Aug 2017 16

Travon Taylor

Brent Bugarin      


Alan Rojas     

Brian Stevens       


Shant Sheklanian


After giving fans the most thrilling fights in boxing, Shant Sheklanian, Brent Bugarin, Travon Taylor, Brian Stevens, and Alan Rojas are retiring from the ring. Their names will forever be linked to public safety boxing greatness. Inside the ring they were wrecking machines chopping down opponents with a seek and destroy mentality.  These fighters reigned over their division, defending their titles and cementing their status as the best public safety boxers in the game.

 These Champions represented a certain purity, they were humble, gracious, dedicated and appreciative for their opportunities. Their image was important to them. If people paid money to see them fight they made sure they were in tip top shape to give the fans a show and most importantly to represent their department and make them proud. Their legacy will not only be defined by what they accomplished in the ring but by their character and class outside of it.