Oct 2015 29

Chino Boxing Gym 4-4-14 (121) (529x800)Walter Lavarro
Long Beach Police Department
Fighting weight: 140 lbs
Age: 34

1.When did you start boxing?  2008

2. Who or What got you started in boxing? I’ve always loved the sport of boxing but didn’t get involved in law enforcement competition until retired detective Lawrence Arnwine (who was the coach of the Long Beach boxing team at the time) took me under his wing and trained me. 

4. When preparing for a fight what gym do you train at? Hill Street Boxing

5. Who is your trainer? Chris Vitasa

6. The best boxer you ever sparred against? Walter “School Boy” Sarnoi

7. Of all your opponents and sparring partners who hit the hardest? Malcolm McAllister

8. What do you feel is your strongest weapon in the ring? Heart and indomitable will

9. What sports did you play in high school? Football

10. What do you like to do when not training or working? Jiu jitsu, crossfit, powerlifting, shooting, poker, and watching movies 

11. Favorite fighter? Manny Pacquiao

12. Favorite all time fight? Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo 1

13. Favorite movie? Braveheart

14. Favorite athlete? Jerry Rice 

15. First job? Sales rep at Kinney Shoes

16. First car? Audi A5

17. Person you most admire? My grandmother