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We can close the book on 2017 and what a year it was. This is a very competitive time for Boxing and the UCA is committed to giving the fans the matchups they want to see. 2017 witnessed a rise of a new era.  Legends bid farewell and new champions taking their place. Join us as we relive some of boxing’s most memorable moments of the year.

UCA Promoter of the Year – Jeff Penn, SoCal Battle of the Badges
One who is respected and experienced in putting together the biggest fights with the biggest names. A production that can be compared to a professional boxing event. Events that are held in fan friendly venues and everyone is guaranteed a good time.

UCA EventFullSizeRender (2) of the Year – Central California Battle of the Badges, Hanford Civic Auditorium April 8, 2017

In just 4 years the Central California Battle of the Badges has hosted the biggest fights in the sport. On Saturday April 8, 2017 some of the biggest names competed in front of a SOLD OUT crowd. 5 UCA Championship title fights saw 3 new champions crowned along with an action packed undercard. Fund raising efforts benefitted the Fallen Officers Resource Fund which provides financial assistance to the families of officers hurt or killed in the line of duty. The Hanford Police Athletic League and the Hanford Police Dept. Explorers.

UCA Fighter of the Year – Deirdre Fonseca, Los Angeles Police Dept.
A fighter who directly impacts Public Safety boxing by the way he/she performs in the ring. A fighter who 2017-Fighter-of-the-Year---stood out from the rest and proved they are the best by challenging and defeating anyone who was put in front of them.

On April 8, 2017 Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD avenged her only loss to the former undefeated #1 ranked Laura Morales Madera Dept. of Corrections and captured the UCA Super Featherweight Title. On August 12, 2017 Fonseca defeated Sandra Hildany, FDNY New York Fire Dept. to become the 2017 World Police & Fire Games Gold Medalist. 

Honorable Mention
On April 8, 2017 the undefeated Champion Shant Sheklanian, CDCR State Paroles defended his Jr Welterweight title in a near perfect performance against the highly skilled BJ Adkins, Raleigh County Sheriff’s Dept. (West Virginia)

Hector Mendoza, LAPD became the first fighter to lose his title and recapture it. On October 6, 2016 Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept. defeated Mendoza to take Mendoza’s UCA Middleweight title. On September 9, 2017 Mendoza defeated Remin Pineda, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. to capture the UCA Light Heavyweight title.

FullSizeRender (6)

UCA Coach of the Year – Jorge Gonzalez, Los Angeles Police Dept.

A coach who has the knowledge and experience to unlock a fighters true potential and mold them into a champion. There are a lot of critical factors that make a champion, having a great coach is the most important one.

Jorge Gonzalez is the coach of UCA Welterweight Champion Mike Delery, LAPD, UCA Super Middleweight Champion Quincy Mirage, LAPD, and Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD Super Featherweight Champion

UCA Biggest Most Memorable Fights of 2017 
Fights that undoubtedly will be talked about years from now. While most fights come and go these memorable battles will live on through the ages and become a part of UCA Boxing History.

Josh Webb, CHP vs Marqus Blevins, Kings County Probation was a battle between two fighters in tremendous shape, fundamentally sound with a high boxing IQ. For 3 rounds these warriors went back and forth trying to out work and out think each other. In the end Blevins would be crowned the new UCA Heavyweight Champion.

Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD avenged her only loss by getting off the canvas to defeat Laura Morales, Madera Dept. of Corrections to claim the UCA Super Featherweight Title.

Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Mike Valle, CDCR PVSP took turns holding the belt. Valle would lift the title from Mirage in their first encounter April 8, 2017 and 6 months later Mirage would take his title back. This has Trilogy written all over it.

UCA Champions Missing in Action

Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept. UCA Middleweight Champion 

Asiah Medawar, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. UCA Welterweight Champion

Stephanie Sparks, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. Masters UCA Super Middleweight Champion

Chuck Pfau, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept.  Masters UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion

James Moore, Monroe Louisiana Fire Dept. Master UCA Heavyweight Champion

UCA Championship Fights That Got Away

FullSizeRender (7)Jose Bustillos, U.S. Navy vs Delvin Delery, Redondo Beach Police Dept. – Masters UCA Jr Welterweight Championship

Travis Clark, Stockton Police Dept vs Jorge Caamal, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. – UCA Middleweight Championship

UCA Breakout Fighter of the Year

A fighter who steps into the ring for the first time and wins over the crowd with skill, heart and personality. One you can’t wait to see fight again.

Brent Pavey, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Gerardo Serrano, Reedley Police Dept.

Jessica Ortiz, LAPD

Kevin Dunbar, BLM Fire Dept.

Most Improved Fighter
Devon Dejoie, U.S. Navy

UCA Dream Fight
Henry Sanchez, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. vs Alex Duran, U.S. Border Patrol – Masters UCA Welterweight Championship

David Bermudez, Easy Bay Regional Parks PD vs Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD – UCA Jr Middleweight Championship

Hector Mendoza, Los Angeles Police Dept. vs DJ Vargas, Hanford Police Dept – Light Heavyweight Championship

Chris Dubinasky, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept vs Justin Robinson, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept. – UCA Super Heavyweight Championship

UCA Announcer of the Year
Carlton Jones, Fresno Fire Dept.

FullSizeRender (3)

UCA DJ of the Year 
DJ Prince

UCA Gym of the Year
City of Angels and 818 Boxing Gym

Photographer of the Year
Chris Akins and Mikey B, MB Sports Photography

UCA Quote of the Year
Quincy Mirage, LAPD “Went to hell, danced with the devil and came back with his crown”

Rivalry of the Year
Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Mike Valle, CDCR, Pleasant Valley State Prison

UCA Fights of the Year 
A fight that delivers the most exciting back and forth battle that has fans cheering and on the edge of their seat. These fights symbolize what public safety boxing stands for.

Hugh Estrada, CHP vs Jose Bustillos, U.S. Navy (4-8-17)

Brent Pavey, Federal Bureau of Prisons vs Byron Chambers, San Bernardino County Probation (4-8-17)

Hector Mendoza, LAPD vs Remin Pineda, LASD  9-9-17

Most Talented Fighter without a Title 
With the talent these fighters possess it’s just a matter of time before they become a champion.

Daniel Rosales, Los Angeles Police Dept.

Josh Webb, California Highway Patrol

David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks Police Dept.

UCA Chin of Granite
A boxer who can withstand heavy punishment and continue fighting. Amazing ability to take huge shots and continue fighting.

Justin Robinson, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept.

UCA Upset of the Year
A fighter who enters a contest a considerable favorite and is defeated by a less experienced, unknown or unranked fighter.

July 29, 2017 Chris Dubinasky, Camp Pendleton Fire Dept. defeated Albert Deleon, CDCR, Ironwood 1st rd TKO to win the UCA Super Heavyweight Championship title.


UCA Champion with the Most Title Defenses Brian Stevens, District Attorney’s Office
1st Title Defense – Brian Stevens, LASD vs #1 ranked Jamaal Brathwaite, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept SoCal BOTB August 17, 2013, Pala Casino & Resort.

2nd Title Defense – Brian Stevens, LASD vs #1 ranked Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept – LA BOTB September 26, 2014 at the Quiet Cannon, Montebello

3rd Title Defense – Brian Stevens, LASD vs #1 ranked Guillermo Garcia, Los Angeles Police Dept – LA BOTB October 1, 2016 Pacific Palms Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

UCA Classic Rematches
Rematches are a result of a close, intense, all action, competitive fight, where both camps believe they won. The close decisions of these fights made fans begging for a rematch.

Hector Mendoza, LAPD vs Remin Pineda, LASD – Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs Mike Valle, CDCR PVSP – Split 1-1

Deirdre Fonseca, LAPD vs Laura Morales, Madera Dept. of Corrections – Split 1-1

Monique Hernandez, Riverside Sheriff’s Dept. vs Denise Guerrero, San Bernardino PD – Split 1-1

UCA Fighter with the Most Rematches Quincy Mirage, Los Angeles Police Dept.FullSizeRender (5)

Quincy Mirage vs Erik Ramirez, LASD Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage vs Dennis Burgos, NYPD Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage, LAPD vs DJ Vargas, Hanford PD Split 1-1

Quincy Mirage vs Mike Valle, CDCR PVSP Split 1-1

UCA Hidden Talent – Fighter no one knows about

Kellan-Kramer---Hidden-TaleKellen Kramer, Bell Gardens Police Dept. (3-0)

Gabriel Flores, Los Angeles Police Dept. (3-1)

Anthony Cross, CDCR CA State Prison Sacramento (2-0)

Noel Montes, CDCR Folsom State Prison (5-1)

Retired A Champion
5 UCA Champions hang up their gloves after a great career. Is this really the end for these Champions?
Shant Sheklanian, CDCR State Paroles, undefeated reigning & defending UCA Jr Welterweight Champion
Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara Sheriffs Dept undefeated reigning & defending 2 division UCA Champion.
Travon Taylor, Orange County Sheriffs Dept reigning & defending UCA Light Heavyweight Champion

Brian Stevens, District Attorney’s Office undefeated, reigning & defending UCA Cruiserweight Champion

Alan Rojas, Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept undefeated, reigning & defending UCA Super Cruiserweight Champion