Jun 2015 05

Bout 1     154lbs
Gilbert Valle – CDCR vs  Chris Pharo – San Diego Fire Dept
Pharo winner 2nd rd TKO.

Bout 2      165lbs
Alice Lopez – U.S. Probation and Parole vs Tawnia Rojas – LASD

Lopez winner 2nd rd TKO.

Bout 3      175lbs
Jake Ching – LA Co Fire Dept. vs Che Parker – LASD.
Ching winner by decision.


Bout 4       175lbs
Frederic Sabas – Sycuan Fire Dept. vs Brian Petrella – Pasadena PD.
Sabas winner 2nd rd TKO.


Walk over gold medal to Stephanie Sparks, LASD, 195lbs and under, open division

Walk over gold medal to Kendra Hendricks, LASD, 135lbs under, novice

Walk over gold medal to Enrique Frias, San Diego Probation, 205lbs under, open division