Nov 2015 24

FullSizeRender (2)Deputy Gerardo A. Pachuca
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
Nickname: Kid Maravilla
Fighting weight: 180
Age: 50

Nov 2015 22

FullSizeRender(6)Canelo Alvarez pounded his way to a decision victory over Miguel Cotto in a hard-fought battle Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to win the WBC middleweight title Alvarez landed 155 of 484 punches thrown (32 percent), and Cotto landed 129 of 629 thrown (21 percent). By defeating Cotto and capturing the WBC belt, Alvarez must face interim titleholder Gennady Golovkin in his next fight. “I’m not afraid of any fighter. GGG is a great fighter, and he is my friend,” Alvarez said. “I have respect for him, but if we do fight, it’s going to be at my [natural] weight class [of 155 pounds]. I’m the champion. I don’t have to do what he wants. With all due respect, if he wants to fight right now, I’ll put the gloves on and fight him.”

Nov 2015 21

IMG_9649Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez are set for their middleweight championship showdown tonight at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas which will air on HBO pay-per-view at 6pm.

Miguel Cotto (40-4, 33 KO) 34, 153.5lbs, 5’7

Saul Alvarez (45-1-1, 32 KO) 25, 155lbs, 5’9.

12- round Middleweight Championship

Ronny Rios (24-1, 10 KO) vs  Jayson Velez (23-0-1, 16 KO) 10-round featherweights.
Guillermo Rigondeaux (15-0, 10 KO) vs Drian Francisco (28-3-1, 22 KO) 10-round super bantamweights.
Takashi Miura (29-2-2, 22 KO) vs Francisco Vargas (22-0-1, 16 KO) 12-round super featherweights.

Nov 2015 20

The highly anticipated rematch between UCA 2nd ranked Josh Webb, Calif Highway Patrol and Hernan Coronel, Caballero’s Gym has been canceled. Webb and Coronel were set to meet Saturday November 21, 2015 in the main event on Caballero’s USA boxing card in Sacramento.

Nov 2015 18

DSC_1139On Saturday November 21, 2015 Josh Webb, CHP looks to avenge his only loss against Hernan Coronel, Caballero’s Gym. Webb was defeated by Coronel June 13, 2015 via 3rd TKO. After suffering his first defeat Webb bounced back with a big win over previously undefeated Jeremy Parker, CDCR in a Fight of the Night performance. Despite losing his unbeaten record, Webb still remains a high-profile name as the UCA 2nd ranked Super Cruiserweight in California. Webb is hungry and determined to prove he has what it takes to win. Will it be repeat or revenge? Find out Saturday November 21, 2015 at Caballero’s USA Boxing Event 35 Quinta Ct, Sacramento. Fights start at 1pm Tickets $20.00.

Nov 2015 14


Bout 1 (154lbs) Nestor Escobar, LAPD Hollywood Division vs Marc Maroquin, LASD Transportation Services. Maroquin winner by decision

Bout 2 (215lbs) Jose Solorzano, LAPD Newton Division vs Andrew Hernandez, LASD East LA Station. Hernandez winner by decision.

Bout 3 (205lbs) Steve Johnson, LAPD Office of Operations vs Ryan Parker, LASD Forensic ID Specialist. Parker winner 1st rd TKO.

Bout 4 (160lbs) Quincy Mirage, LAPD Communications Division vs Che Parker, LASD Inmate Services Bureau. Mirage winner by decision.

Bout 5 (185lbs) Mike Delrey, LAPD Hollywood Division vs Remin Pineda, LASD East LA Station. Pineda winner by decision.

Nov 2015 07

FullSizeRender(15)The UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Lewis improved to 7-0 Friday night. Lewis made quick work of previously unbeaten Johnny Dixon securing an arm-bar submission in the first round. Lewis continues to steamroll over the competition, staying busy gaining as much experience as he can before turning pro next year.

Nov 2015 05

FullSizeRender(14)The UCA undefeated Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriffs Dept will be featured in Friday night’s 559 Fights amateur mma main event. Lewis and his opponent Johnny Dixon, hit the scales this evening to make their bout official. The fight takes place Friday November 6, 2015 at the Wyndham Hotel in Visalia, CA. Doors open at 6pm first fight at 7pm.

Nov 2015 04

Travon-Taylor-2One on One with the UCA Light Heavyweight Champion Travon Taylor – Orange County Sheriff’s Department

It has been said once you become a champion you become a better fighter. Do you feel you are a better fighter physically or mentally now that you are a champion?

I definitely feel that I’m better mentally. I’m becoming a smarter fighter. I enjoy the mental aspect of boxing. I like the idea of outsmarting my opponent and controlling the fight from start to finish. My objective every time is to be the ring general. I want to be the puzzle that no one can solve. Cali King

Do you feel that you have to workout & train even harder now that you are the champion and everyone is gunning for you?

Yes I do but not necessarily because I have others gunning for me, but because I want to put on the best performance possible every time I step into the ring. I don’t train to win, I train to dominate.

If you could call anyone out to test your skills against who would it be?

Brian Stevens. The UCA Cruiserweight champion. I’d love the opportunity to rematch with him. He is a great fighter and champion and has been for a while.

In all of the divisions is there anyone you would not want to fight due to their style, power, height, or speed.

There is no one I’d duck or dodge. I’d take on anyone who feels they can take on the champ. That’s the true definition of a champion.

When will you be back in the ring?

Looking at early to mid 2016.

Nov 2015 01


Too often in boxing, fights that the fans want to see get left unmade due to politics, money, or promoters. Over the past six years the UCA has made giant strides giving the fans and the fighters the matchups they want. As the 2016 boxing season approaches there appears to be an increasing possibility of some UCA dream fights coming to fruition. Here are a list of the ten biggest fights of 2016.

1. Brian Stevens, LASD vs Guillermo Garcia, LAPD. UCA Cruiserweight Championship

2. Shant Sheklanian, Madera Police Dept vs Larry Cervantes, LASD. UCA Jr Welterweight Championship

3. Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept vs Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. UCA Jr Middleweight Championship

4. Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriff’s Dept vs Justin Robinson, Combat Center Fire Dept. UCA Super Heavyweight Championship

5. Alan Rojas, LASD vs Josh Webb, CHP. UCA Super Cruiserweight Championship

6. Mike Frazier, LASD vs Ryan Hotchkiss, Barstow Police Dept. UCA Heavyweight Championship

7. Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Dennis Burgos, NYPD. UCA Middleweight Championship

8. DJ Vargas, Hanford Police Dept vs Hector Mendoza, LAPD. UCA Super Middleweight Championship

9. Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept vs Mike Hernandez, LASD. UCA Light Heavyweight Championship

10. Ray Encinas, LAPD vs David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks Police Dept. UCA Welterweight Championship

Oct 2015 21

Frazier-ClearOne on One with the UCA Heavyweight Champion Mike Frazier – Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

It has been said once you become a champion you become a better fighter. Do you feel you are a better fighter physically or mentally now that you are a champion?

Despite not training and fighting for some time now, I still feel I am much better fighter. For several years, I trained with some of the best fighters in law enforcement and have one of the best coaches (Retired Sgt. Mike Young)

Do you feel that you have to workout & train even harder now that you are the champion and everyone is gunning for you?FFL2011 (4)

This is a tough question. As it pertains to training, aside from spending time with my family and my demanding work schedule, I never had the opportunity to train as hard as I would like to. I usually train just enough to get the job done.

If you could call anyone out to test your skills against who would it be?

I would not call any fighters out, but if someone wanted a shot at beating the champ, it would be too hard to turn a fight down. Especially, if the fighter is an up and coming future or former UCA champ or on my department (LASD).

When will you be back in the ring?

That is only a question I could answer after I start training. Right now I am a bit rusty.

Oct 2015 19

There are many different trails and many different paths you can take to get to the top of a mountain. The sport of mixed martial arts is my mountain and I know I will climb this mountain. Every fighter has the same goal of reaching the gold up at the top. But I feel like I go about it different than most. Most fighters these days want to get to the big show by fighting bums and padding their record so that they look good on paper. Most fighters zig zag their way all the way up the mountain avoiding all other TOP LEVEL CONTENDERS. They wanna fight “tomato cans.” Everyone wants to be a champion but they want to win a belt by fighting nobodies and take the “safe route.” What’s the point of being a champion if you really haven’t fought the BEST? If you believe in your own greatness then screw everything else, screw zigzagging, screw taking the easy route. I don’t fear other fighters cause I truly BELIEVE that when I step into the cage I’m GOING TO WIN. If you have to zig zag then you know in your heart that you’re not the best. My mind is my strongest weapon and I have never doubted myself when it comes to fighting so I say screw it, I’m climbing this bitch and I’m gonna throw every contender off the mountain on my way up. – Kyle Stewart

Oct 2015 17

brent bugarin new (293) (636x800)One on One with the UCA Welterweight Champion Brent Bugarin – Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department

It has been said once you become a champion you become a better fighter. Do you feel you are a better fighter physically or mentally now that you are a champion?

I believe that when you become a champion you do become a better fighter. In order to become a champion, not only do you have to learn more about the sport itself, but also more about who you are as an athlete– mentally, physical, spiritually. The lessons you learn and the sacrifices you have to endure throughout your road in becoming a champion is far greater than any other journey.

During this road in becoming a champion is where you are continuously learning. This process is what molds you as a fighter because you constantly build your repertoire. You fine tune your strengths, you learn new skills, you change your bad habits, and you improve your weaknesses. It is not always about the prize you get at the end of the road, but the experiences you learn throughout your journey to finally get there.

Do you feel that you have to workout & train even harder now that you are the champion and everyone is gunning for you?

Regardless of what anyone says, YES, you do have to work out and train harder now that you are a champion. Remember who you were BEFORE you became a champion? No one knew you or cared about you.  All you wanted to do was become that next champion, the guy on the poster, the guy who gets to fight the main event. So in order to be that guy, what did you have to do? Remember how that felt? Remember how hard you worked? How great did it feel to be named a champion?

For those champions, now you know how it feels to be a champion, but don’t forget all those other guys you DON’T know about or care about. Those guys are the ones that want to be the next champion, who want to be on the poster, who want to fight the main event– don’t forget that you used to be in their shoes; you were that guy. Just remember and understand that they are going through the same thing you put yourself through during your journey. The pressure is on the champion now not to lose because everyone wants to see the underdog succeed.

If you could call anyone out to test your skills against who would it be? Pro, UCA fighter or UCA champion

In the pros….. Mayweather. Not to test my skills, but to get PAID.

In the UCA, I would like to try out the 140 pound division. I felt more powerful and a lot faster as I began to lose weight during some previous training camps. I think the 140 pound division would be fun and interesting. I fought most of my previous fights between 143-145 pounds anyway, so losing a few more LBs wouldn’t hurt.

In all of thSAC BOTB 10 06 2012 4e divisions is there anyone you would not want to fight due to their style, power, height, speed, etc?

Master’s Division: UCA Hall of Famer Tom Gaffney. His smile is intimidating and infectious.

The former UCA Light Heavyweight: Matthew Wurdinger, Santa Clara Police Dept. He and I went to the same academy during the same time. During the academy, we had a use of force training day and boxing was implemented in it. The training officers put me up with him knowing how much amateur level boxing skills he already had and at the time, I had none. It was one minute on offense, one minute on defense, and one minute freestyle. Let’s just say, I learned a lot about boxing from Matthew during that experience.

When will you be back in the ring?

To be conitnued……………

Oct 2015 15

lewisThe UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Lewis, Fresno Sheriffs Dept competed in his 2nd mma fight Sunday October 11, 2015 at the Fresno Fair. Lewis squared off with Kenosha Saunders from Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai. Lewis made quick work of Saunders forcing him to tap at 1:30 of the first round due to an arm-bar. Lewis brings his record to 6-0, Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai.

Oct 2015 13

imageOne on One with the UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Shant Sheklanian – Madera Police Department

It has been said once you become a champion you become a better fighter. Do you feel you are a better fighter physically or mentally now that you are a champion?

I believe in my abilities with or without a belt. There is certainly something to be said about the confidence having a title brings to a fighter. I try not to dwell on that however. I only focus on the fight and what needs to be done to win.

Do you feel that you have to workout & train even harder now that you are the champion and everyone is gunning for you?.

No. I don’t have to train any differently. I train extremely hard and always put in 100% in training camp. I do what is necessary. I don’t take short cuts and I take this sport very seriously. Anyone that doesn’t is a fool. You don’t play boxing. I am a confident person and a confident champion. This confidence is not derived from the belt around my waist but by the blood and sweat I leave in the ring during training camp. I train oFullSizeRender(12)ut of the Thrive training center in Fresno with renowned trainers Bryan Williams and Trinidad Valdez. I am very fortunate to have these men in my corner. Being in this gym I have access to top undefeated professional boxers who I look to for guidance in our chosen sport. I am also very thankful to Robert Minerva for all the help he gives me in preparing me for my fights and inspiring me to be my best. Without these men, I would not be the champion of my division. All three have taken me to the top and I know they are willing to make me do whatever is necessary to stay on top.

 If you could call anyone out to test your skills against who would it be?

The person I want to fight in my next fight is the UCA # 1 ranked junior welterweight, Larry Cervantes, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept.

When will you be back in the ring?

God willing Larry and I can meet in the ring at the Central California Battle of the Badges in April 2016.

Oct 2015 11

Gladiator-UCABrent Farris – Butte County Probation

UCA Gladiator Award Winner – Battle of the Badges
April 11, 2015 Hanford, CA

One who is greatly admired for bravery and courage.  A fighter that projects strength resolve, and humility. One who is tested and proven they are a true modern day gladiator.


Oct 2015 08

Chris Lewis-clear copyOne on One with the UCA Super Heavyweight Champion Chris Lewis – Fresno Sheriff’s Department

It has been said once you become a champion you become a better fighter. Do you feel you are a better fighter physically or mentally now that you are a champion?

I do not believe that being a champion has anything to do with me becoming a better fighter. A belt is just an award that shows as a fighter you have accomplished something in the PAST. The minute my last championship fight was over it was old news because someone else is coming for it and I have to be ready for the next challenge. It is what you do to earn that belt and what you do after you have attained it that proves your metal as a competitor. I will say this though since I have become a champion I take my fights more personal. I put myself in a mindset that my opponent is trying to steal my wallet, I am offended and disgusted that someone would dare to try and strip me of it. It is my belt until I decide to relinquish it. If anything, I would say being a champion gives me more motivation. My trainers Pat Roberts, Jasper Tayaba, and Apolonio “T” Fernandez get all the credit for making me a better fighter physically and mentally. We have a road map of where we as a team are going, I absorb the lessons taught to me by my coaches so I can execute our plan. My trainers have put a lot of time and effort into molding me as a fighter. My coaches have a plethora of expertise when it comes to martial arts I just shut up and listen. Thus far everything they have coached me on has worked considering I have a 5-0 combined record in MMA, Muay Thai, and, Boxing. I feel it is disrespectful to my coaches for me to be lazy and not work hard when I step in the gym. The last thing I want to do is disappoint my coaches with bad performances or them having to pick me up off of the ground because I didn’t follow instructions. Pat makes it very clear that when we show up somewhere we have fun but above all we are there to Win!

Do you feel that you have to workout & train even harder now that you are the champion and everyone is gunning for you?

My parents James and Karen Lewis instilled work ethic in me. They made sure I knew that I had to work for everything I wanted and nothing good comes easy. I train 7 days a week. I usually hit the weights 3 days a week with my Girlfriend, “Swolemate”, and Chef Paula Gonzales. She pushes me in the gym and makes sure I am eating right year round to fuel me for my work schedule, workouts, and fights. My brother Donavon Lewis also hits the weights with me sometimes but he motivates me to work hard because if I lose he is going to let me know about it! I think the biggest reason I work hard is because   I’m not training for the guys gunning for me. I am training for the guys that I am gunning for. I have high aspirations for what I want to accomplish in the ring and cage. I do want to fight professionally and in those levels there are some real killers, I am training to face those guys and see if I can hold my own against them. Luckily for me I am not even the best fighter in my gym which is Buhawe Fighting Alliance. Jasper has a cult following when it comes to training fighters. If he says it you do it! It is that simple. He has trained every high level guy at AKA San Jose and If you go there you will see a huge picture of him on the wall in the main training room. Jasper and Ming Vang push my stablemates and I hard in the gym. I get to spar with Nathan Roberts, Jermaine McDermott, Granson Clark, Brandon “Money” Cash, John “The Icon” Elias, Mike “ El Palo Duro” Moreno, Lavar “Big” Johnson, Andrew Nguyen, Gerardo Serrano, Jesse “The Outlaw” James, Steven Bolinger, Thomas Dozier, Long Vang, Clifford Passmore, Murphy Sean, Marc Julian, Sandy Serrano, Alyssa why, Melisa Reyna, Natasha Galarza, Day Day Davis, and Jane Banks on a weekly basis. Not to mention I go to Thrive Training Center and work with some very talented boxers and coaches there. I go to Dethrone base camp and get work in with those guys some time as well. I have even been to AKA San Jose and sparred with Cain Velasquez. I am blessed with the amount of knowledge passed on to me by my coaches. I am blessed with the quality of fighters I get to spar with in my gym.

If you could call anyone out to test your skills against who would it be?

The UCA fighters I have already “called out” and tried to set up fights with were Bryan Williams, Mike Carnell, and Mike Gomez.  I wanted to have a match with Bryan Williams because he is THE heavyweight boxer in the Central Valley. Every time the subject of the heavyweight boxing scene is brought up, the first thing out of people’s mouths is “Do you know Bryan Williams?” I feel like when heavyweights in California are brought up I should be included in the conversation. I felt Bryan needed to pass the torch and the only way to make that happen was to have a bout with him. That being said Bryan has also helped me prepare for previous fights and has got me good sparring partners, he is an excellent coach. Coach B has also made it very clear that he will help me any way he can so I definitely appreciate that. I honestly can’t say enough about the kind of guy he is. I just thought it would be fun to get in there and mix it up with the UCA Masters Heavyweight Champ. I love and respect Coach B.

I wanted to have a match with Mike Carnell because we went to the same high school. I am a bit younger than him and I am actually pretty close to his twin younger brothers. For a long time there has been an ongoing debate at our barbershop about who would win in a boxing match and neither one of us is going to say another man is better without actually fighting.  Mike can’t fight for the UCA belt because he is not law enforcement even though he has fought in a few public safety events. Instead of an actual fight I visited his gym and got some good sparring with him recently. We got good work in and we both learned from the session. Mike is a great boxer but his passion is actually coaching. He is currently learning the ins and outs of coaching by assisting Coach B with his fighters. Mike has offered to assist me with training and he will spar with me whenever I need to get some rounds in. That goes to show what kind of guy he is. I have known Mike for a long time and thought it would be fun for all the mutual people we know to watch us in match. I appreciate Mike’s help and the coaching points he has given me.

The only real “Caphoto(30)ll Out” I have on this list is Mike Gomez. I was supposed to fight Mike Gomez for the title last October. A week before the fight I was hearing things from very good sources that he was bragging about sparring Ten 3 minute rounds and he was ready to go. Then 3 days before the fight he backed out because he had high blood pressure (because he was scared). I’m 260 pounds my blood pressure is high sometimes too. Especially considering Mike and I are both Correctional Officers, high blood pressure is part of the job. If it was me in that situation I would have told the Dr. to let me relax for a few minutes and recheck my blood pressure especially if I was able to spar Ten 3 minute rounds a few days prior. I wound up fighting Zeke Johnston after he only had 48 hour notice. Zeke wasn’t training and he definitely was not in a fight camp like Mike Gomez and I were supposed to be. Zeke is a hell of a guy and a hell of a fighter I appreciate him stepping in and he came to fight. The reason Mike Gomez is getting called out is when I watched Zeke and I fight on Zeke’s YouTube channel ZEKEFTBLL at 6:45 Mike called me a name. The video is titled Round 3 Johnston vs. Lewis if anyone is interested. I want him to prove that what he said about me is true. Supposedly, he is a black belt in Tae Bo or something like that. If he ever decides to step in the ring or cage with me I am going to make that belt change colors real quick.

In all of the divisions is there anyone you would not want to fight due to their style, power, height, speed, etc?

Yeah I will not mess with Shant Sheklanian and DJ Vargas alone. Shant is too fast, very technical, and he’s mean. Shant has no qualms about trying to take your head off. DJ’s foot work is ridiculous and he makes guys look stupid. The first time I saw DJ fight I thought I was watching Manny Pacquiao or Yuriorkis Gamboa. As far as the bigger guys in the UCA like the light heavy or heavy weight champ they should come up and can unify all the belts. Id cut down a bit to 245 to make it happen, Even though it’s just boxing and we do wear head gear. The 130 pound guys at my gym spar me all the time as well as the female fighters. Just saying

When will you be back in the ring?

Since the Hanford Battle of the Badges in April I have been busy. I was supposed to fight in June but that opponent has the Mike Gomez syndrome (he no showed). I fought for the 559 Fights MMA promotion in July; I won via first round submission. I am currently entered to fight in the 559 fights/CAMO heavyweight state tournament.  The tournament is 3 rounds, if I win my fight I advance to the next event.  My first fight in the tournament will take place Oct 11th at the Fresno fair. The second fight will be Nov 6th at the Visalia Holiday Inn. The championship fight will be Dec 19th at the Fresno Tower Theater. After December my Coaches Jasper or T will set something up for me. I’ll fight in the Hanford Battle of the Badges in April where I will prove once again that I am the Baddest Law enforcement Officer in the Nation in the square circle! Then maybe a Pro Debut who knows?

Oct 2015 06

Fighters Wanted

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UCA Championship Boxing returns to the Hanford Civic Auditorium April 9, 2016 for the Central California Battle of the Badges 3. Fighters interested in competing sign up now.

Oct 2015 04

Brian Stevens (1)

One on One with the UCA Cruiserweight Champion Brian Stevens – Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

It has been said once you become a champion you become a better fighter. Do you feel you are a better fighter physically or mentally now that you are a champion?

Becoming a champion definitely gave me confidence, which I think is very important in boxing. It gave me the validation I needed that I could compete with anyone. There is so much doubt that goes through your head before a fight, it can cause guys to lose a fight in the locker room. I know that I am the champion, and whoever is standing across from me knows it too. There is a reason why I am a champion, because I put in the blood and sweat that it takes to win, because I have a world class trainer, and because I have champion sparring partners. It gives me the validation to keep pushing when I’m tired and hurt, because I know that it works. The belt is proof.

Do you feel that you have to workout & train even harder now that you are the champion and everyone is gunning for you?

Every fight for me is a championship fight. There are no easy fights. I fight the number one contender and they want to know what it feels like to hold the belt. I can not let them want it more than me. Imagining someone training harder than me keeps me up at night. It makes me push, and make sure every day I work harder than whoever that person is.

If you could call anyone out to test your skills against who would it be? 

Guillermo Garcia, LAPD He has been calling me out for a while now, he’s the number one contender, and he’s gonna get what he’s asking for. I think he has a style similar to mine, except he is a southpaw, so I think it will make for an exciting action packed fight. Anytime you have LASD vs. LAPD there is a rivalry, but I also fought his trainer John Negrete, LAPD which I’m sure adds a little extra motivation in his corner.

In all of the divisions is there anyone you would not want to fight due to their style, power, height, speed, etc?

That would have to be the super cruiserweight champ Alan Rojas. He is strong, fast, and has the best trainer.

When will you be back in the ring?

Hopefully soon, I am working on the details with my trainer now.

Oct 2015 02

GIRL-BANNER-BLACK-1_edited-In a male dominated sport female fighters can often be overlooked. Here are some of public safety’s finest that will not allow that to happen. These women have shown courage, determination, boxing skills and have gone toe to toe and proven themselves to be warriors. Female fighters only know one way to fight and that is give it 100% from start to finish. When women fight on the card you can guarantee they will be in the running for “Fight of the Night” honors. These women have raised the bar and broke new ground for boxing.

Sep 2015 25

The LA Battle of the Badges event scheduled for Friday October 2, 2015 at the Quiet Cannon, Montebello has been canceled. We are working diligently and quickly to reschedule the fighters affected by this unfortunate circumstance.

Sep 2015 22

David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks Police Department prepares for his upcoming UCA Welterweight Championship title fight against #1 ranked Ray Encinas, Los Angeles Police Department October 2, 2015 at the Quiet Cannon, Montebello California. Ticket are available online and at the door.  Video shot at Blood Bath Boxing Gym, Hayward, California,

Sep 2015 20



The highly anticipated main event features one of the best fighters in the game, Alan Rojas, LASD the undefeated UCA super cruiserweight champion. Rojas looks to continue his undefeated streak and defend his title for the first time. Standing in his way is the humble but hungry Sabu Trujillo, Noble Knight Protective Services who has upset on his mind. Ticket’s are on sale now. Doors open at 5pm first bell rings at 7pm. LA Battle of the Badges Friday, October 2, 2015 Quiet Cannon 901 N Via San Clemente Montebello.

Sep 2015 17



Devon Dejoie, NAVY vs Ancel Patricio, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. features a matchup between two fighters determined on getting into the win column. Both fighters are coming off tough losses and ready to rebound with an impressive win. Dejoie is preparing for battle at Palafox Boxing Gym, in Lemoore while Patricio is having a great camp at Champkom Boxing Gym, Santa Ana. Fans can expect an exciting fight when Dejoie and Patricio enter the ring. Tickets for the event are on sale and can be purchased online or at the door. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. with the first bout scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m

Sep 2015 15


Brandon Manning, LASD and Quincy Mirage, LAPD get another shot at UCA gold. Manning had an opportunity to claim the UCA Jr Middleweight title but lost a tough battle to the Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept. Mirage attempted to lift the UCA middleweight title from the Champion DJ Vargas, Avenal PD but would be on the losing end of a very close decision. The loss left both fighters with a bitter taste in their mouth. Mirage bounced back from the loss with a huge win over Ricky Seward, Big Bear City Fire Dept. Manning traveled to New York and would be on the losing end of a very competitive fight against Dennis Burgos one of the best fighters on the NYPD Boxing Team. Mirage and Manning have made major adjustments to their game and will enter the ring with confidence. The fact that both fighters have stayed active and made it back this far is an accomplishment in itself. On Friday night one of them will leave the ring with a sweeter taste and the middleweight strap around their waist. LA Battle of the Badges Friday October 2, 2015 Quiet Cannon, Montebello. Doors open at 5pm.

Sep 2015 12


Devon Dejoie, Ohene Danso and William Heard from the U.S Navy will represent the Central Valley in the LA Battle of the Badges October 2, 2015 at the Quiet Cannon, Montebello CA.
Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm.

Sep 2015 10

Bermudez-vs-Encinas_edited-On Friday October 2, 2015, #1 ranked Ray Encinas, LAPD will finally get his shot at the UCA Welterweight Title. Encinas will challenge the former #1 ranked, boxing national colligate runner up from UNLV David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD. Bermudez will be returning to the ring for the 1st time in over 2 years while Encinas hasn’t taken a day off, staying busy, taking on all challengers. Both fighters have advantages. Bermudez has the experience, skills and knowledge while Encinas is younger, stronger and has been more active.  Will the long lay off play into Encinas favor? Is Bermudez biting off more than he can chew in his first fight back? Will Bermudez experience advantage negate the long lay off?  One thing is for sure both fighters are primed and ready to prove they are the best welterweight in California.  Find out who walks away with the UCA Welterweight strap Friday October 2, 2015, LA Battle of the Badges. Quiet Cannon, Montebello CA.  Doors open at 5pm first fight at 7pm.

Sep 2015 07

If you had to pFight 4 Life Nov 22, 2013 (310)ick one trainer to lead a fighter to the top of the division and claim the UCA State Championship title all eyes would be on Armando “Mando’ Guzman. He has shown he can teach, train and develop a fighter into a champion and has the pedigree to prove it. His creditability as a trainer has grown  considerably with LASD’s Brian Stevens, and Alan Rojas rise to fame. Stevens won the UCA Cruiserweight State Championship title by defeating Jamaal Brathwaite, Orange County Sheriffs Dept. and following it up with a victory over the highly talented #1 ranked Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriffs Dept. Guzman lead Alan Rojas, to the Super Cruiserweight title fight where he defeated Enrique Frias, San Deigo Probation to become the undefeated Super Cruiserweight Champion.  Guzman will now try for his 3rd  Champion as he prepares #1 ranked Ray Encinas, LAPD for his UCA Welterweight State title fight against David Bermudez, East Bay Reg Parks Police Dept. LA Battle of the Badges October  2, 2015 at the Quiet Cannon, Montebello CA. Doors open at 5pm first bell rings at 7pm.

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DJ 10264278_270127056501846_2640528408404561526_nVargas, Avenal PD vacates UCA Middleweight title to test his skills at Jr Middleweight and Super Middleweight. Vargas made his mark and validated himself as the best middleweight in California two years ago. He defeated the highly favored #1 ranked Ricky Seward, Big Bear City FD to win the Middleweight Title and defended it against another #1 ranked opponent in Quincy Mirage, LAPD. Will Vargas be the first champion to win a title in a different weight class?

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Jose Corral, LASD and Walter Lavarro, Long Beach PD are looking to be in boxing discussions of who is the top Jr Welterweight. Corral is one of the division’s most promising contenders and will have his toughest challenge on Friday night. He will be staring across the ring at the former title challenger and 2X Police Olympic Gold Medalist Walter Lavarro, who seeks to prove he is still a force in the Jr Welterweight division. This is the front runner for UCA “Fight of the Night” honors. The LA Battle of the Badges goes down Friday October 2, 2015 at the Quiet Cannon, Montebello CA.

Sep 2015 01

BugarinIt’s official the UCA undefeated Welterweight Champion Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara Sheriffs Dept. is vacating his title and moving down to the Jr Welterweight division. Bugarin took public safety boxing by storm defeating everyone in his path and claiming the welterweight title in his 4th fight. Bugarin will test the waters at 140lbs possibly setting up the biggest Jr Welterweight fight in UCA history. Shant Sheklanian, Madera Police Dept. vs Brent Bugarin. Two undefeated champions at the top of their game. Fights like this don’t come around often. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Aug 2015 30

FullSizeRenderThe SoCal Battle of the Badges delivered another great night of Public Safety boxing action Saturday night at Agua Caliente Resort and Casino. The main attraction was the UCA Light Heavyweight Champion Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. defending his title against up and coming Jose Carrillo Fausto’s Bail Bonds. This fight would go the distance and Carrillo would have his moments but Taylor was technically superior in every aspect of the fight. He was nearly untouchable. Taylor is dedicated to his craft and it shows with each performance. Can anyone stop him? With the win Taylor becomes the reigning and defending UCA Light Heavyweight State Champion.

Aug 2015 27

LA_battle_posterBrace yourself fight fans for the most talent stacked cards of the year. On Friday October 2, 2015 UCA Public Safety Championship Boxing returns to the Quiet Cannon for the Battle of the Badges. Don’t miss this event as the best fighters in the state lay it all on the line for charity. Doors open at 5 first bell rings at 7pm. General admission $30, ringside $50. Fighters interested in competing in the event sign up at

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Written by UCA Jr Welterweight Champion Shant Sheklanian

uca belts-6191Everyone with the fortitude to lace up gloves and enter the ring to compete has within themselves the potential to become a champion. The difference between those that achieve their goals and those that fall short is the willingness to expose oneself to an extreme amount of demands, usually in the form of punishment in the gym. This is where the fight is won. The physical, emotional and mental groundwork for success is a time tested formula in which shortcuts have no place. Being determined and accountable to yourself and your team are the prerequisites to taking that walk to the ring with a head held high and a chest full of confidence. When you step through those ropes, you know in your heart if you did what is necessary to put out, to give the best of yourself, to leave it all in the ring. Champions are not made by accident. Champions don’t just show up on fight night. Champions are fight night. Not everyone has what it takes to be a UCA champion. Do you?

Aug 2015 23

Taylor-vs-CarrilloOn Saturday August 29, 2015 Travon Taylor, Orange County SD will make the first defense of his UCA Light Heavyweight title.  Taylor will face Jose Carrillo, Fausto’s Bail Bonds who looks to pull off the upset of the year and become the new UCA State Champ. Carrillo is an unknown fighter making his Battle of the Badges debut but is familiar with the squared circle. He is an open fighter with a lot of experience however Carrillo has a tough task in front of him.  Taylor’s improving skill set has catapulted him to the top of the Light Heavyweight division and is recognized as the best fighter in CA.  The fireworks these guys are going to produce are going to make for an explosive main event. It all goes down Saturday August 29, 2015 Agua Caliente Resort and Casino. Doors open at 4pm first fight at 5pm.

Aug 2015 21

Grudge Match

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Koones-vs-Banks_edited-1Michael Banks, CDCR, Susanville and Charles Koons, CDCR, CVSP will make their ring debuts Saturday August 29, 2015 at the SoCal Battle of the Badges. Banks and Koons have been calling each other out and will finally clash and settle the score once and for all. SoCal Battle of the Badges takes place Saturday August 29, 2015 at the Agua Caliente Resort and Casino. Doors open at 4pm first fight at 5pm.

Aug 2015 18


The SoCal Battle of the Badges is back August 29, 2015 ready to deliver another great night of Public Safety boxing action featuring an exciting line up. The main event features the “Cali King” Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriffs Dept. putting his UCA Light Heavyweight State title on the line against Jose Carrillo, Fausto’s Bail Bonds. The undercard is full of high caliber action filled fights. Most notably the much anticipated Grudge Match between Jason Koons, CDCR, CVSP vs Michael Banks, CDCR, CCC. Don’t miss this great night of boxing Saturday August 29, 2015 at Agua Caliente Resort and Casino. Doors open at 4, first fight at 5, tickets start at18 $20.00.

Aug 2015 16

DSC_8399The 11th annual Louisiana Battle of the Badges took place Saturday night at the Fant Ewing Coliseum University of Louisiana. Nearly six thousand fans packed into the coliseum to witness one of the best action packed cards of the year. The best fighters from California Texas, Kansas and Louisiana laid it all on the line for charity. Jorge Caamal, John Henderson and Chris Martinez represented California. First to enter the ring from CA was the former #1 ranked title challenger Jorge Caamal, LASD who squared off with a less experienced but very game opponent in Rodney Moore, West Monroe Fire Dept. Caamal would land some heavy leather throughout the fight but Moore kept coming, firing combinations of his own.  This fight was a battle of attrition with neither fighter backing down. In the end the judges would give the decision to the hometown fighter, DSC_8405Rodney Moore. Next up was 6th ranked John Henderson, Hanford PD taking on Austin Tull, Shreveport Fire Dept. this was another competitive fight between two warriors. Tull had a slight experience and height advantage. Tull would do a job of using his footwork and reach to keep Henderson at the end of his punches and to stay out of danger. Henderson would close the distance and land some hard shots but it wasn’t enough. After 3 hard fought rounds, Tull would pick up the win. The co main event featured the interim UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. vs UCA Golden Fists award winner Steven Lee, Sedgwick Sheriff’s Dept. As soon as the bell rang Martinez and Lee met in the center of the ring looking to engage. Lee gave up 9 pounds for the opportunity to
fight Martinez andDSC_8413 it proved to be a big disadvantage. Martinez was clearly the stronger fighter and Lee would learn early he packed a punch. Martinez hurt Lee in the first round and went in for the kill. Lee showcased his warrior spirit never giving up and answering back. This fight would go the distance and in the end it was the power shots that sealed the win for Martinez. With the win, Martinez retains his UCA Jr Middleweight title and picks up the Louisiana Battle of the Badges belt.

Aug 2015 14

FullSizeRenderThe Louisiana Battle of the Badges official weigh in took place at Hooters this evening and all three California fighters made the agreed upon weight. 6th ranked John Henderson, Hanford Police Dept. weighed in at a ready 174lbs, and will square off with Austin Tull, Shreveport Fire Dept. who also weighed 174lbs. Jorge Caamal, LASD tipped the scales at 188lbs his opponent Rodney Moore, West Monroe Fire Dept. came in at 184lbs.  The UCA Jr Middleweight Interim Champion, Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. and his opponent Steven Lee, Sedgwick Sheriffs Dept each hit their mark coming in under the 154lb limit. It’s  going down tomorrow night at the Fant Ewing Coliseum on the campus of University of Louisana Monroe.

Aug 2015 14

imageThree California fighters entered hostile territory as they got off the plane today in Louisiana.  John Henderson, Hanford PD , Chris Martinez, Fresno PD and Jorge Caamal, LASD will go to battle Saturday night in front of 6000 screaming Louisiana fans at the Battle of the Badges. The fighters are doing their best to get acclimated to the heat and humidity.  They had an opportunity to see where they are fighting and get into the ring and move around.  The fighters plan on getting in a light workout tonight and checking their weight before tomorrow night’s official weigh in. The California vs Louisiana Battle of the Badges is on! Saturday night at the Fant Ewing Coliseum on the campus of University of Louisiana Monroe.

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