The goal of the United Combat Association Hall of Fame is to recognize accomplished fighters and individuals whose continued commitment, involvement, and contribution to the sport has helped to bring Public Safety Boxing to new levels.  These UCA Hall of Famer’s contribution and dedication go well beyond the boxing ring; they continue to give back to the sport by coaching, promoting, and supporting Public Safety Boxing.  These people carry extraordinary traits, and their positive impact has helped to garner more credibility and prestige to the sport.

UCA Boxing Hall of Fame

Jeff Penn, Cops 4 Kids & Communities

Chad Jackman, Bakersfield Police Department

Will Deplitch, Hayward Police Department

Israel Montes, CDCR

Bryan Williams, Fresno Police Department

Candy Lopez, San Jose Police Department

Fred Kotto, San Jose Police Department

Bryon Woods, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Mike Young, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Al Fraijo, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Hank Nagamine, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Mando Guzman, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Rudy Barragan, Los Angeles Police Department

George Lopez, Los Angeles Police Department

John Negrete, Los Angeles Police Department

Frank Diaz, Los Angeles Police Department

Juan Bustamante, Los Angeles Police Department

Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara Police Department