be announced the winner and the new Masters UCA Heavyweight Champion.

Apr 2015 12

Central CA BOTB results written by the #1 ranked Super Middleweight Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD

DSC03417 (1024x232)

The UCA Central California Battle of the Badges returned to the Hanford Civic Auditorium on Saturday April 11, 2015 with 11 epic fights that produced a great night of Public Safety boxing entertainment. The sold out audience was treated to an explosive night of boxing featuring top flight fighters from California, Louisiana and Kansas. 5 UCA Championship titles were up for grabs along with new fighters looking to get their names in Championship title shot conversations.

The show started off with a bang between two fighters who were anxious to get at each other. Brent Farris – Butte County Probation vs Arturo Cervantes – Palafox Gym. There was no feel-out period needed when the opening bell sounded. These two fighters came out swinging right out of the gate. After a few good exchanges, these two boxers would then settle into their respective game plans. Farris came forward behind a stiff jab and threw hard 1, 2 combinations. Cervantes showed good footwork and danced his way out of danger, jabbing and countering Farris with an overhand right as he came into range. Cervantes would then catch Farris flush with a straight right hand that would send him down to the canvas. Farris got up quickly and took the referee’s count up to 9. He shook off the knockdown and went back to work. The 1st round would then end with both combatants caught in a tangle after a furious flurry from both fighters. In the 2nd round it would be Cervantes who would press the action forward and went after Farris. He applied intelligent pressure, working his way in behind the jab. He worked Farris’ body, then caught him with two big overhand rights that would swell up his left eye and further bloody his nose. A standing 8-count would then be given to Farris. The ringside doctor would also be called in to examine the fighter. After a few words by the Doc, the ref, Team Farris and all parties came to an agreement; let the insistent and courageous Farris continue. With a brave warrior’s heart, the very tough Farris fought on and would finish the fight by landing some big right hand punches of his own. After the last bell, both fighters showed great sportsmanship & embraced one another. What a fight! What a way to open up this night’s event!  Cervantes winner by decision.

AJ Forestiere – Madera PD vs John Henderson – Hanford PD. Boxer vs Brawler making their Battle of the Badges debut. Henderson wasted no time and came out throwing wild and violent left, right hook combinations, catching Forestiere with very heavy leather. Forestiere would try to keep his distance, but had to fight hard to keep Henderson off of him. They would exchange some combinations in the center of the ring. But Forestiere had to box from the outside to stay away from Henderson’s relentless attack and clear advantage in power. Forestiere established his jab and right hand, but kept his left hand low. Henderson then closed the distance and caught Forestiere with a booming right hand that knocked him down to the ground. AJ was down but he was not out. He got up, dusted himself off, and finished the round. As the fight wore on, Henderson kept coming after Forestiere, throwing hard punches in bunches. He would maul Forestiere against the ropes and hit him with really strong shots upstairs and downstairs, imposing his tremendous will on him. Forestiere would find his distance back, and work his jab and right hand, but Henderson would walk right through them. Forestiere would then run out of room and be forced to fight Henderson in very close quarters. They fought toe to toe in the center of the ring, then Henderson caught Forestiere with another vicious head shot that sent him down to the canvas for the second time in the fight. But just as he did before, Forestiere got up again and fought back with everything he had until the fight ended. Wow! What a great fight! What a display of heart and will by both warriors! This turned out to be “The UCA Fight of The Night”, and deservedly so. Henderson winner by Decision.

Bout 4 Dania Lopez – Thrive Training Center vs Marlena Garcia – Tribal Public Safety. Lopez started the fight at a really fast pace. She was the shorter of the two fighters, but was able to get past Garcia’s longer reach by jabbing her way inside and following up with quick combinations. Garcia pawed out a probing jab and seemed to be trying to time Lopez with a power shot on her way in. But Lopez used effective footwork to get in and out of Garcia’s range. Lopez was the busier fighter of the two, landing accurate and well-timed 1, 2’s. She closed the distance well and was able to reach her taller opponent with regularity. She finished the 1st round with a flurry. Marlena abandoned the jab and came out brawling in the 2nd. Dania would then flash some fancy footwork and avoided most of Marlena’s power punches. But Lopez seemed intent on putting on a good show. She met Garcia halfway and mixed it up with her in the middle of the ring for a bit. Still not using her jab, Marlena opted to throw lead rights instead. Dania avoided those lead right hands and landed her counter left hooks. She closed in on Marlena and closed out the round with a 1, 2, 3 combo. At the start of the last round Garcia finally found her range. She was able to land her longer jab and right hands, and kept Lopez at the end of her punches. Lopez’ legs seemed to slow down a bit, but Dania was more than willing to stay in the pocket and trade with Marlena. While on the inside, both fighters would throw and land their fair share of hooks and uppercuts. The crowd would then “oooh” in excitement after some solid right hands found their mark for each lady. A loud applause from the crowd was heard at the time the fight ended. These two women kept the night’s action going and put on a great show! Lopez winner by decision.

Bout 7 featured a matchup between a fighter from California and a fighter from Kansas. Zach Farris -CHP made his Battle of the Badges debut against Steven Lee – Sedgwick SD. Farris flew out of the corner as soon as the bell rang and stormed right after the southpaw from Kansas, Steven Lee. There was no feel-out period for Farris. He threw and landed some stinging right hands that seemed to stun Lee. Fighting in the lefty stance, Lee used lateral movement to avoid some of Farris’ ferocious attack. He had some success timing Farris with a counter straight left and counter right hook as he charged his way in. But Farris would not be discouraged. He continued to make his way forward, throwing punches upstairs and chopping away at Lee’s body. But Lee would fight back and tried to slow Farris down. Farris kept up a fast pace and continued to maul Lee in an all-out brawl. He would land lots of leather. But Lee kept fighting back. He ripped Farris’ head and body with right and lefts. But Farris kept pushing forward. Neither warrior would back down. They fought in a phone booth for the last 10 seconds of the fight. They both showed tremendous courage & heart. Another close and amazing fight! Farris winner by decision.

Apr 2015 10

All 22 competitors taking part in Saturday night’s UCA promoted Battle of the Badges event have officially made weight for the show. Weigh-ins took place today on the stage of the Hanford Civic Auditorium in front of a packed crowd. All eyes were on the Main Event fighters.  #1 ranked Pierce Masse, Fresno PD and the UCA undefeated Champion Chris Lewis looked in tip top shape.  The co-headliners #1 ranked Quincy Mirage, LAPD and the Champion DJ Vargas, Avenal PD used every bit of the allowed 160lbs to make their UCA Middleweight Title fight official. So too did the UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Francisco Flores, Stanislaus SD and his opponent Shant Sheklanian, Madera PD both coming in under the 140lb limit. Eddie Montano, LAPD and Chris Martinez, Fresno PD had no trouble making the contracted weight for their UCA Jr Middleweight title fight.  Bryan Williams, Fresno PD and his opponent James Moore, Monroe, Louisiana FD perhaps looked in the best shape both coming in under the 220lb limit for their Masters UCA Heavyweight Championship Title fight.  All the action takes place tomorrow starting at 7 p.m., and doors open at 5 p.m. There are a few general admission tickets still left. Tickets will be available at the door.

Apr 2015 09

One Chance

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uca belts-6241All the workouts are done. Each fighter has pushed their body far as it can go.  All the miles ran, the many rounds of sparring all comes down to how well the fighters perform on Saturday night in that ring against that opponent at that moment? The wait is over. It’s go time! You have one chance to fight hard, fight smart, keep your composure and leave nothing to chance. 6 short minutes of work to live the rest of your life a champion. Saturday night April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets are still available. Tickets are only $30.

Apr 2015 08

BrBrent-Farris-Blue-Bannerent Farris, Butte County Probation hopes to make a successful debut and move up the ranking of a loaded Welterweight division when he steps into the ring Saturday night. Farris is an all-around fighter who welcomes all comers. He will test his skills against Arturo Cervantes and fans can expect a high intensity, high impact fight when these fighters lock horns Saturday, April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors Open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. $30. 00 General Admission, $50.00 Reserved Ringside.

Apr 2015 07


The main card opener of Saturday night’s Battle of the Badges will pit two of the top Jr Middleweights in the state against each other with the winner being crowned the interim UCA Jr Middleweight Champion. Chris Martinez, Fresno PD and Eddie Montano, LAPD have proved they belong with the elite of the division and possess impressive skills. Styles make fights and this fight makes for an interesting one. Martinez is coming off a decision win over Brandon Manning, LASD and Montano is coming off a decision loss to Manning. The stakes are high between these two proven warriors but only one will walk away with the belt around their waist. Don’t miss this great fight Saturday, April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors Open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. $30. 00 General Admission, $50.00 Reserved Ringside.

Apr 2015 06


On Saturday April 11, 2015 the Super Heavyweights will grab the attention of the Public Safety boxing world. The champion Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriffs Dept will square off with #1 ranked Pierce Masse, Fresno Police Dept with the UCA Super Heavyweight State Championship title at stake. Masse vs Lewis is a huge fight with epic proportions. They are the biggest most athletic fighters in the prime of their careers. The timing of this fight is perfect and it’s happening because both fighters want to know if they really are the best super heavyweights in California. Fans want a fight, they got one. The build­up for this fight is unparalleled. Two undefeated fighters from the same city, who played on the same football team (Fresno State) and work for rivaling departments. The Champion Lewis works for Fresno Sheriff’s Dept. and the challenger Masse works for Fresno Police Dept. This explosive Main Event will take place Saturday, April 11, 2015. at the Hanford Civic Auditorium.

Apr 2015 05


Two of the very best fighters in California will face off Saturday, April  11, 2015 when break out star Shant Sheklanian, (5-0) Madera Police Dept. gets set for the biggest fight of his career when he faces the UCA Jr. Welterweight State Champion Francisco Flores. (6-1) Stanislaus County Sheriffs Dept.  Both fighters are coming into this fight with tremendous confidence. Flores has put together a 5 fight winning streak since losing in 2009 to Police Olympic Gold Medalist Walter Lavarro, Long Beach Police Dept.  Flores defeated Lavarro by razor close decision last April avenging his only loss and also claiming the UCA Jr. Welterweight title. Sheklanian proved he belongs with the elite of the division by defeating the highly talented, previously undefeated (6-1) Taron Scott, CDCR, CYA. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best and that is what Sheklanian has to do to become the Jr. Welterweight Champion. Don’t miss this great fight. It is not available on Pay Per View or Live Stream, you must see it live. Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors Open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. $30. 00 General Admission, $50.00 Reserved Ringside.

Apr 2015 04


AJ Forestiere, Madera Police Dept. vs John Henderson, Hanford Police Dept. features two fighters making their Battle of the Badges debut.  The clash of these two fearsome fighters will generate what is sure to be an all-action fight as they look to make a first big impression in Public Safety boxing. Fans have been asking for this fight and now it’s here. Forestiere and Henderson are looking forward to the challenge. See the Battle of the Badges live, Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors Open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. $30. 00 General Admission, $50.00 Reserved Ringside.

Apr 2015 03

Image-1The UCA Middleweight Champion Dustin Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept. will be taking a temporary break from fighting to pursue advancement in his career as a firefighter with the Santa Monica Fire Department. Rodriguez defeated #2 Eddie Montano, LAPD September 26, 2014 Quiet Cannon, Montebello CA to win the Jr Middleweight State Title then turned around and defended his title against #3 Brandon Manning, LASD, March 28, 2015 at Pechanga Resort & Casino to become the reigning and defending Champion. When Rodriguez makes his return to the ring he expressed an interest in dropping down a division and making a run at the UCA Welterweight Title. The UCA looks forward to Rodriguez return to ring to find out if he makes a run at a new title or defends the one he already has.

Apr 2015 02

The April 11, 2015 Battle of the Badges features the much anticipated return of the former UCA #1 ranked Heavyweight Bryan Williams, Fresno Police Dept. Williams will be taking on the Louisiana Champion James Moore, Monroe Fire Dept. for the Masters UCA Heavyweight Championship title. After being separated from the ring nearly four years Williams is thrilled to be back. He is one of the most exciting fighters in the game and is ready to give the fans a spectacular performance. James Moore has other plans for Williams big return to the ring. Moore is not traveling from Louisiana to lose. He is coming to win and make a statement that Louisiana has the best Public Safety heavyweight fighter in the nation. Saturday April 11, 2015 Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission and $50.00 Reserved Ringside. Purchase online or at the door.

Apr 2015 01


Here we go! It’s time to start getting amp’d up for the 2nd annual Central California Battle of the Badges boxing event. Co headlining the event will be two of the most exciting fighters in the Middleweight Division. The Champion DJ Vargas, Avenal Police Dept. will defend his title against #1 ranked Quincy Mirage, LAPD for the UCA Middleweight State Championship.  Vargas is an exceptional talent and continues to get better. It’s up to him how long he wants to stay on top. Right now Vargas seems to be unstoppable as he continues to pick off everyone who is put in front of him. His opponent Saturday night is no easy pickings. Mirage plans to send shock waves to the division by becoming the new UCA Middleweight Champion. Mirage gets better with every step up in competition and his power is his most dangerous weapon. Vargas is known for his footwork and craftiness however if he makes one mistake Mirage will make him pay and it my cost him his belt. This jaw dropping match up is just one of ten great fights scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Door opens at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission and $50.00 Reserved Ringside. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Mar 2015 30
Dusty RodrigueDSC_0289 (800x782)z, Santa Monica Fire Dept. successfully defended his title as the UCA Jr Middleweight State Champion Saturday night at Pechanga Resort & Casino by defeating the rugged and always tough #3 Brandon Manning, LASD. It was a championship performance by two warriors.  Rodriguez seemed to take control of the fight from the beginning bell. He set the pace and initiated the attacks. Manning kept his composure throughout the fight and wasn’t the aggressive, mauling, brawling fighter people are used too. In the 2nd round Manning would catch Rodriguez with an overhand right that rattled the Champion. Rodriguez would say after the fight, “That was probably the hardest shot I’ve taken in a fight. With all my fights I have to say that was probably definitely the one that got my attention the most. Sparring I’ve had good shots but in an actual fight without a doubt that was the best.” Throughout the fight Rodriguez would find holes in Manning’s defense to land shots. Rodriguez found a home on Manning’s face for the lead left hook and did damage on the inside with uppercuts and body shots. Both fighters showed incredible toughness. In the end Rodriguez would not be denied victory. He landed a higher connect percentage, employed a diverse attack of lead left hooks, right hands and uppercuts and was the faster more elusive fighter. With the win, Rodriguez becomes the reigning and defending UCA Jr Middleweight State Champion.
Mar 2015 29
 small imgThe first Public Safety boxing event of the year took place Saturday night at the Pechanga Resort & Casino. The casino played host to the SoCal Battle of the Badges and the near capacity crowd of 2000 were treated to a great night of entertainment.  The main event featured the UCA #1 ranked Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. testing the waters at light heavyweight. Taylor took on the undefeated new comer Omar Romero, USMC. Shortly after the bell sounded to start the fight Taylor would score a flash knockdown. Romero jumped right up and did not seem affected by it. When the action resumed both fighters moved around the ring studying each other. Taylor would strike first and land a right hand that momentarily wobbled Romero.  Taylor backed Romero against the ropes and started unloading rights and lefts which compelled the referee to step in and stop the fight in the 1st round. With this division shaking win Taylor takes over the number spot at light heavyweight and waits for his next opponent.
Mar 2015 27
FullSizeRender(2) (692x800)The official weigh in for tomorrow night’s SoCal Battle of the Badges UCA title fight took place at Wildcard West Boxing Club in Santa Monica, CA earlier today. The UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept. and 3rd ranked Brandon Manning, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. hit the scales today to make their UCA Jr Middleweight State Championship title fight official. Manning weighed in one pound below the 154lb limit at 153lbs and the champion Rodriguez had no trouble, weighing in at a ready 150lbs. Tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s Battle of the Badges event taking place at the Pechanga Casino & Resort. Doors open at 5pm, first fight at 6pm.
Mar 2015 25
Manning-vs-Rodriguez(3) The UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept. will put his title on the line against the persistent and resilient 3rd ranked Brandon Manning, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. Manning looks to pull off another big upset and spoil the plans of the champ defending his title.  Rodriguez represents a very big challenge for Manning.  Rodriguez is one of the best fighters in public safety and continues to get better.  He pushes himself to be the best fighter he can be. Will Rodriguez become the reigning and defending champion or will there be a new UCA Jr Middleweight Champion? It all goes down Saturday, March 28, 2015 at the Pechanga Resort & Casino. A limited supply of tickets are still available and can be purchased online. Doors open at 5pm, first bell rings at 6pm. Purchase tickets at https://www.pechanga.com
Mar 2015 24
10264278_270127056501846_2640528408404561526_nThe UCA Middleweight State Champion DJ Vargas, Avenal Police Dept. is fresh off his title winning effort over Ricky Stewart Big Bear City FD. Vargas got the public safety boxing worlds attention with his defeat over the # 1 ranked Seward last April and looks to take out another #1 ranked fighter in Quincy Mirage, LAPD. Vargas is the favorite but Mirage is a lights out puncher who can end the fight at any moment. Don’t leave your seats for this one. It all goes down Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission $50.00 Reserved Ringside. http://www.inticketing.com/events/476206
Mar 2015 23

Lee-vs-Farris-4-11Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office fighter Steven Lee has been added to the April 11th card. Lee is traveling from Kansas and will touchdown in California on Thursday April 9th to compete in the Battle of the Badges. Lee will square off with Zachary Farris, CHP in a 3 round welterweight bout. Lee has a record of 1-1 and looks to add a victory over a California fighter to his resume. Lee has a tough task in front of him. Farris is hungry and anxious to get into the ring with someone. Despite having two fighters back out, he continues to train and improve. On Saturday April 11, 2015 Farris will finally get his chance to show the fans what he is made of.  The Battle of the Badges takes place at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. $30 General Admission, $50 Reserved Ringside.

Mar 2015 20
DSC_5835UCA #2 Jr Middleweight Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. looks to continue his winning ways with a victory April 11, 2015 and take over the #1 spot. Martinez is maintaining his focus on the challenge that awaits him in the former title challenger Eddie Montano, LAPD. Martinez trains at Palafox Boxing Club and gets training tips and advice from stablemates Daniel Valdivia, Irvin Garcia, Mario Martinez and his coach Jr Palafox. It has been a long road for Martinez but he is finally here. He is one win away from a title shot. Don’t wait get your tickets now for the biggest Battle of the Badges of the year.  April 11, 2015 Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5, first fight at 7pm. General Admission $30 reserved ringside $50. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. http://www.inticketing.com/events/476206
Mar 2015 19

FullSizeRender(2)By Shannon Williams Staff reporter

One local public safety officer will be making his debut and another will be defending his title at the second annual Central California Battle of the Badges, slated to take place in April.  The charity boxing event will pit firefighters, law enforcement and military personnel from across the state in the ring to see who is worthy of being crowned a United Combat Association champion. The event will kick off at 7 p.m.  April 11 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Hanford police officer John Henderson will be the first Kings County representative steppinDSC_6059 (568x800)g into the ring against Madera police officer AJ Forestiere. The undercard Super Middleweight match-up marks both Henderson’s and Forestiere’s first amateur fight. “I’ve done a little boxing training in the past,” Henderson said of his fighting experience. “But I never actually been committed like I am now.” Henderson said in preparation for the match, he has been following a regIMG_3421imen consisting of a strict diet plan along with rigorous workouts on his days off. “It’s been a lot of work,” Henderson explained. “And the more and more I have been training, the more confident I am.”  Making his second appearance in the ring is Avenal police officer DJ Vargas. In his first UCA fight, Vargas beat Big Bear City Firefighter Ricky Seward for the Middleweight State Championship title. This year he will be brawling for his first defense of the title against Quincy Mirage of the Los Angeles Police Department. Vargas, who has been training for the event since December, said he will be treating this match much like his last. “I’m going to stick to the same game plan,” Vargas said. “Getting into condition, sparring and roadwork.” With only a few weeks left before the contenders hit the ring, both Henderson and Vargas said they are looking forward to going pound-for-pound with their challengers. “I’m hoping we can put on a good show for the supporters of Kings County law enforcement,” Vargas said.

Mar 2015 18


The most significant Super Heavyweight matchup in California is finally here. Chris Lewis, Fresno SD the Hard-hitting UCA Super Heavyweight State Champion is set to defend his title against the unbeaten technical specialist Pierce Masse, Fresno PD.  This fight is on the hype train and there is nothing that is going to derail it. Masse, is ready to make a big splash in the Super Heavyweight division by defeating the highly favorited champion Lewis. Masse punched his ticket to the UCA Super Heavyweight title fight by defeating the ultra-competitive Iulia Tuua, CDCR in last year’s NorCal Battle of the Badges UCA Fight of the Night performance. The lights will shine twice as bright on Lewis and Masse when they face off in Saturday night’s main event.

Mar 2015 17
WDSC_6703ith less than 4 weeks until the most anticipated fight card of the year two fighters with championship aspirations are logging many hours of road work, bag work, sparring and mental preparation. On Saturday April 11, 2015 #1 ranked Pierce Masse, Fresno Police Dept. will challenge Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriff’s Dept. for his UCA Super Heavyweight State Championship title. Stablemate and trainer Bryan Williams, Fresno Police Dept. looks to make history when he returns to the ring to take on Louisana Battle of the Badges Champion James Moore, Monroe Fire Dept. for the UCA Masters Heavyweight Championship Title. Masse and Williams are pushing themselves harder than ever. Both fighters typically train out of Thrive Training Center in Fresno. However for this camp Williams set up a gym in his garage (aka Bat Cave) and trains himself and other fighters all hours of the day. “I can train whenever I want” Williams said. “If I feel like training at 2am when I get off work I change my clothes and come into my garage and workout.” Whether Williams and Masse are training in a Bat Cave or at a boxing gym they will be ready April 11th.  Doors open at 5pm, first bell rings at 7pm. The Smoke Joint will be serving their famous BBQ and the bar will be open. The Tachi Palace Resort & Casino is offering a special rate of $105.00 per night for the fighters and fans. When making reservations mention UCA Battle of the Badges. The place to be Saturday April 11, 2015 is the Battle of the Badges, being held at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. 400 N Douty St. Hanford CA.Don’t wait to get your tickets! This event is going to sell out. General Admission $30.00. Reserved Ringside $50.00. Tickets can be purchased online.http://www.inticketing.com/events/476206 or at the door. To see workout photos visit UCA Facebook.
Mar 2015 16

ess1426477929876The title fight contract is signed as 3rd ranked Brandon Manning, LASD looks to pull off a huge upset win over Dustin Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD and become the new UCA Jr Middleweight Champion. If he wins it will be the second upset in a row for Manning. On November 14, 2014 Manning defeated the former title challenger Eddie Montano, LAPD by split decision.  Manning is preparing harder than ever as he looks to dethrone the champion Rodriguez.  The timing may be perfect for Manning. He is in peak condition, getting great sparring and is already close to the Jr Middleweight limit of 154lbs. Fans can expect Manning to bring his hard charging, technical brawling style into the ring next Saturday night.  There are no easy fights with Manning he forces his opponents into a war. Will Manning make it two in a row and become the new UCA Jr Middleweight Champion? To see workout photos visit UCA Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Combat-Association/219484084768767 SoCal Battle of the Badges Saturday March 28, 2015 Pechanga Casino & Resort. Doors open at 5pm, first bell rings at 6pm. Purchase tickets at https://www.pechanga.com

Mar 2015 15


The UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Francisco Flores, Stanislaus Sheriffs Dept. will be making his first title defense against undefeated 2nd ranked Shant Sheklanian, Madera PD on Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Flores is less than 4 weeks away from the biggest challenge of his career.  The champ is training four to five days a week in the evening and does calisthenics in the morning. His roadwork consists of two to three mile runs with sprints mixed in. “I will be ready come fight time” Flores said. When asked if Sheklanian will be his toughest challenge, He said, “I think so. Shant and Walter I feel are my toughest challenges. When Flores was asked if this will be his last fight he said. “The competition is getting harder and harder. I’m the champion and I have to fight anyone regardless of how many fights they have. This will be my last fight unless I can get a 3rd fight with Walter (Walter Lavarro, Long Beach PD). I feel I owe it to him. He beat me, I beat him, I think we need a 3rd fight.” Flores is not looking past Sheklanian. “I will be ready, if Shant beats me, he is the better fighter, I have no excuses” Flores is a champion who knows what it takes to win and is not about to relinquish his crown. Don’t wait, purchase your tickets now! General Admission $30, reserved Ringside $50. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium 400 N Douty St Hanford California.

Mar 2015 12


The March 28, 2015 SoCal Battle of the Badges Main Event will feature the #1 ranked Cruiserweight Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept vs. undefeated Omar Romero, USMC in a UCA Light Heavyweight Title eliminator. Taylor is dropping down a weight class to make his run at the Light Heavyweight Title. When it comes to depth of talent it doesn’t get better than the light heavyweight division. The division has the most active and talented fighters. Sitting at the top of the ladder is Jamaal Braithwaite, Orange County SD, followed by, Mike Hernandez, LASD, Mike Barragan, LAPD, Jesse Zaranga, LASD, Brendy Ponce, LAPD, and Rudy Gutierrez, Army National Guard. With the addition of Taylor and Romero the competition is fierce from top to bottom.  Once a champion is established he is going to have a big target on his back. To be the UCA Light Heavyweight Champion you have to be a special talent and these fighters have that special talent. Three Legendary champions have held the UCA Light Heavyweight Title, Kyle Stewart, USMC. Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara PD and James Davis, CDCR, Folsom Prison. Who will be next?
Mar 2015 10

Brent Farris, Butte DSC_8609 (1024x721)County Probation and Zach Farris, California Highway Patrol will compete alongside each other on the same fight card when each steps into the ring to make their Battle of the Badges debuts on Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. These identical twins are on the fast track to reach the top of the division. The strength of their brotherly bond is immediately apparent to anyone that sees them together. Brent and Zach push each other to be better. They critique each other in a positive way and motivate each other to push harder in training. Both brothers are supremely confident in their training and knowledge given to them by their trainers. Brent trains at Latasha Marzolla Muay Thai, The Hive, Chico, CA under coach Latasha Marzolla and Zach trains at Institute of Martial Arts, San Jose, CA under coach Jerome Turcan. Don’t wait, purchase your tickets now online or at the door. General Admission $30. Reserved Ringside $50. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium 400 N. Douty St. Hanford, CA. To see workout photos see UCA Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Combat-Association/219484084768767

Mar 2015 05

Dusty at Oxnard al 2-24-15 (317) (986x1024)On Friday, February 27, 2015 Oxnard PAL played host to the UCA Jr Middleweight State Champion Dustin Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept.  Rodriguez will make the first defense of his title at the SoCal Battle of the Badges event March 28, 2015, Pechanga Resort & Casino.  Rodriguez will square off with the fearless and aggressive 3rd ranked Brandon Manning, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept.  Rodriguez trains in Oxnard an area that has produced some great fighters. He is trained by David Rodela a professional fighter and one of Manny Pacquiao’s main sparring partners.  Rodela puts Rodriguez through the same exercises and drills he learned from being in camp with Pacquiao. There is no doubt Rodriguez is the best  Jr Middleweight in California and with a trainer like Rodela to give him the advice and knowledge he needs Rodriguez may be a champion for a long time. To see Fridays workout photos visit United Combat Association Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Combat-Association/219484084768767

Mar 2015 03

Can FloDSC_0691 (800x710)res stop the undefeated 2nd ranked UCA Jr Welterweight Shant Sheklanian, Madera Police Dept. 5 people have tried and 5 people have failed. Does Sheklanian have what it takes to defeat the champion? Will Sheklanian become the new UCA Jr Welterweight Champion? Will Sheklanian suffer his first defeat? Those questions will be answered April 11, 2015 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Tickets are on sale now. General admission $30.00 Reserved Ringside $50.00. Doors open at 5pm fights start at 7pm.

Mar 2015 02

For the next six weeks tDSC_8095 (2) (800x454)he City of Angels boxing gym will be the home for the LAPD boxing team. The fighters will be spending a lot of time at the gym preparing for the Battle of the Badges event April 11, 2015. On Saturday afternoon, Eddie Montano, Hector Mendoza, Chris Andrade and Quincy Mirage were put through a workout by their new coach. The fighters are training and learning under the tutelage of coach and former fighter, Jorge Gonzalez who has created a specific game plan for each fighter. He is building on each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses. Gonzalez looks to catapult the team to new heights. He is pushing each fighter to be the best they can be. Gonzalez spoke with confidence about his fighters doing well on April, 11th. “We know what we have to do and we are going to win.” Gonzalez said. Don’t miss it! Battle of the Badges Saturday April 11, 2015 Hanford Civic Auditorium. Tickets are on sale now. General admission $30.00 Reserved Ringside $50.00. To see workout photos from Saturday visit United Combat Association Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Combat-Association/219484084768767?ref=hl

Feb 2015 26

FullSizeRenderThe Central California Battle of the Badges returns to the Hanford Civic Auditorium April 11, 2015 with another blockbuster night of UCA Championship boxing. The under-card is stacked with local talent and future title contenders. One of the many exciting bouts of the night will feature two fighters making their Battle of the Badges debut. Hanford Police Departments own John Henderson vs Madera Police Departments AJ Forestiere in a three round Super Middleweight showdown. Fans can expect an all action fight when these two warriors step into the ring. Also on the card will be 2nd ranked Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. taking on 4th ranked Eddie Montano, LAPD in a 3-round UCA Jr Middleweight Title eliminator. The winner becomes the mandatory challenger for the UCA crown held by Dustin Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD. The high light of the undercard features the return of the former #1 ranked Heavyweight Bryan Williams, Fresno Police Dept. stepping back in the ring one last time to prove he is still the best. Williams will be taking on Louisiana Champion Anthony Deshautelle; Alexandria Police Dept. The best from California vs the best from Louisiana, Champion vs Champion for the UCA Masters Super Heavyweight Championship. It all goes down Saturday April 11, 2015 Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5:00 first fight at 7:00. Tickets are on sale now! General Admission $30.00 Reserved Ringside $50.00

Feb 2015 22

Chris Lewis Muay Thai (56) (800x450)The UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriff’s Dept. made a big splash in his amateur Muay Thai debut.  On Saturday, February 21, 2015 Modesto, CA. Lewis took on hometown favorite Abel Esparza, Modesto, CA in a 3 round heavyweight fight. Lewis made quick work of Esparza punishing him with thunderous kicks and punches before the referee stepped in and stopped the fight half way through the 2nd round. After the fight Lewis was asked if he was nervous about fighting the hometown favorite, Lewis replied, “I’ve been hit by Cain Velasquez and Lavar Johnson and no one hits harder than those guys. I wasn’t worried at all.” All three fighters from the Buhawe Fighting Alliance team won their fights on Saturday. Lewis next fight will be April, 11, 2015, Hanford Civic Auditorium when he defends his UCA Super Heavyweight State Championship Title against the undefeated #1 ranked Pierce Masse, Fresno Police Dept. To see Chris Lewis fight photos visit UCA Facebook https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.875162799200889.1073742011.219484084768767&type=1

Feb 2015 20

DSC_5988 - Copy (800x596)UCA 2nd Ranked Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept prepares to go to war with 4th ranked Eddie Montano, LAPD in a Jr Middleweight showdown with major championship title implications riding on the line. Don’t miss this Jr Middleweight shootout between two of the best Public Safety fighters in the state April 11, 2015 Central California Battle of the Badges at the Hanford Civic Auditorium, Hanford CA. To see Chris Martinez workout photos visit UCA facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Combat-Association/219484084768767

Feb 2015 17

Opposites Clash

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Manning-vs-RodriguezPechanga Resort and Casino will be the site of the first Battle of the Badges event of the year. The card features a star studded line up. The highlight of the card will feature the UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept. defending his title against the hard charging 3rd ranked Brandon Manning, LASD. Manning picked up the biggest win of his career defeating the former Jr Middleweight title challenger Eddie Montano, LAPD. and plans on making it two upsets in a row and adding another UCA title to the LASD Team.  Rodriguez may be the most complete fighter in the game. He can fight on the inside as well as the outside and puts together beautiful combinations with power and speed. Styles make fights and with Manning’s straight-ahead aggressive style and Rodriguez precision punching and calculating attack this makes for a great fight. Don’t miss this great night of boxing Saturday March 28, Pechanga Resort Casino. For tickets and more information visit www.socalbattleofthebadges.com.

Feb 2015 16

CCHris Lewis (800x477)The UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriff’s Dept. held an open workout in Fresno with his Buhawe Fighting Alliance team. Lewis displayed power and speed as he sparred, hit the bags and focus mitts. Lewis will face #1 ranked Pierce Masse, Fresno Police Dept. in an earth shattering main event for the UCA State Championship Title.  Fans can anticipate a war when Lewis and Masse enter the ring. April 11, 2015, Central California Battle of the Badges, Hanford Civic Auditorium. Tickets are on sale now! To see workout photos visit UCA Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Combat-Association/219484084768767

Feb 2015 14

Despite Cleon Jones, Yolo County Sheriff’s Dept. being stripped of his title as the UCA Super Heavyweight Champion due to injury and inability to compete this may not be the end.  “I’m going to sit out for awhile,” Jones said. “I want to get my knees stronger and back in good shape. I will see where I’m at and how I’m feeling.” If Jones decides to hang up the gloves for good, he left on top. He beat the best out there and established himself as the best Super Heavyweight in California. Jones captured the UCA Super Heavyweight State Championship Title at the NorCal Battle of the Badges April 20, 2013 by defeating the former 2nd ranked Rahsaan Harrison, LASD by decision.  Jones went on to defend his title at the Central California Battle of the Badges April 19, 2014 against former top ranked Shay McIntyre, Folsom Prison. Jones climbed his way to the top by picking off John Afanasiev, Stockton Police Dept.  and Adam Zamudio, Fresno Sheriff Dept. Whether or not Cleon Jones returns to the ring he will always be remembered as one of the best Super Heavyweights in California.

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