Mar 2017 26

Hugh-Estrada-BannerHugh Estrada, California Highway Patrol looks to rebound from his loss to Devon Dejoie, Navy, Saturday April 8, 2017  when he takes on Jose Bustillos, Navy. Folks get to your seats early, this welterweight showdown is going to be exciting. These fighters are sure to set a compubox record for punches thrown. Don’t miss it. Battle of the Badges at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5 first fight at 7. Tickets are only $30 for General Admission and $50 for Ringside.

Mar 2017 25

UCA Debut

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Serrano-vs-Kellyn-2Gerardo Serrano, Reedley PD vs Kellyn Furgiuele, Army features a matchup between two fighters who don’t shy away from dangerous opponents, they run toward them. Serrano and Furgiuele will be making their UCA debut and one will take their first step toward the UCA Light Heavyweight title. See you Saturday. Doors open at 5pm action starts at 7pm.

Mar 2017 22


We are bound and determined to make the April 8th Battle of the Badges the best boxing card of the year. Some of the best fighters in the nation have committed to this event. The card will feature 5 UCA Championship Title fights and an undercard full of talented fighters who will soon be household names. The first title fight of the night will feature the undefeated UCA Jr Welterweight Champion, Shant Sheklanian, State Parole defending his title against BJ Adkins, Raleigh Sheriffs Dept. who is traveling from West Virginia to take the champs belt. That will be followed up by the most anticipated female fight in public safety boxing history. #1 ranked Laura Morales, Madera DOC vs #2 Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD. Next up will be the Welterweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD defending his title against #2 Chris Martinez, Fresno PD. The UCA Heavyweight Championship title fight will feature two number 1 ranked fighters. #1 Super Cruiserweight Josh Webb, CHP vs the undefeated #1 ranked Heavyweight Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation. The UCA Super Middleweight title will be up for grabs in the main event of the night. The champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD will put his title on the line against the undefeated #4 Mike Valle, CDCR, PVSP. Ladies and gentlemen, fight cards don’t get any better than this. Time is running out, make sure you get your tickets before they are gone. General Admission $30, Reserved Ringside $50. Doors open at 5, fights start at 7pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium, Hanford CA.

Mar 2017 18


Two U.S. Navy fighters will make their UCA debut at the Battle of the Badges Saturday April 8, 2017.  Nazim Hudson will square off with Jose Gomez, National Guard in a light heavyweight showdown. Navy stablemate Jose Bustillos will face Hugh Estrada, CHP in a welterweight battle. Hudson and Bustillos are training under the tutelage of coach Jason Glaspie at the Lemoore Boxing Gym. Both fighters look to impress the fans and pick up their first victory. Don’t wait get your tickets now. $30 General Admission, $50 Reserved Ringside.

Mar 2017 16

Martinez-vs-Delrey-2017-1You want action, we got it for you. Two of the UCA’s best will face off when 2nd ranked Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept takes on the UCA Welterweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD at the Battle of the Badges Saturday April 8, 2017 Hanford Civic Auditorium. Delery will put his title on the line for the first time since capturing the vacant belt October 1, 2016. when he earned a split decision win over David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD. Martinez is coming off a disappointing loss to the former Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD.  Buckle up when these fighters enter the ring.  Doors open at 5pm first punch thrown at 7pm. Don’t wait, get your tickets now! General Admission $30, Reserved Ringside $50. 


Mar 2017 14

UCA Central Valley (100) (800x534)A goal is useless without a strategy to accomplish the goal.

40 hours a week of work
10 hours a week driving
10 hours a week eating
56 hours of sleep
A total of 116 hrs

That leaves 52 hours – nearly 7 hours a day.

What you do with your time will determine whether you accomplish your goals. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking “the decisions I make today won’t affect my tomorrow.”

Mar 2017 12

Henderson-vs-Davey John Henderson, Lemoore PD looks to get one step closer to the UCA Super Middleweight title by defeating Kyle Davey, CDCR, Corcoran SATF on Saturday April 8th. Davey will be making his UCA debut but has plenty of ring experience. Davey plans on using that experience to start his own climb up the UCA Super Middleweight ladder. The fans are in for a treat when these two hungry lions enter the ring. Don’t miss it! Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium. Tickets start at $30 General Admission, $50 Reserved Ringside.

Mar 2017 11

FullSizeRender (2)Training camp is heating up for UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD and the UCA title challenger Mike Valle, CDCR Pleasant Valley. UCA Trainer of theFullSizeRender Year, Jorge Gonzalez lined up quality sparring for Mirage. David Estrada who holds a record of 29-6 with 19 KOs has been giving the champ rounds at the City of Angels Boxing Gym, LA.
Coach Art Peraza brought in amateur MMA Champion and professional MMA fighter Evan Solorio to work with Mike Valle at the Dungeon MMA, in Fresno. Mirage and Valle know they can’t let up now, fight day is 29 days away. These guys are going to bring it. See you April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium.

Mar 2017 09

FullSizeRender(27)On Saturday April 8, 2017 the UCA Battle of the Badges will be headlined by two of the best fighters in the country.  BJ Adkins, Raleigh County Sheriff’s Dept. will travel from West Virginia to challenge the undefeated (6-0) UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Shant Sheklanian, State Parole. The UCA caught up with Adkins to ask him a few questions about his upcoming title fight.

UCA – When did you start training camp?
BJ – I have started training camp as of January 1st.

UCA – How often are you training to prepare for the fight?
BJ – I train at least 6 days a week. Whether that be at Signal 12 boxing gym, running 800+ steps at Kaymoor Mining Trail through the mountains of West Virginia, training routine at home, strength training, and two a days with my partner from the Sheriff’s Office, Christine Schack who has helped push me daily.

UCA – Are you feeling added pressure or stress about traveling to California to take on the undefeated UCA Champion Shant Sheklanian, in his home state?
BJ – I definitely feel the pressure coming to his home state. Not so much stress but the pressure is there.

UCA – Are you coming into this fight with the mindset that you have to win convincingly or by knockout to get a decision over the champion?
BJ – I know that if I wanna win this fight it has to be without a doubt convincingly. I believe if it’s a close fight and left in the judges hands the Champ will walk away the Champ. He has already proven himself as the best. I don’t see the decision going in my favor if it’s split.

UCA – What made you want to take this fight?
BJ – When I was offered the fight with the Champ there was no way I would turn it down. I mean it’s not everyday you get the opportunity to battle one of the elite warriors of the UCA.

UCA – Are you a fighter who likes to watch video on your opponents?
BJ – Yes

UCA – Sheklanian has plenty of videos on YouTube for you to watch and study.  Do you feel you can pick things up that can benefit you in the fight?
BJ – I have watched his videos already over and over again. Like I said he is a Champ for a reason. He is one of the Elite warriors. I will continue to study those videos and train accordingly.

UCA – Without giving anything away, are you working on anything specific in training camp to prepare for Sheklanian?
BJ – I’m working on a couple of things. I have a great group of people helping me prepare for this battle.

UCA – Will your training camp be more intense compared to other training camps?
BJ – This will be the most intense training camp so far for me. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a fight more than I want to be the UCA Jr Welterweight Champ!

UCA – Will you be sparring with guys similar to Sheklanian’s style and stature?
BJ – Yes, I can say that I have a great group of sparring partners that have great power, speed, and etc. I don’t think I could be fully prepared for this fight if it wasn’t for the fighters and coach at Signal 12 Gym.

UCA – If the fight is close going into the 3rd round will you come out hard and push the pace to win the round?
BJ – If we go to the 3rd round it will be a show. If the fights close or not I believe we both will stand in the middle of that ring and battle till the end. I will push with everything inside of me and fight till it’s over. He’s not going to want to lose his undefeated record and being the champ. I’m not wanting to travel all the way to the west coast over 2,000 miles to lose. This will be a battle!

UCA – Will you have to put on the best performance of your career to take Sheklanian’s title?
BJ – Absolutely! There is no doubt in my mind that I will have to be on my game. I will have to be ready to perform better than I have in any other fight. To be the best you have to beat the best!

UCA – What will you be thinking about as you walk to the ring?
BJ – I’m not exactly sure what will be running through my mind as I’m walking in. I just wanna be focused and know it’s now “Showtime”

UCA – Have you envisioned in your mind how the fight will end?
BJ -How does it end? I’ve envisioned, dreamed, and spent late nights playing it over and over in my head. They all have different endings. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have dreams that I lost. But those dreams feed my hunger! Those dreams make me push harder and keep training hard. Those dreams make me prepare for the biggest battle I’ve ever faced. Come April 8th two Warriors will be Battle ready!!!!! Don’t miss it!!!!!

Mar 2017 03

True Champions

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FullSizeRenderAt last year’s SoCal Battle of the Badges at the Pacific Palms Hotel Mike Delery, LAPD successfully tested his skills against the far more experienced David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD to earn the UCA Welterweight title. Stablemate Quincy Mirage, LAPD would also capture UCA gold in 2016 by defeating the former UCA Middleweight Champion DJ Vargas to claim the UCA Super Middleweight strap. On April 8, 2017 Delery and Mirage will make their first title defense. Delery will square off with the former Louisiana and interim UCA Jr Middleweight Champion #2 Chris Martinez, Fresno PD. Mirage will go toe to toe with undefeated #4 Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison. There is an old adage in the fight game that says “You’re not a true champion until you successfully defend your title.” See you Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium.

Mar 2017 01

Adkins-vs-SheklanianIn one corner stands the undefeated UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Shant Sheklanian who has defeated 6 out of 6 opponents. In the other corner is BJ Adkins a fighter traveling from West Virginia who seeks to bring an abrupt end to the champion’s reign.  Adkins will not be intimidated by the highly partisan crowd. He knows what he is facing and is confident he will be going home with the belt. Don’t miss it. Saturday April 8, 2017, Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 4 first fight at 6. General Admission $30 Reserved Ringside $50. 

Feb 2017 26

Oh Man! Its On!

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FullSizeRender (4)UCA Title fight agreements have been signed for one the biggest female fights in public safety boxing history. #1 ranked Laura Morales, Madera Dept of Corrections vs 2nd ranked Deirdre Fonseca, Los Angeles Police Dept for the UCA Super Featherweight Championship title. Fight fans have been begging for this rematch and it’s finally here. After 3 years, Morales and Fonseca will meet again Saturday April 8, FullSizeRender (3)2017 at the Central California Battle of the Badges taking place at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. This will be the only female fight on the card and perhaps the most exciting. Doors open at 5 pm first punch thrown at 6 pm. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission and $50.00 Reserved Ringside.

Feb 2017 25

FullSizeRender (2)The undefeated UCA Middleweight Champion Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept competed in the Central California Golden Gloves tonight at the Dome in Bakersfield. Clark defeated Collin Alvarado, Visalia Northside Boxing Club by unanimous decision to win the novice Central California Golden Gloves Championship.

Feb 2017 23

FullSizeRender(26)The Yuba Sutter area CHP would like to recognize Officer J. Hughes, and Officer Z. Farris for their efforts at a fatal collision on February 12, 2017.  When Officers Hughes and Farris arrived on scene of an overturned vehicle in a canal on Eager Road at Tierra Buena Road that evening, they observed a vehicle upside down in the water.  Without hesitation, they and several Sutter County Sheriff’s deputies and a Yuba City firefighter jumped into action and entered the canal.  They all worked together to tilt the vehicle on its side so the occupants could escape.  They discovered two male and two female passengers in the vehicle.  The two male passengers were assisted from the vehicle through a broken window.  Unfortunately, the two females did not make it and succumbed to injuries sustained from this tragic chain of events.  The driver was subsequently arrested for felony DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter. Officers Hughes and Farris were not wearing a cape that day, but a badge.  Without hesitation, they instinctively did what they took an oath to do – risk their lives rather than swerve from the path of duty.  Their quick actions and those of all other first responders on scene were nothing short of heroic.  Very well done!

The UCA is honored to have California Highway Patrol officer Zach Farris compete in the UCA Battle of the Badges April 11, 2015. Farris  defeated Steven Lee, Sedgwick Sheriffs Dept (Kansas) in a back and fourth battle. Farris and Lee would receive the UCA Golden Fists award for their performance. Zach Farris is currently the UCA 4th ranked Welterweight.

Feb 2017 22

FullSizeRender(24)Join us Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium, Hanford CA as the UCA presents the 4th annual Battle of the Badges. This special night of UCA Championship Boxing will benefit the Fallen Officers Resource Fund, and the Hanford Police Dept. Explorers program. Come out and enjoy the action, music, and entertainment in an incredible atmosphere. Doors open at 5pm first bell rings at 6pm. Tickets are on sale now. General admission $30.00, Reserved Ringside $50.00.

Feb 2017 19

Webb-Vs-Blevins-2017Fight fans if you are keeping track of the matchups on the UCA Battle of the Badges card you know it is stacked from top to bottom. Fight cards like this are unheard of. Webb vs Blevins is just one of the many great fights on the card. Both fighters are ranked #1 in their weight class and have been waiting for their shot at the title. With the recent retirement of the undefeated UCA Heavyweight Mike Frazier, LASD the timing is impeccable. Webb and Blevins will square off for the vacant UCA Heavyweight Championship title. This fight doesn’t need any hype. See you April 8, 2017.

Feb 2017 16

Zamudio-vs-Ross-2017David Ross, CHP vs Adam Zamudio, Fresno SD ( retired)  features a UCA Master Division Super Heavyweight showdown with a lot on the line. David Ross, CHP is currently the 2nd ranked Masters Super Heavyweight and a win Saturday April 8, 2017 secures him a title-shot. Ross will be facing a fighter hungry to get back into the ring. Adam Zamudio, retired Fresno Sheriff Dept hasn’t fought in over 6 years and has been physically and mentally preparing for his return for a long time. Get a Ringside seat and get up close to the action. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission and $50.00 Reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5pm, first punch thrown at 6pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium N Douty St. Hanford, California.

Feb 2017 14

Must Win Fight

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Mendoza-vs-BermudezThere are seemingly endless challenges and battles to overcome when preparing for a fight. Each fighter searches for inspiration and motivation to push the limits in training camp. For Hector Mendoza, LAPD and David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD they will have the added pressure of being in a must win fight. They will need to have a burning desire to win at all costs. Both fighters are coming off disappointing loses and look to get back into title contention. A win will justify another title shot and a loss could be the end. Nothing is certain. No matter how much is speculated or who is favored, it all comes down to what the fighters can do in the ring on April 8, 2017. Purchase your tickets now to the Central California Battle of the Badges at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5pm, first fight start at 6pm. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission $50.00 Reserved Ringside.

Feb 2017 10
Fonseca-vs-Morales_edited-1Boxing rivalries are some of the most exciting and anticipated fights and have been dominated by men. On April 8, 2017 one of the biggest rivalries will take place between two women. #1 Laura Morales, Madera Dept of Corrections vs  #2 Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD.   This rivalry started 3 years ago when Morales and Fonseca would engage in one of the most exciting fights in UCA history. The fight took place on the 2014 Central California Battle of the Badges card. The card was full of  talent and great fights. To receive “Fight of the Night” and beat out names like Flores vs Lavarro and Gutierrez vs Cano is a huge honor. Since their first meeting people have been demanding a rematch. Team Fonseca believe she won. Team Morales believe she won and has the undefeated record to prove it. On Saturday April 8, 2017 Fonseca and Morales will settle the score once and for all when they square off for the UCA Super Featherweight Championship title.  Although this fight is worthy of HBO, Showtime and PayPerView you have to see it live. Don’t wait get your tickets now. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission, 50.00 Reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5pm fight punch thrown at 7pm. Hanford Civic Auditorium, 400 N Douty Street, Hanford CA. 
Feb 2017 05

IMG_6256It’s official! The contract has been signed for the UCA Jr Welterweight Title Fight. This is what Billy Adkins had to say about his upcoming fight, training and his team,”I couldn’t be fully prepared if it wasn’t for the coach and elite fighters at Signal 12 Gym. These are some of West Virginia’s Elite Professional and Amateur Fighters. Big thank you to them all. From Left to Right: Sarah Coffey (A), Keith Barr (Pro), Christine Schack (A), Coty Pierson (Pro), Steve Neal (Coach), and Tyler Robinson (Pro). Also want to give a thanks to Shawn Laughery (Pro). I also want to give a big thank you to my sponsors Robin Buck and Ron Buck (Club 3D) and Vickie Mills Utt (Little General) without you this trip probably wouldn’t have been possible. Now let’s make this a fight!” April 8th, 2017 Battle of the Badges in Hanford, California

Feb 2017 03

No Hype Needed

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Thecaamal-vs-travis-2017 undefeated UCA Middleweight Champion Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept, is considered by many as the new face of the 160 lb division. Clark will make the first defense of his UCA middleweight strap when he faces a proven warrior in Jorge Caamal LASD. This will be Caamal’s second attempt at UCA gold and he is determined not to let it slip though his hands again. This title fight is sure to deliver on the edge of your seat excitement and a dramatic finish. Don’t miss it! Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Tickets are on sale now. General Admission start at $30.00 Reserved Ringside are only $50.00.

Jan 2017 29

IMG_6389 (600x800)It’s official. A fight that was once fantasy is now reality. The undefeated #1 ranked heavyweight Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation will square off with the #1 ranked Super Cruiserweight Josh Webb, CHP for the vacant Heavyweight ChFullSizeRender (728x800)ampionship title. This is a 50/50 fight. Both fighters are equally dangerous and will need to use every weapon in their arsenal to win. If you are a boxing fan and have a pulse you do not want to miss this fight. Get your tickets now! General Admission $30.00, Reserved Ringside $50.00. Doors open at 5, action starts at 6. Mark it on the calendar, Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. 400 N Douty St. Hanford CA.

Jan 2017 26

Mike Valle, CDCR (205) (800x724)Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison, the undefeated UCA “FOTN” winner and Super Middleweight title challenger is one of UCA boxing’s elite talents. On April 8, 2017 Valle will face his biggest test when he takes on Quincy Mirage, LAPD for his UCA Super Middleweight Title. When offered the title fight Team Valle jumped at the opportunity. Valle knows he has a tough road a head of him. Not only is he taking on the best fighter in the division and perhaps the nation he also has a big weight cut. Valle is dropping down 3 weight classes from 190lbs to 168lbs for this opportunity. “I’m not putting myself through this punishment for nothing” said Valle. When asked about the weight cut, Valle’s trainer Art Peraza (The Dungeon MMA Fresno CA) said “We signed the contract, we will make the weight.” The Battle of the Badges takes place Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Tickets start at $30.00 General Admission, $50.00 Reserved Ringside.

Jan 2017 24

The undefeated Shant Sheklanian, 1-20-17 (190) - Copy (791x800)(6-0) UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Shant Sheklanian, Madera Police Department officially opened his training camp this week in preparation for one of the year’s most significant fights – a much-anticipated showdown with West Virginia’s BJ Adkins, Raleigh Sheriff’s Dept. This will be Sheklanian’s first title defense. “Adkins isn’t traveling from West Virginia to lose” Shant said. “I will be ready for him.” The Battle of the Badges is Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Vivic Auditorium, Hanford CA. Tickets are on sale now. General admission $30.00, Reserved Ringside $50.00.

Jan 2017 22
Jan 2017 19



The UCA Super Middleweight titleholder Quincy Mirage, LAPD will make his mandatory title defense against undefeated #4 Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison on April 8, 2017 in Hanford, CA. Both fighters are hungry and ready to get at each other. This fight could be very violent and brief. Get your tickets now to the Battle of the Badges Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Tickets start at $30 General Admission and $50 reserved Ringside. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm.

Jan 2017 14

IMG_6012The #1 ranked Welterweight and UCA title challenger David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks Police Dept recently released his first book Time Tested Tips on All Things Boxing. Learn new tricks techniques and strategies from coach David. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Coach David Tips on Coaching, Technique, and Training
Authored by David Joseph Bermudez
Edited by Albert Pinto, Dana Wilson

Have you ever wanted a blueprint to begin your journey in the sport of boxing? Do you have a desire to become a better boxing coach? In David’s time tested tips in all things boxing, you will learn the best ways to approach training, learn technique, and coach the sweet science. With over ten years of coaching and competing, David sheds light on over fifty boxing tips that will improve your boxing IQ.

David is a two time Collegiate Boxing All American and a Western Police and Fire games silver medalist. David is an active competitor for the United Combat Association (UCA), an amateur boxing league of Police, Fire, and Military service men and women.

In the ten years David has been involved in the sport, he has trained several amateur and professional fighters. David has an immense passion for coaching and writing about the sweet science.

Jan 2017 11

DSC_7172 (800x528)The United Combat Association is pleased to announce the 4th Annual UCA Central California Battle of the Badges on April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium, Hanford CA. We will be celebrating 4 Years of UCA Battle of the Badges competition and we want you to be a part of the celebration. With 12 bouts scheduled, great food, bar, music, intermission entertainment and more there is something for everyone. Mark your calendars and get a ringside seat! Doors open at 5pm first bell rings at 7pm. Tickets start at $30 General admission $50 reserved Ringside.

Jan 2017 04

beast-with-shantThe UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Shant Sheklanian, Madera Police Dept. has never shied away from tough competition. April 8, 2017 will be no different. Sheklanian will defend his title against West Virginia’s best BJ Adkins, Raleigh SD. Sheklanian has a resume that justifies the hype. He is an extremely well-rounded boxer-puncher with fight-ending power in both hands. Sheklanian quickly established himself as the best jr welterweight by beating the former undefeated (6-1) Taron Scott, CDCR, CYA. Shant would follow that up by defeating the UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Francisco Flores, Stanislaus SD and taking his title. Sheklanian is once again ready to show why his record is unblemished and he is the best in the nation. Will the champ make it 7 in a row or will Adkins take the belt back to West Virginia? Don’t miss it! Tickets are on sale now for the Central California Battle of the Badges, Saturday April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. General Admission $30, Reserved Ringside $50. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Fallen Officers Resource Fund, the Hanford Police Athletic League and the Hanford Police Dept Explorers Program.

Jan 2017 01


Make it your New Year’s Resolution to compete in this year’s UCA Central California Battle of the Badges April 8, 2017 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium, Hanford CA. Sign up now and start training.

Dec 2016 29



2016 brought some very exciting moments to public safety boxing. The year was a true test of endurance as fighters traveled from different states to compete against the best in the country. It was a busy year with many surprises. New champions were crowned and heartbreak was felt. The fighters reminded us all that you never give up because until the final bell rings everything can change. The year brought some very exciting moments in UCA boxing. Let’s take a look back at what made 2016 a memorable year.

Jeff PennUCA Promoter of the Year – Jeff Penn, SoCal Battle of the Badges
One who is respected and experienced in putting together the biggest fights with the biggest names. A production that can be compared to professional boxing event. Events that are held in fan friendly venues and everyone is guaranteed a good time.

UCimg_3835A Event of the Year – SoCal Battle of the Badges, Pacific Palms Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Some of the biggest names competed in front of a SOLD OUT crowd at the beautiful Pacific Palms Hotel, Los Angeles. 5 UCA Championship title fights saw 3 new champions crowned along with an action packed under-card. Fund raising efforts benefited the Firefighters Cancer Foundation, Project 999, which provides financial assistance to the families of officers killed in the line of duty. The Santa Ana Unidos Boxing Club, Perris Valley Thai Boxing and Cops 4 Kids & Communities.

brent-bugarin-two-beltsUCA Fighter of the Year Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept. First 2 Division Champion (Welterweight & Jr Middleweight)
A fighter who directly impacts Public Safety boxing by the way he performs in the ring. A fighter who stood out from the rest and proved they are the best by challenging and defeating anyone who was put in front of them.

UCA Coach of the Year
A coach who has the knowledge and experience to unlock a fighters true potential and mold them into a champion. There are a lot of critical factors that make a champion, having a great coach is the most important one.

Mando Guzman – Coach of the UCA Cruiserweight Champion Brian Stevens, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. and the UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion Alan Rojas, Los Angeles Sheriff Dept.dsc_1838-800x490

Jorge Gonzalez – Coach of the UCA Welterweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD, the UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD, and the former UCA Middleweight Champion Hector Mendoza, LAPD

Arvin Jugarap – Coach of the UCA 2 Division undefeated Jr Middleweight Champion Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept.

Vance Bejarano – Coach of the UCA Light Heavyweight Champion Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept.

Nasser Niavaroni – Coach of the Masters UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion Chuck Pfau, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept.

Sparky McDuffie – Coach of the Masters UCA Heavyweight Champion James Moore, Monroe Louisiana Fire Dept.

Steve Salas – Coach of the UCA Middleweight Champion Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept.

Robert Espinosa -Coach of the UCA Welterweight Champion Asiah Medawar, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept.

UCA Biggest Most Memorable Fights of 2016
Fights that undoubtedly will be talked about years from now. While most fights come and go these memorable battles will live on through the ages and become a part of UCA Boxing History.

James Mooredsc_7190-800x650, Monroe Louisiana FD defeated Michael Banks, CDCR CCC to become the first out of state (Masters UCA Heavyweight Champion) UCA Champion. Central California Battle of the Badges 4-9-16 Hanford Civic Auditorium, Hanford CA.

Travis Clark, Stockton PD defeated Hector Mendoza, LAPD to win the UCA Middleweight title and become the first fighter to win a UCA title in his 2nd fight. SoCal Battle of the Badges 10-1-16, Pacific Palms Hotel

Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD defeated the former reigning and defending UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD by decision to become the first 2 division (Welterweight & Jr Middleweight) UCA Champion. SoCal Battle of the Badges 10-1-16, Pacific Palms Hotel

Alan Rojas, LASD defeated one of the most feared and talked about fighters in Chris Barrios, LASD. Rojas would stop Barrios in the 2nd round to become the undisputed, undefeated, reigning and defending UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion and end Barrios 10 fight undefeated winning streak. LA Battle of the Badges 5-20-16, Pacific Palms Hotel

2016 Fighters Who Received the Highest Public Safety Boxing Honor

And The New UCA Champion

Asiah Medawar, SBSD, UCA Welterweight Championdsc_0671-503x800

Brent Bugarin, SCSD, UCA Jr Middleweight (10-1-16)

Mike Delery, LAPD, UCA Welterweight Champion

Hector Mendoza, LAPD, UCA Middleweight Champion (4-9-16)

Travis Clark, Stockton PD, UCA Middleweight Champion (10-1-16)

Quincy Mirage, LASD, UCA Super Middleweight Champion

Chuck Pfau, Sacramento SD, Masters UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion

James Moore, Monroe Louisiana FD, Masters UCA Heavyweight Champion

Sean Johnson. CDCR, Kern Valley State Prison

And Still UCA Champion

dsc_4447-800x507Dusty Rodriguez, SMFD UCA Jr Middleweight Champion (4-9-16)

Travon Taylor, OCSD UCA Light Heavyweight Champion

Brian Stevens, LASD UCA Cruiserweight Champion

Alan Rojas, LASD UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion

UCA Fights of the Yeardsc_7816-800x514
A fight that delivers the most exciting back and forth battle that has fans cheering and on the edge of their seat. These fights symbolize what public safety boxing stands for.

Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison vs Martin Gutierrez, Lemoore Police Dept.

Josh Webb, CHP vs Jeremy Parker, CDCR, CSP Sac

Mike Delery, LAPD vs David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD

Hector Mendoza, LAPD vs Remin Pineda, LASD

UCA Breakout Fighter of the Year
A fighter who steps into the ring for the first time and wins over the crowd with skill, heart and personality. One you can’t wait to see fight again.

Mike Valle – CDCR Pleasant Valley State Prison

Martin dsc_3225-663x800Gutierrez – Lemoore Police Dept.

Nate Webb – U.S. Navy

Tyler Kiest – CDCR Blythe

Cody Anderson – Rincon Fire Dept.

Eddie Duran – Orange County Sheriff’s Dept.

Fighters to Keep an Eye On

Denise Guerrero – San Bernardino Police Dept.

Guillermo Garcia, LAPD

Alberto DeLeon – CDCR Blythe

Mike Ortiz – U.S. Army

Devon Dejoie – U.S. Navy

Jon Byun – LAPD

Rafael DeLeon – U.S. Border Patrol

Daniel Rosales – LAPD

William Adams – Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept

Gilbert Galvan – U.S. Army

Richard Rodriguez – Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.

Elijah Vidal – U.S.M.C.

Jonathon Alvarez – New York Police Dept.

Austin Tull – Shreveport Louisiana Fire Department

Joe Slouka – Orange County Sheriff’s Dept.

Joey Valencia – Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.

Chris Seelig – Rialto Police Dept.

Anthony Deshautelle – Alexandria Louisiana Police Dept.

Alex Duran – U. S. Border Patrol

Claudio Gutierrez – LAPD

Christian Pharo – San Diego Fire Dept.

Jonathon Roberts – Natchitoches Louisiana Police Dept.

Deserves a Title Shot

Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD

Dennis Burgos, New York Police Dept.

Remdsc_4196-577x800in Pineda – LASD

Henry Sanchez – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept.

Josh Webb, CHP

Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation

UCA Upset of the Yeardsc_3714-800x611

A fighter who enters a contest a considerable favorite and is defeated by a less experienced, unknown or unranked fighter.

(3) Mike Delery, LAPD defeated (1) David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD to win the UCA Welterweight Title.

(3) Remin Pineda, LASD defeated (1) Hector Mendoza, LAPD

dsc_4003-800x679UCA Performance of the Year
A fighter who displays exceptional skills in a near flawless performance

Brian Stevens, LASD made his 3rd title defense by defeating Guillermo Garcia, LAPD

UCA Announcer of the Year – Carlton Jones, Fresno City Fire Dept.

UCA DJ of the Year – DJ Prince

UCA Photographer of the Year – Ray Delgado and Chris Adkins

UCA Videographer of the Year – Fernando Vargas

UCA Boxing Gym of the Year – City of Angels, Los Angeles, CA

UCA Sponsor of the Year – Sabas Fightgear

2017 UCA Dream Title Fights

Shant Sheklanian, Madera PD vs BJ Adkins, (West Virginia) Raleigh County Sheriff’s Dept. (UCA Jr Welterweight Championship)

Mike Delery, LAPD vs Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. (UCA Welterweight Championship)

David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD vs Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD (UCA Jr Middleweight Championship)

Travis Clark, Stockton PD vs DJ Vargas, Hanford PD (UCA Middleweight Championship)

Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Mike Valle, CDCR Pleasant Valley Prison (UCA Super Middleweight Championship)

Chuck Pfau, Sacramento County SD vs Chip Stevens, Monroe Louisiana FD (UCA Jr Cruiserweight Championship)

Alan Rojas, LASD vs Josh Webb, CHP (UCA Super Cruiserweight Championship)

Mike Frazier, LASD vs Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation (UCA Heavyweight Championship)

Jaboy Leomitti, LASD vs Carlos Rosas, LAPD (UCA Super Heavyweight Championship)

UCA Rumors

Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD is dropping to 140lbs to pick up his 3rd title.

Quincy Mirage, LAPD is moving up to the (175lbs) Light Heavyweight Division to capture his 2nd title.

The former #1 ranked UCA Title Challenger Jamaal Braithwaite, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. will make his return to the ring.

The fjorge-salazar-800x593-440x529ormer #1 ranked, undefeated Jorge Salazar, Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. is calling out the undisputed, reigning and defending UCA Cruiserweight Champion Brian Stevens, LASD.

The former undefeated reigning and defending UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriff’s Dept. will make his professional boxing debut

As another year on the boxing calendar draws to a close, 2016 will be remembered as one of the most remarkable years in the history of public safety boxing. The talent pool continues to grow and 2017 promises to be a year full of great fights. Title fight contracts are being drawn up for some great super fights between the best fighters in the country. See you in the New Year.

Dec 2016 12

uca-boxingFighters who are excited about getting in the ring and trading leather still fear losing and getting hit. The cruel reality of boxing is that you are going to get hit. Fighters often get nervous and start feeling negative (due to pressure of performing their best, not losing). Whether it’s your first fight or tenth fight, the nerves, and the anxiety is tough to control. You beat yourself up before your adversary even gets to you. You must be  able to concentrate on the positive. The more you concentrate on your abilities and how prepared you are will give you the confidence you need to perform at your best. You can’t influence how your rival performs, you can just influence how YOU perform. So concentrate on yourself.  Quit sizing up  different fighters, and comparing your skills and record with them. Believe in your training and your abilities and don’t let anxiety prevent you from achieving your goals.

Cus D’Amato, the renowned coach of champions Mike Tyson, Floyd Patterson and others, once said, “The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.”

Dec 2016 04

To bectravis-clarkome an instant prospect or labeled a future champion requires skill, polished fundamentals, endurance and extreme mental toughness and durability. Why do few fighters end up title holders while others resign without reaching their goal. As a fighter if you’ve been preparing sufficiently long, you may understand there’s no measure of preparing that will ever give you a certain outcome. Though boxing is about speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance but it is also about confidence and having the correct attitude. To push yourself to the position of a future champion you need to consider yourself special, while in the ring. This might sound overconfident It’s the right attitude to focus on yourself and your abilities. You came to boxing to be a fighter. Be a warrior and test yourself against all odds.

Nov 2016 01

Greatness is often defined by special accomplishments, unique characteristics, determination and talent. These fighters possess all those traits. The only one thing missing from their resume—is a UCA Championship Title. So without further ado, here are the Top 15 best fighters next in line to hold a UCA belt.

1. Josh Webb, CHdsc_2928-800x644P record of 9-1 notable wins over Jason Gutknecht Madera PD & Jeremy Parker, CDCR

2. Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation Record: 4-0 notable win over Nate Webb, Navy.

3. Chip Stevens, Monroe Louisiana FD, Record 10-2 notable win over Scott Mudder, Shreveport Police Dept.

4. Manny Amaya, LASD notable wins over Bert Castaneda, LAPD & David Apodaca, LASD

5. Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD, 2 FOTN performances, notable wins over James Smith, CHfullsizerender17P & Brian Petrella, Pasadena PD

6. Jorge Caamal, LASD 3X Police Olympic Gold Medalist notable wins over David Bermudez, East Bay Reg. Parks PD & Ivan Guillermo, LAPD.

7. Remin Pineda, LASD, Record 7-3 notable wins over the UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD, Brian Petrella, Pasadena PD & Chris Andrade, LAPD

8. Dennis Burgos, NYPD notable wins over the UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD, Brandon Manning, LASD, & Brian Petrella Pasadena PD

9. Jamaal Brathwfullsizerender-2aite, Orange County SD record of 5-3 notable wins over Frankie Fisher, Inglewood PD and Juan Bustamante, LAPD

10. Anthony Deshautelle, Alexandria Louisiana PD, notable wins over the former WBO Heavyweight Champion, Lamon Brewster, Roger Englelhardt, St Louis Metro PD and the Masters UCA Heavyweight Champion JR Moore, Monroe, Louisiana FD

11. Henry Sanchez, San Bernardino SD, notable wins over Miguel Mejia, LAPD and Alex Duran, U.S. Border Patrol

12. David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD boxer for UNLV, 2X All American, Bronze & Silver Medal National fullsizerender18Collegiate Boxing Association Tournament.

13. Savannah Stewart, Richmond Police Department Record 10-2.

14. Joseph Flahavan, Glendale FD Record 3-0 notable wins over Jose Corral, LASD & Erik Ramirez, LASD

15. Larry Cervantes, LASD record 3-0 notable wins over Walter Lavarro, Long Beach PD, Daniel Ramirez, LAPD

Oct 2016 22
Oct 2016 17

Stay Ready

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untitled-1There is no off season for the Masters UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion Chuck Pfau, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept. Pfau knows the real challenge isn’t getting to the top it’s finding the motivation to stay there once you arrive.  Pfau will make his return to the ring Saturday April 8, 2017 on the Central California Battle of the Badges card at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Even though the fight is 6 months away, Pfau is in the gym staying ready for whoever he faces.

Oct 2016 06

On Saturday October 1, 2016 Pacific Palms Resort and Hotel played host to the SoCal Battle of the Badges. As soon as this event was announced it got a lot of hype. Fans from all over California packed into the Pacific Palms Ballroom to be a part of the biggest event of the year. The fighters did their part to keep the fans excited with nonstop action, swings of momentum and huge upsets. Proceeds from the event benefitted the Firefighters Cancer Foundation, Project 999, which provides financial assistance to the families of officers killed in the line of duty. The Santa Ana Unidos Boxing Club, Perris Valley Thai Boxing and Cops4Kids & Communities.

The first fight of the night featured – Eddie “El Matador” Duran-Orange County SD vs. Jerrod “All Day” Jones-USMC (165lbs)

dsc_3229-800x685Getting this night’s event started, Jerrod “All Day” Jones, USMC ran out of the gate and bull rushed his opponent, Eddie “El Matador” Duran, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. Wasting no time, Jones aggressively attacked Duran’s body. He would change stances and levels, and repeatedly caught Duran on the head. He kept stunning Duran, forcing the referee to call three standing 8-counts for Duran by mid-2nd round. “All Day” looked to make it a short day as he pressed on and pounded on the “Matador”, who was up against the ropes early on.

Just when everyone thought that this fight was over and would be called off in Jones’ favor, the ref let it go on as Duran courageously chose to continue. With his faculties back intact, Duran fought on. He came back, popped out his jab, and caught Jones with a nice right hand and left hook. Jones tried to tie Duran up, but ended up falling to a knee in the process. Jones would then get back up to beat the ref’s count. The crowd then erupted. A great fight had broken out! Duran was now coming after Jones. He was turning the tide with a sustained barrage of punches upstairs and downstairs. His conditioning was excellent and his heart was tremendous. When Jones would not answer back to Duran’s attack, he was given a standing 8-count of his own. In the closing seconds of the fight, both fighters stepped on the gas pedal; both giving and taking punches. But Duran seemed to have the heavier foot and the most in the tank. In what was both of their ring debuts, these fighters would start off this card with an early Fight of The Night candidate. What a great back-and-forth battle! In a close Decision Win, Duran would get the victory.

The first title fight of the night featured Brent Bugarin-Santa Clara SD vs. Dustin Rodriguez-Santa Monica FD, for Rodriguez UCA Jr Middleweight (154lbs) Title.

Moving up in weight from 140 to 154, Brent Bdsc_3481-800x534ugarin was now set to face the current UCA Jr Middleweight champion, Dustin “Dusty” Rodriguez. Both fighters agreed on having Dusty fill in for this fight on short notice after Bugarin’s opponent fell out of their scheduled Eliminator fight at 140lbs. As all fighters know, moving up and/or down in weight is something not to be taken lightly. It can really affect a fighter’s strength, speed, & stamina. And it can also impact a fighter’s power and their ability to be able to take another fighter’s power. The biggest question going into this fight was, how would going up in weight affect Bugarin while fighting against a naturally bigger man in Rodriguez? Well, the public safety amateur boxing circuit got its answer on this night.

Coming in well beneath the limit of 154lbs, Bugarin was very nimble and light on his feet. He was able to quickly get in and get out of the range of the bigger, slower Rodriguez. Not only was he fleet of foot, but Bugarin also flashed some really great hand speed. He landed quick, crisp punch combinations that seemed to surprise and frustrate Rodriguez. But Rodriguez would also have his moments in the fight. At times he used his advantage in height, reach, & power to keep Bugarin at bay. He used a long, stiff jab to set up powerful left hooks and right hands. And at times, he was able to catch and counter the speedy Bugarin with right hands while flashing a Philly Shell defense. The skill displayed by both fighters was very apparent. But as the old axiom in sports suggests, Speed Kills. Bugarin was quicker to the punch and kept catching Rodriguez with rights to the body and overhand lefts. He also used quick lateral and circular movements to get out of danger while simultaneously placing himself in a better position to punch from. Bugarin, or Bug as he’s known by his team, also fought well while fighting short. He was able to use his height disadvantage to his advantage, and ducked and rolled out of the way of Dusty’s punches with ease while staying low.

Sensing he was down on the scorecards in the final stanza, Rodriguez was looking to land that one power shot that would more than even things up. He threw a range-finding jab in hopes of timing Bugarin on his way in. He waited and waited for the perfect opportunity to land that hook or uppercut that would be the equalizer, but he never did. And whatever shots Dusty did land, Bug took them well. Bugarin was able to slip in & out and kept peppering Rodriguez with 1-2, 2-3, & 3-2 combos to close out the fight. When the Decision was read, there was a New UCA Jr Middleweight champion, and first-time UCA 2-Division champion, Brent Bugarin.

dsc_3716-800x666The 2nd title fight of the night featured an all action shootout between David Bermudez-East Bay Regional Parks PD vs. UCA #3 Mike Delery-LAPD, for the UCA Welterweight Title (147lbs)

There was no feel-out period when the opening bell sounded for this fight. Making his return to the ring after a three year layoff, David Bermudez seemed anxious and eager to get the fight going. He went right after Mike Delery and caught him with an overhand right to the temple that backed him up to the corner. He quickly followed that up with a blistering combination that would drop Delery to his knees within the first five seconds of the fight. But Delery got back up right away. How Delery survived that was anyone’s guess. After an 8-count by the referee, and with his legs back up under him, Delery showed a lot of heart and now went after Bermudez. Delery would then connect with a powerful right hand that seemed to stop Bermudez’ momentum. After setting up another strong, straight right hand with the jab, Delery caught Bermudez flush to the head and made his legs buckle. He closed in on Bermudez, who had this back up against the ropes, forcing the ref to step in and give Bermudez a standing 8-count of his own. The fight was now even. Both fighters continued to give and take punches. They would go tit for tat for the rest of the match. During one exchange in the final round, an off-balance Bermudez fell going backwards. Bermudez got up quickly, and claimed to the ref that he had tripped on his own foot. But the referee ruled it a knockdown and gave Bermudez another count of 8. Bermudez just shook it off and went back to work. With a shorter reach, Bermudez would find more success by getting up close. Putting pressure on Delery, Bermudez landed hooks to the body and head on the inside. Delery would take some steps back, find his distance, and land strong 1-2’s from the outside. Delery would also spin out of danger and catch Bermudez on his way in. And at times, Delery would have to push Bermudez back off of him just to find room to breathe. What a war this fight was! Non-stop action from start to finish! Too close and very difficult to call. But when judges finally rendered a decision, there was a New UCA Welterweight champion, Mike Delery-LAPD. This match and both of its participants were also awarded with the Fight of The Night.

dsc_4005-800x595The fight we have all been waiting for was finally here. The reigning and defending UCA Champion, Brian Stevens-LASD vs. #1 Ranked, Guillermo Garcia-LAPD, UCA Cruiserweight Title (190lbs)

This fight had been in the making for the past couple of years now. Both fighters were familiar and were both well aware of each other’s skills. Their paths had finally lead them to this this same stage, on this same night, at this same time. When the 1st bell sounded, they would finally greet one another with a touch of the gloves. The champ, Brian Stevens would go right to work, landing hooks and uppercuts upstairs and downstairs on the challenger, Guillermo Garcia whenever he was in range. Garcia would find himself on the ropes early on but he managed to fight Stevens off. He fought back from a southpaw stance, using a right jab and power left hand. With a height and reach advantage, Stevens would find and use his distance to catch Garcia at the end of his punches. Stevens would step back just far enough in order to avoid Garcia’s attack of 1-2’s, and was able counter him with 1-2’s of his own. Garcia would have some success getting past Stevens’ reach, landing some jabs, straight lefts, and right hooks. He would keep stalking Stevens. But the champ would also use sneaky left hooks to the challenger’s head and rapid right uppercuts to his body to slow down his advances. Stevens would keep stepping back and countering, and would out-box the very game Guillermo Garcia on his way to a win. When the fight ended, both fighters respectfully embraced one another.  They both showed class in victory and as well in defeat. The decision was then read, and Still UCA Cruiserweight champion, Brain Stevens-LASD.

dsc_4245-792x800Next up were 2 fighters making their UCA debut Christian “Bam Bam” Pharo-San Diego FD vs. Travon “Da Wolfman” McMillan-AMR Redlands (154lbs)

There was a bit of a feel-out period at the start of this fight. Travon McMillan was clearly the taller, lankier man. He was a left handed fighter who would utilize a long right jab and left hand to keep the more compact Christian Pharo at a comfortable distance. But it wouldn’t take long for Pharo to figure out a way to close that distance. Pharo used circular movements to approach and advance in on McMillan. He also used good up and down head movement and ducked under the taller man’s punches. Pharo was now close enough to be able to deliver hard left hooks on the inside. McMillan then had to employ fast footwork to step back and spin out of trouble. Pharo would again go back to using his head movement and his jab in order find his range. And found it, he did! He caught up to McMillan and banged away at his his body and head. Once inside, Pharo threw haymakers from both sides with abandon. He lived up to his fight name of “Bam Bam”. One of those bombs would hit their mark, and would solicit an 8-count from the ref in the 3rd. But McMillan bravely fought on and continued. He took everything Pharo had unloaded on him until the final bell. The winner by Decision, Christian Pharo.

dsc_4447-800x689The Co Main Event featured the UCA Champion Travon “T-Bomb” Taylor-Orange County SD vs. Jose Paxel-ASG Security, UCA Light Heavyweight Title Fight

After circling one another for a few seconds, each fighter would use their jabs to introduce themselves to each other. Travon Taylor was clearly the faster, more athletic fighter. He used a quick jab to set up blistering punch combinations that would land on his approaching opponent. Travon’s feet were quick too. He was fast getting in Paxel’s range and fast getting out of it. But Paxel was then able to time Taylor. He would catch him with hard right hands and left hooks on his way in and out. He wasn’t as fleet of foot as Taylor was, but he was highly skilled and experienced. This kid knew how to fight! And he came to this venue tonight to do just that. Paxel surprised Taylor, and quite frankly he surprised most of the spectators in the ballroom. Paxel stalked Taylor and used good head movement to slip by his punches. Paxel would continue to connect. At one point Taylor got really annoyed. He decided to stop boxing and began to brawl with the oncoming Paxel. It didn’t work as well as Taylor expected it to. He kept getting caught. The champ then decided to switch it back up. He went back to the original game plan that brought him more success. He distanced himself from Paxel’s reach, went back to that quick jab of his, and countered Paxel with power rights to the body when he was in range. Taylor’s punches still had a lot of steam on them. He then caught Paxel up top, stunning him, and forcing the ref to step in to give Paxel a standing 8-count. Oh wow, what a great fight! Most of the people were now on their feet! Paxel’s nose was real bloody, but the kid shook it off and chose to keep fighting. The challenger continued to move forward but he was now slower than before. But the champ still had his quickness about him. Taylor would keep boxing intelligently from the outside, and would stay out of Paxel’s dangerous reach for the rest of the match. This was a real close contest. One that had both skill and will on display. The outcome of this fight would take longer to be announced than the others. But when it finally was, it had come down to a super close split-decision. And Still UCA Light Heavyweight Champion, Travon “T-Bomb” Taylor.

The last title fight of the night featured the UCA Champion Hector Mendoza-LAPD vs. UCA #3 Ranked Travis Clark-Stockton PD, UCA Middleweight Title Fight (160lbs)

As soon as the opening bell rang, Travis Clark went right after the champion, Hector Mendoza. Clark was clearly the taller man with the longer reach. He would use that reach to get to Mendoza early on with a long left jab and straight right dsc_4669-800x671hand. Clark also had very fast feet. He circled around Mendoza and hit him with shots from long range. Then Clark quickly made his way in to deliver shots from close range. It took a while for Mendoza to adjust to Clark’s height and speed. But when he did, he was able to time Clark with sneaky right hooks from a southpaw stance. Mendoza was patient and waited for the right time to fire his power shots at the moving target in front of him. And he would catch Clark with a few more right hooks when he was in his range. Clark was not easy to hit though. Clark would use his height well and continued to circle and dance around the ring, plotting on just how and when to strike his opponent. Then Clark struck. He hit the champion with fast up and down combinations from inside then outside. At times it seemed as if Mendoza could not find the right timing to pull on the trigger and shoot off his punches.

Going into the final round, you could sense the urgency in the corner of Team Mendoza. And the champion came out guns blazing. He switched up from southpaw to an orthodox stance, and seemed to have more success with it. Mendoza was now the one landing combinations upstairs and downstairs on his opponent. With a champion’s heart Mendoza fought back hard to keep his title. Clark would do his best to avoid the gunfire coming at him by using head movement and height, and he was able to roll away from a few punches. But most of the shots that Mendoza threw hit their mark. Then the challenger got back to his offense and went back towards the champion. Both fighters then went at full tilt until the last bell sounded. They wowed everyone with there warrior spirits. When the judges had rendered their decision, there was a New UCA Middleweight Champion, Travis Clark-Stockton PD.

To see full results visit the results page.

vasquez-531x800Article written by 2X Fight of the Night winner, former UCA #1 ranked Super Middleweight and UCA Super Middleweight title challenger Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD.

Oct 2016 01

Fight Day!

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Fight day is finally upon us which can mean only one thing, “Lets Get Ready to Rumble!” The fighters have put themselves through an intense training regime and are ready to shine and put on a good show. Fight fans this is your last chance to purchase tickets and be a part of a huge night of action. Tickets will be available at the door starting at 5pm. Don’t miss the SoCal Battle of the Badges tonight at Pacific Palms Resort & Hotel, 1 Industry Hills Parkway, City of Industry (Los Angeles) doors open at 5pm first fight at 6pm.

Sep 2016 30

dsc_3034-800x532The much hyped and highly anticipated Battle of the Badges is here. The fighters showed up to the weigh in tonight focused and in tip top shape. Each fighter hit their mark on the scale to make their bouts official. It’s fight time ladies and gentlemen! Don’t miss this event! Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the door. General admission $30 Ringside $50. Doors open at 5pm first fight at 6pm.

Sep 2016 30

bugarin-vs-rodriguezBreaking News!!!!! Just when you thought the SoCal Battle of the Badges couldn’t get any better two of the baddest UCA Champions decide to fight each other. Added to the already stacked card will be the undefeated UCA Welterweight Champion Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara Sheriffs Department challenging the reigning and defending UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Department for Rodriguez Jr Middleweight title. If you are asking yourself, “Is this fight really going to happen?” The answer is yes! This fight is going down tomorrow night. Do what you have to do to get here. Hop on a plane, bus, train, bike or boat. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. The SoCal Battle of the Badges is taking place at the Pacific Palms Resort & Hotel, 1 Industry Hills Parkway, City of Industry. (Los Angeles). Doors open at 5pm first fight at 6pm. Tickets are still available! General Admission start at $30 and Ringside are. $50.

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