Mar 2016 06

TraviSugar-Creek-Protection-Dists Tilton
Sugar Creek Fire Protection District
Nickname: Shennanigans
Weight: 205
Age: 46
Record: 2-3

1. When did you your career in public safety? 2005

2. When did you start boxing? 2008

3. What got you started in boxing? It seemed like a great way to avert a midlife crisis

4. What gym do you train at? Knuckles in Venice, IL

5.Who is your trainer? Terry Davis

6. Who is the best boxer you ever sparred against? Ryan Davis, professional boxer

7. Favorite music artist? U2

8. Favorite fighter? Manny Pacquiao

9. Favorite all time fight? Hulk vs. Loki

10. Favorite movie? Warrior

11. Favorite place to eat? Any crawfish boil in New Orleans

12. First job? Newspaper delivery

13. First car? A gigantic Chrystler Lebaron

14. What do you like to do when not training or working? Planning for the Next Big Adventure

15. Person you most admire? Anyone who keeps their word and stands their ground when it matters