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BugarinSince Bugarin started boxing he has been perfect in the ring and hopes to continue his run all the way to the UCA State Championship. He captured the UCA NorCal title in Oct, 2012 by defeating the highCaamally skilled Neil Tremethick, U.S. Army by decision. Now his eyes are set on Jorge Caamal, LASD. Caamal is a battle tested warrior who has been in some wars and has come out on the other side a better fighter. Caamal has proven he can deal with adversity in the ring something his opponent hasn’t faced yet. Neither fighter wants to lose and will do whatever they have to do to win.

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Team Caamal

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AsiCaamal de from being the 3X Police Olympic Gold Medalist and #1 ranked Jr. Middleweight, Jorge Caamal, LASD is a ring warrior who has come up the hard way. He has fought some of the best Public Safety boxers in the game. Caamal is most remembered for his 3 epic battles with former #1 ranked, Police Olympic Gold Medalist Ivan Guillermo, LAPD. Caamal has also fought the top fighters from the U.S. Marines Boxing Team and NYPD Boxing Team. He Rob Garcia has fought guys who were heavier and with more experience just so he could fight. Over the years Caamal has established himself as the best Jr Middleweight in California. He was a stablemate of Francisco “Panchito” Bajado, had the privilege to spar with professional fighters, and world champions. Caamal had the honor of having conditioning coach/trainer Rob Garcia work his corner in the 2006 Police Olympics, Gold Medal bout against former #1 ranked David Bermudez, East Bay Reg. Parks PD. The fight was very close, and Garcia may hCaamal's Trainersave been the difference in Caamal receiving a Gold Medal instead of a Silver Medal. Having a proven trainer in your corner is so important. Trainers with experience know how to keep their fighters calm and give them the direction they need to come out on top. Caamal trains at the Chino Boxing Club with top notch trainers Ray Morales, and Abraham Ortega. Once a week he trains with his original trainer Gilbert Alcantara at the Eddie Heredia Boxing Club in East LA. Team Caamal is working on a game plan to defeat Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD, April 20, 2013 and bring the title back with them to Los Angeles.

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Team Bug

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BugarinBrent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD has stormed through the competition in the welterweight division delivering three highlight reel performances along the way to capturing the UCA NorCal Welterweight Title.  With victories over Marc Baes, CDCR Solano Prison, Angel Vasquez, LABugarin with CoachesSD and Neil Tremethick, ARMY. Bugarin is primed and ready to put on another explosive performance against Caamal, LASD.  Bugarin has the luxury of getting instruction and sparring from top level coaches and fighters every time he goes into The Kennel Boxing gym. Having good trainers and believing in them goes a long way especially in a close fight.  Trainers, Arvin and Brian Jugarap seem to be masters when it comes to game planning for a big fight. Bugarin trusts and believes in his trainers which explains his confidence level in the ring and his ability to execute the game plan set out for him. Bugarin is a humble fighter who credits his success to the support of his coaches, sparring partners, friends, family and the Santa Clara Sheriff Dept.  And it’s been said boxing is not a team sport.

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UCAThe UCA Boxing Championship Triple Header will kick off the first Public Safety event of 2013 with some long overdue matchups.  Don’t miss your chance to see the best Public Safety boxers and USA Boxing amateurs compete on the same card, April 20, at the Richmond PAL Sports Complex. The talent level on this card is at an all-time high.

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UCA Welterweight Championship Banner

Two of the most explosive welterweights in Public Safety will go toe to toe in the ring for the UCA Welterweight State Championship. The #1 ranked Jr Middleweight Jorge “The Baby Face Assassin” Caamal, LASD is dropping down to the welterweight division to challenge the #1 ranked, undefeated Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD for the UCA State Title. Speed, power, high level counter punching, and a vicious body attack are all traits of these two fighters. Caamal has more experience and has a lot of weapons in his arsenal. The higher level of competition and huge experience advantage for Caamal could be the difference in the fight. Bugarin is a former Sac State Football standout and has brought his athleticism to the ring and hasn’t missed a beat. With only three fights and three wins over top ranked opponents Bugarin knows what it takes to win. Caamal and Bugarin will test their hard hitting, all action style against one another Saturday April 20th. This fight could be on the undercard of a Pay-Per-View Canelo Alvarez or Manny Pacquiao fight. Bugarin and Caamal are fighters who push the pace to finish fights. This can only mean one thing; fireworks will be going off when they start throwing grenades at each other. Don’t miss this fight as Caamal and Bugarin look to etch their name into the UCA history books by becoming the first UCA Welterweight State Champion.

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Caamal Six of the best Public Safety boxers collide for the UCA State Championship Title.The first title fight of the night features one of Public Safety’s fastest rising young talents, UCA NorCal Champion Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD. Bugarin will face the toughest challenge of his boxing career when he steps into the ring with 3x Police Olympic Gold Medalist Jorge “The Baby Face Assassin” Caamal, LASD. On the line will be the vacant UCA Welterweight State Championship Title.

The co main event features 2nd ranked RahCleon Jones saan Harrison, LASD vs. 4th ranked Cleon Jones, Yolo Co Corrections. Both fighter’s athletic ability and skill set have earned them a title shot. Harrison will be traveling from Los Angeles for his opportunity to become the first Super Heavyweight Champion and he is preparing for a war with Jones.  Harrison has the higher level of opposition and experience advantage. Jones got into the fight game late however his athletic background has caught him up to the top guys in the division. Jones is ready to take that next step and capture the UCA Super Heavyweight belt. “I’m not getting any younger, my opportunity is now” Jones said.  Jones being a natural southpaw may give him an advantage. The southpaw stance could cause prHarrisonoblems for the 2nd ranked fighter; Harrison has faced one southpaw in his 10 fight career and he won. Jones and Harrison are the same size, same speed, power and athleticism. Both fighters are excited about the opportunity in front of them and look forward to the challenge. The winner of this fight will be crowned the New UCA Super Heavyweight State Champion. Neither fighter is looking past each other however waiting in the shadows is the #1 ranked mandatory title challenger Mike Gomez, CDCR CSP SAC.

The main event features the Light Heavyweight State ChamDavispion and future UCA Hall of Famer, James “Doin Damage” Davis, CDCR Folsom Prison vs. #1 ranked Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara PD.  Davis looks to defend his title and continue his dominance with a signature win. Davis will be stepping into the ring with a talented, well rounded, hungry lion who wants what he has. The 7-1 Police Olympic Gold Medalist, Wurdinger is a ring warrior who comes to fight. Wurdinger has a lethal combination of athleticism, skill and power and may be the only person to possibly stop Davis’s division dominance. If you are boxing fan or just a fan that appreciates watching top level athletes compete this is an event you don’t want to miss.  April 20, 2013, Richmond PAL Sports Complex. Tickets are on sale now. General 15.00, Ringside 25.00.

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Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for impact as some of the most talented and determined Public Safety boxers in California face-off in a night of USA Amateur Boxing April 20, 2013 at the Richmond PAL Sports Complex.

The undercard of this UCA Championship Triple Header will feature some exciting matchups between top ranked fighters and future champions.

TheBrent Burkhart first bout will feature a middleweight Showdown between 8th ranked Brent “Never in a Bad Fight” Burkhart, CDCR DVI vs. LAPD’s Quincy Mirage. Both fighters find themselves in a must win situation. Burkhart was on the losing end of a razor close decision to Pittsa Pholkham, U.S. Marines. Mirage lost a close fight with 4th ranked Erik Ramirez, LASD. Both guys have huge hearts and have the skills to compete with anyone in the division. You can be guaranteed a nonstop all action bout when these two fighters step into the ring. Don’t look for the judges to be involved in this one.Pittsa

A fight everyone will need to be in their seat for is 7th ranked Pittsa Pholkham, U.S. Marines vs. Brandon Manning, LASD. These two promising boxers only know one way to fight and that is to come forward and throw bombs. Before any punches are thrown, this matchup has “Fight of the Night” written all over it.

Julie WilliamsThe only female fight on the card will feature two #1 ranked boxers. Julie “J Cat” Williams, (4-0) CDCR San Quentin vs. Stephanie Sparks,(3-0) LASD at a catch weight of 175lbs. Both fighters are exceptional athletes and are looking forward to the challenge. This will be both fighters biggest test.

Rounding out this Public Safety Boxing under card will Hamblinbe Heavyweights Craig Hamblin, CDCR Solano vs. 6th ranked Sonny “Sunshine” Gerber, Grover Beach PD. On paper this fight is one sided. Hamblin is 0-3, older, with less experience. Gerber is more athletic, 3-2 as a boxer, 4-0 Muay Thai and 1-1-1 MMA. Hamblin is coming into the fight with a new found motivation and confidence. He left longtime trainer Mel Walker, and is now training at LA Boxing under Marcus Reaves. “I am 0-3 and people should be lining up to fight me but I feel sorry for the first dude I fight. I cannot wait until April 20th” Hamblin said.

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James DavisThe contracts are signed, the fights are set and tMatt Wurdingerhe boxers are training for the biggest fight of their career. On April 20, 2013 James Davis, CDCR, Folsom Prison will make the first defense of his UCA light Heavyweight Title against #1 ranked Police Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara PD. In the Co Main Event two of the most athletic big men in the division will go toe to toe for the Super Heavyweight Title. 4th Rahsaan Harrisonranked Cleon Jones, Yolo Co Corrections, vs. Police Olympic Gold Medalist Rahsaan Harrison, Los Angeles SD. In the 3Cleon Jonesrd Title Fight of the night #1 ranked UCA NorCal Champion Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD will put his undefeated record on the line to take on the 3X Police Olympic Gold Medalist, #1 ranked Jr Middleweight Jorge Caamal, Los Angeles SD for the UCA Welterweight State Title.  They have all proved they can fight or they wouldn’t be here. They have earned their spots and are considered to Jorge Caamalbe six of the best Public Safety boxers in California. On April 20th these Public Safety fighters are going to make boBrent Bugarinxing fans sit up and take notice. They will enter the ring on Saturday night, but only three will be crowned champion. These talented athletes are very different. Some are older; some have more experience, more speed or more power. One thing they have in common is they have a tremendous desire for success and won’t quit until they achieve it.

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Matt Crossfit

Greg Amundson, Matt Wurdinger, Bart Barker

Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara PD is covering every aspect of his game, preparing for his hard earned title shot against UCA State Champion James Davis, CDCR Folsom Prison.   Wurdinger became the mandatory challenger for James Davis Championship belt after beating #1 ranked Ricky Seward, Big Bear City Fire Dept in the UCA title eliminator Oct 6, 2012.  On April 20, 2013 Wurdinger will look to extend his 7 fight winning streak against the best Light Heavyweight in California.

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lapd boxingThree fighters on the LAPD Boxing Team are preparing for the April 20, 2013 event in Richmond California.  Quincy Mirage,  Shannon Lopez, and Danny Ramirez.

The LAPD Team goes through a four week conditioning program before they get into the boxing gym. Coach John Negrete,(Police Olympic Gold Medalist and top ranked fighter) says, “You can’t drive a fancy Cadillac if doesn’t have any gas and you can’t box if you don’t have any conditioning.  Que Vivan Los Chingadasoz”

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IMG_9350The UCA Light Heavyweight State Champion James “Doin Damage” Davis, CDCR Folsom Prison had a public workout Wednesday at Smashtime Boxing Gym in Sacramento. Davis looked fast, strong and focused for his first title defense against Police Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara Police Dept. The fight will take place April 20, at the Richmond PAL Sports Complex.

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North vs SouthThe April 6, 2013 North vs. South Battle of the Badges Boxing Event has be postponed and is scheduled to take place in August 2013.  The event will still be held in Southern California. Boxers representing the North will be from Fresno to the Oregon border. Hotel accommodations will be provided for the North boxers. Matchups will be made strictly by age, weight, and experience. If you are interested in competing in this event, sign up at

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The Jr CervantesWelterweight division has the making of a classic four way rivalry. Larry Fernandez, CDCR, Francisco Flores, Stanislaus Co SD, Walter Lavarro, Long Beach PD and Larry Cervantes, LASD are equally matched. Fernandez vs. Lavarro vs. Flores vs. Cervantes, however they match up, each one of these fighters can beat one another any given night. No manufactured hype needed for these matchups, theLavarrose fighters are guaranteed to produce fireworks when they step into the ring.

Right now Cervantes sits at the top of the division. He is undefeated with a decision win over Police Olympic Gold Medalist Walter Lavarro, Long Beach PD.

LavaFrancisco Floresrro, has a decision win over Francisco Flores, Stanislaus Co SD who is also a Police Olympic Gold Medalist. Both fighters want a rematch.

The 4th fighter in this rivalry is Larry Fernandez, CFernandez 2DCR Solano Prison. Fernandez was set to connect this four way rivalry in a fight with Flores in October but due to work, Fernandez had to pull out.

Each one of these fighters has their strengths and can take turns sitting at number one. Cervantes, Lavarro, Flores and Fernandez can put on the best four way rivalry in Public Safety Boxing history.

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James DavisPublic Safety Boxing has raised the bar oWurdingernce again with a spectacular line up set to take place on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at the Richmond Police Activities League Sports Complex. The Main Event of this talent stacked card will feature UCA Light Heavyweight Champion James “Doin Damage” Davis, CDCR Folsom Prison when he puts his  title on the line against 7-1 Police Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara Police Dept.  In the Co Main Event Super Heavyweights will go toe to toe when Cleon Jones, Yolo County Sheriff’s Dept steps into the ring with 2nd ranked Rashaan Harrison, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. for the vacant UCA Super HeavyweiCleon Jonesght Title. Rounding out this UCA Championship Triple Header is the Harrisonundefeated UCA NorCal Champion Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept vs. #1 ranked Jr Middleweight Jorge “The Baby Face Assassin” Caamal from Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. for the vacant UCA welterweight title. The undercard is stacked from top to bottom with a wealth of local talent including boxers from LAPD Hollenbeck Gym, 818 Boxing Gym, City of Angels Boxing Gym, Fresno PAL, Chino PAL, Oxnard PAL, Kings Gym, The Kennel, LA Boxing, Richmond PAL, Dogg Pound, Newcastle Ringside Gym, San Jose PAL and others. This event is part of USA Boxing initiative to continually grow and support the sport of boxing in the local community and throughout the state. In partnership with the UCA, Law Enforcement & Firefighter boxers will compete on the same cards as USA Boxing amateurs. Shows will be a mix of Public Safety boxers and USA Boxing amateurs. USA BoBugarinxing hopes to build a fan base foCaamalr both groups of boxers.  Don’t miss this adrenaline filled night of boxing at the Richmond PAL Sports Center. Doors open at 4pm, fights begin at 6PM. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Richmond Police Activities League.  Venue: Richmond PAL Sports Complex, 2200 MacDonald Ave, Richmond CA. Tickets: $15 General Admission. $25 Ringside. Purchase tickets on-line, at the door or at local gyms.

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Ringside Gym 2013 (11)This is an email sent out from Greg Kirkpatrick, Head Trainer at Ringside Gym in Newcastle California to all his boxers to keep them motivated and focused.

“Champions do what other’s won’t do.”

It’s easy to find reasons to NOT go to the gym.  It’s easy to come up with a reason to NOT go running.  It’s easy to quit – Anyone can do it.  Quitting is actually a habit.  Some people get used to quitting things.  They get used to not sticking it out and not accomplishing.  They are the ones who look back and think… “I woulda, I shoulda, I coulda.”  Or they just get used to not accomplishing things and they don’t even care!  They live their lives as quitters.

Real fighters and people who really want to reach their goals find reasons to go to the gym.  They find a way to go out and run.  A goal is not something you have two weeks out of the month.  A goal is something you need to continually strive toward.  BOXING IS A LIFESTYLE.  To be a boxer you need to keep yourself healthy by eating good, and by running and by getting to the gym and by making sacrifices in your life and by taking some lumps and then going back and taking more lumps.

There are always reasons to NOT train.  AlwayRingside Gym (2)s reasons to QUIT or take time off.  But CHAMPIONS DO WHAT OTHERS WON’T DO!!  They don’t quit.  They don’t take time off for any and every stupid little reason.  Did you take a little nap on Thursday and didn’t show up to the gym?  There was someone there to spar with you Thursday.  You passed up a learning opportunity because you were napping!  Did you train hard for one month and then quit for a month?  That’s like two steps forward and then two steps backward.  It’s called going nowhere!

The mentality and training of combat sports is all the same.  Boxing, kickboxing, and MMA all require the same type of mindset.  So even though the sports are not exactly the same the mindset and training attitude are the same.  These are all dangerous combat sports and the goal of all the sports is to hurt the other guy or make him quit.

If you want to be a good boxer you need to study your sport.  That means watching fights.  You will not be all you can be if you don’t watch fights.  You will not learn and improve as quickly as you could if you don’t watch fights.  You must be a student of the game.  All it requires is a little effort on your part.

All fighters experience losses.  Any real fighter will lose.  Losing is part of the game.  You always train to win and strive to win and expect to win and you MUST WANT TO WIN!  But losing may happen.  A champion doesn’t let it get him down.  Learn from the loss and move forward and TRAIN TO WIN.

Set goals Ringside Gym (4)and strive toward those goals.  There will be days you don’t want to train.  There will be days you don’t want to run.  There will be days you are tired.  Those are the days you need to remind yourself of your goal.  Those are the days you need to push yourself to train even though you don’t really want to.  Or you can just take the day off… in other words you can quit… because quitting is easy… anyone can do it.  Every little bit of quitting adds up.  When you are tired and sore & don’t want to train GO TRAIN.  You will be glad when it is all done with.  That’s the difference between the champ and the chump.

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Bob Gunton played Warden Samuel Norton in one of the best movies ever made, Shawshank Redemption

Johnny Dare American radio personality for 98.9 The Rock in Kansas City, Kansas. He is one of the station’s more prominent figures, and hosts the station’s annual concert festival, Rockfest, which has grown to become the biggest one day concert event in the country.

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LAPD Boxing display at the LAPD Police Academy (Elysian Park) Los Angeles Police Revolver And Athletic Club (LAPRAAC) Athletics Hall.

Feb 2013 02

Ivan vs JorgeJorge Caamal, LASD vs. Ivan Guillermo, LAPD have been one of the best rivalries in Public Safety boxing and will always be linked thanks to the epic battles they engaged in with one another. A new rivalry with the same magnitude is building between Brian Stevens, LASD and Jamaal Brathwaite, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. These two mega talented Police Olympic Gold Medalists will face each other a second time this summer.   Agua Caliente will once again play host to the UCA State Championship, when Stevens puts his UCA Brathwaite vs Stevens 5Cruiserweight Title on the line to take on Brathwaite, in perhaps the most anticipated rematch in Battle of the Badges history. On July 21, 2012 both fighters entered the ring with perfect records and ranked #1 and #2 in state. Stevens scored a decision win over the highly skilled Brathwaite to claim the UCA Cruiserweight Title. Stevens would give Brathwaite his only defeat and leave the ring with the belt and title of best fighter in California. The rematch will happen nearly one year from their first encounter.  Both Brathwaite vs Stevens 3fighters are anxious to meet again and prove they are clearly the better fighter. Team Stevens is putting together a solid game plan for the rematch. They are bringing in fighters similar to Brathwaites style and traveling to different gyms. Brathwaite accepted the judge’s decision in the first fight but plans on handling the decision himself in the rematch. Public Safety boxing doesn’t get much better than this. Mark your calendar for this one. This is a fight you don’t want to miss.

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The former #1 ranked Jr Middleweight David Bermudez, with Chief of Police East Bay Regional Park District Timothy Anderson.  The UCA is honored to have the support of  Police Chief Timothy Anderson.




Jan 2013 28

The North vs. South Battle of the Badges will be taking place April 6, 2013 at Morongo Resort & Casino. If interested in competing, Sign up at 

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Ava Knight Rematch PhotoAva Knight (center) celebrates after her victory late Saturday against Susana Vazquez in Chihuahua, Mexico. Knight, a Chico native and Pleasant Valley High graduate, successfully defended her title by beating Vazquez for the second straight time. With her latest win, Knight remains the WBC and IBF flyweight champion. (Submitted photo)

Knight’s previous win also was against Vazquez, the former WBC champion whom Knight took the title from in their June bout by unanimous decision in Mexico City.

Vazquez was the lone challenger willing to face Knight, forcing the Chicoan to grant the rematch as other fighters haven’t stepped forward.

Article & photo courtesy

Jan 2013 16
Knight with trainer Ben Bautista

Ava Knight with trainer Ben Bautista

Currently ranked number 1 in the world in the flyweight division





Ava Knight

The UCA is honored to have Ava Knight pose with the UCA Championship belt. Ava Knight was born and raised in Chico, California, where her boxing training began at the age of thirteen. Her amateur career record was an impressive 28-4. On October 29, 2011, Knight won the IBF Flyweight Title by defeating the undefeated Mexican champion, Arely Mucino via a second round knockout. Knight made her first successful IBF Flyweight title defense on March 31, 2012, in a ten round TKO win against Thailand’s Hongfah Tor Buamas. Ben Bautista is Knight’s trainer and manager and head trainer Champ Nation boxing gym Oakland California.

Ava Knight posterAva Knight will be stepping back into the ring to face Susana Vasquez in a much anticipated rematch January 26, 2013 Chihuahua Mexico.

For latest updates on Ava Knight, “like” her official fan page on Facebook,

Follow Ava Knight on Twitter @Ava_Knight or!/ava_knight

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Mike YoungAfter 44 years of training, fighting and coaching Mike Young has decided to hang’em up. Mike has been with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for over 31 years and has been involved with the LASD Boxing Team his whole career.  “I was hired by LASD at the end of 1981, joined the team in 1982 with Sgt. Easie Williams who started the LASD Boxing Team.” Mike competed in his first California Police Olympics, Sacramento in 1983.  He won the Gold Medal in the 1Young47lb division 6 consecutive years, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. This is a Police Olympic record.  Mike said, “I took silver in 1989; I had a broken rib at that time. I went on to take Gold in 1990, 1991, silver in 1992, 1993 I broke my arm kickboxing so I could not compete, and took Gold again in 1994 and 1995.  I dedicated that fight in 1995 to my dad, my biggest boxing fan who died earlier that year.”  In 1995, Mike turned 35 years of age and according to the Police Olympics rules, you can not compete after the age 35. Mike loves the sport and would still be fighting today if the Police Olympics would allow him to compete.

Savate89When did you start boxing? I started fighting in Martial Arts first and got my butt whipped in an art called Savate in France in 1983. This inspired me to study boxing more seriously as most martial artists at that time thought that their martial art was the best.  My opponent from France was also a professional boxer and he rocked my world with a vicious right that sent me to the canvas twice, that’s when I said, “I better learn how to box.”  So I seriously started training with the LASD Boxing Team at that time in 1983. The guy who beat me, Richard Sylla is a legend in France in French kickboxing and we are still friends today, he was my inspiration!  I have traveled all over the world studying different styles from Brazil, China, Indonesia, France, New Zealand and of course Hawaii.

When did you start coaching? I started coachiFFLng the LASD boxing team in 1990 when Sgt. Easie Williams retired. I have been coaching the team ever since.  It’s a thankless job but I love the sport and I enjoy the lifelong friends and boxers I met along the way.  I have a professional boxing ring in my backyard and some people travel for hours to train with me!

Who was your biggest influence in boxing? My biggest influence in boxing was Sgt., Easie Williams who had the patience to work with me because I had bad fighting habits that I carried over from my martial arts background.  My second biggest influence came from trainer Fidel Fraijo who produced 4 northern California Golden Gloves champions, whose son, Sgt. Al Fraijo, who was a member of the LASD boxing team.  To date, in my opinion, Al was the best boxer our team ever produced and he has won many Police
Olympic Gold medals.

What are some of your most proud moments in boxing? I have coordinated many fights from the Marines, fighting in Camp Pendleton, LA County Firefighters, Oscar De La Hoya Productions, to in-house department “Smokers” like “The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre” in 2004, “The Novena In West Covina” in 2006 and “The Battle of the Trashtalkers” in 2009.  This year, I helped in the 19th annual “Fight for Life” where we finally hit the million dollar mark as the monies we have raised for the charitable organization, the City of Hope to fight cancer as I have always done for the past 19 years.  Three fights that I am especially proud of coordinating was “The Fight for America” where we raised $12,000 to send to the Police and Firefighters fund who were victims of the September 11, 2001 attack, the fight/fundraiser for one of my boxers Enrique Corral who suffered a tragic motorcycle accident that left him partially paralyzed, and anothE Corraler fight/fundraiser for Enrique Corral again and also for another LASD former boxer, Jannine Hanson who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  With my knowledge of coaching and coordinating boxing events, we were able to raise monies to personally help these people financially.  It made me, and all who were involved, feel good to help others using our fighting skills and our heart.

Aside from being a father, husband, and fighter you are also an MALEAuthor. I have authored 2 internationally distributed books, both which have been translated into different languages, one entitled “Martial Arts Home Training” and another entitled “Martial Arts in Law Enforcement.”  I was also a freelance writer for Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated, Martial Arts Training Magazine, Inside Kung Fu and Martial Arts Combat Sports Magazine for over 13 years!

Mike Young may be perhaps the most decorated boxer who ever competed in the Police Olympic Games. After winning 10 gold medals, 2 silver medals in boxing, over 12 years of competition in the California Police Olympic/Police Summer Games/Western States Police and Fire Games he holds the record for the most Gold medals in boxing.  Mike also won 2 Silver medals in boxing at the World Police and Fire Games in 1985 and 1987.  He has competed with the LASD Boxing team in Arizona, Nevada and Atlantic City. Mike is a fighter through and through. He won over 22 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Karate competitions from 1983 to 1999, which is also another record.  Outside of the department, Mike competed in France twice and won the US Savate Championship in Chicago, 1989.

After dedicating most of his life to boxing, martial arts, coaching and promoting events Mike Young, LASD Sgt. plans to officially retire in a few months, March 26, 2013 to be exact.  He is leaving with a great reputation and will be missed. You can bet he will be at future Battle of the Badges, Fight for Life and Police Olympic Boxing Events, wrapping hands, giving advice and working the corners of fighters. Boxing is in his blood. Mike said, “I have been grooming a few people to take my place!  After all these years, maybe it’s time to rest?!!!!  NAH!”

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Nothing can beat the excitement and passion boxing brings to a rivalry. Intense rivalries are one of the things that make boxing special and worth watching and Public Safety Boxing has had some good ones. When rivals square off, records don’t matter, fighters they lost to or beat in the past is irrelevant. Rematches and trilogies are like a championship fight. You can be confident that each fighter is going to bring their best effort, and leave everything they have in the ring. In some cases a rematch provides action and drama equal to or surpassing the original encounter. Some have resulted in the same outcome and some have fallen short of expectations. Here are some of the most intense and intriguing rivalries in Public Safety boxing.

Bryan Williams – Fresno PD Vs. Torris Epps-Huntington Park PD

8-1-1997 -Epps winner by decision

6-26-1998 -Williams winner by decision


Jorge Caamal – LASD Vs. Andrew Rodarte – LASD

5-15-2005 -Caamal winner by decision

6-11-2004 -Caamal winner by decision


James Dorris – Folsom PD Vs. Larry Ward – CDCR CMF

10-4-2008 -Ward 2nd rd TKO

10-10-2009 -Ward winner 1st rd TKO


Carlos Cabrera – Sacramento Co. SD Vs. Larry Fernandez – CDCR Solano

10-10-2009 -Fernandez winner by dec

8-28-2010 -Cabrera winner by dec


Chris Barrios – LASD Vs. Juan Bustamante – LAPD

3-26-2010 -Barrios winner 3rd rd TKO

2-24-2011 -Barrios winner by decision


Shay Burke – Petaluma FD Vs. Ricky Seward – Big Bear City FD

5-21-2010 -Burke winner by dec

5-14-2011 -Burke winner by dec


James Dorris – Folsom PD Vs. Jesse Ruelas – Stanislaus Co. SD

8-28-2010 –Draw

5-14-2011 -Dorris winner by decision


Matt Wurdinger – Santa Clara PD Vs. Ricky Seward – Big Bear City FD

6-10-2011 -Wurdinger winner by decision

10-6-2012 -Wurdinger winner by decision


Jorge Salazar – Riverside Co SD Vs. Mario Alonzo – CDCR, Ironwood

7-27-12 -Salazar winner split decision

9-7-2012 -Salazar winner 2nd rd TKO



Jorge Caamal – LASD Vs. Ivan Guillermo – LAPD

11-8-2008 -Guillermo winner by decision

3-26-2010 -Caamal winner by decision

12-2-2011 -Guillermo winner by decison



Angel Vasquez – LASD Vs. Ray Encinas – LAPD

6-30-2011 -Vasquez winner by decision

12-2-2011 -Encinas winner by decision

11-30-2012 -Encinas winner by decision


Dec 2012 29

UCA Promoter of the Year

Jeff Penn, SoCal Battle of the Badges. The SoCal Battle of the Badges is held at some of the best venues in California, Pala, Agua Caliente, Morongo, and Pechanga Indian Resort & Casino. Four sold out Battle of the Badges Events, UCA Championship fight Brian Stevens, LASD vs. Jamaal Brathwaite, OCSD, first ever all Female Battle of the Badges Event and Jeff is working on a North vs. South Battle of the Badges for 2013. Money raised from the events benefit the Cops 4 Kids & Communities.

UCA Event of the Year

The March 31st, Battle of the Badges, Sacramento. Major hype, groundbreaking promotion, sold out venue, major TV and newspaper coverage. The first UCA State Champion was crowned when James Davis CDCR Folsom Prison defeated Juan Bustamante, LAPD for the Light Heavyweight Title. The card was stacked with top rated fighters and action packed fights. Fighters from LAPD, Santa Clara SD, Fresno PD, Sacramento PD, SD, Sac Metro Fire, CDCR, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, represented the event.

UCA Fighter of the Year

James Davis, CDCR Folsom Prison, UCA Light Heavyweight State Champion

Brian Stevens, LASD, Undefeated UCA Cruiserweight State Champion

Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD, Undefeated UCA NorCal Welterweight Champion, fought 3 times 2012, traveled to fight in LA Battle of the Badges.

UCA Female Fighter of the Year

Julie Williams, CDCR, San Quentin, Undefeated UCA NorCal Champion.

Lindsay Dozier, Fresno PD, Undefeated UCA NorCal Champion.

Janie Cozine, SBPD. Undefeated, 5-0

UCA Coach of the Year

A coach who has the knowledge and experience to unlock a fighters true potential and mold them into a champion. There are a lot of critical factors that make a champion, having a great coach is the most important one.

Armando “Mando” Guzman, LASD

UCA True Grit Award

To have fortitude, determination, honor, braveness and the strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage.

Stacey Woeniski, CDCR DVI Prison

Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept.

Kannon Lariba, CDCR CMC Prison

Adan Castillo, Yolo Co Corrections

Shaun Dean, CDCR Mule Creek Prison

Samantha Callagy, Bakersfield PD

Craig Hamblin, CDCR Solano Prison

Louie Lomboy, Cathedral City PD

Selina Velasquez, Soboba Public Safety

UCA Fights of the year

Jodi Brown, Sac PD vs. Nelly Mendoza, Fresno PD. 3-31-12 Sac BOTB

Isaac Aleman, BPD vs. Joshua Garcia, KCSO. 4-13-12 Bakersfield BOTB

James Smith, CHP vs. Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD. 10-6-12 Sac BOTB

UCA Dream Fights

Brian Stevens, LASD vs. Jamaal Brathwaite, OCSD, Rematch

Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara PD vs. James Davis, CDCR

Larry Cervantes, LA Co Coroner’s Office vs. Larry Fernandez, CDCR Solano

Casey Johnson, Oakland PD vs. Cleon Jones, Yolo Co. Corrections

Casey Johnson, Oakland PD vs. Mike Frazier, LASD

Mike Gomez, CDCR CSP SAC vs. Rahsaan Harrison, LASD

Jorge Caamal, LASD vs. Shay Burke, Petaluma Fire Dept

Carlos Vega, OCSD vs. Dustin Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD

Ryan Hotchkiss, Barstow PD vs. Jorge Salazar, Riverside SD

Francisco Flores, Stanislaus Co SD vs. Walter Lavarro, Long Beach PD, Rematch

Ray Encinas, LAPD vs. Carlos Cabrera, Sac Co SD

Julie Williams, CDCR San Quentin vs. Janie Cozine, San Bernardino PD

Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD vs. Adam Acuna, Baldwin Park PD

Erik Ramirez, LASD vs. Anthony Gutierrez, City of Orange FD

Most fun to watch

Neil Tremethick, U.S. Army

James Smith, CHP

Christy Kim, U.S. Air Force

Larry Cervantes, LA Co Corners Office

Mike Frazier, LASD

Anthony Gutierrez, City of Orange Fire Dept

Deserves a Title Shot

Chris Barrios, LASD

Jorge Caamal, LASD,

Rahsaan Harrison, LASD,

Mike Frazier, LASD,

Isabel Sandoval, LASD,

Brent Bugarin, Santa Clara SD,

Matt Wurdinger, Santa Clara PD,

Lindsay Dozier, Fresno PD.

Fighters to keep an eye on

Carlos Cabrera, Sac Co SD, Richmond De Los Cientos, Sac Co. SD, Ryan Hotchkiss, Barstow PD, Adam Acuna, Baldwin Park PD, Carlos Vega, OCSD, Erik Ramirez, LASD, Alex Garcia, EMT Whittier, Mike Gomez, CDCR CSP SAC, Alan Rojas, LASD, Omar Salem, Napa PD, Adam Ward, Oakland PD, Jerry Ribeira, Oakland PD, Logan Burns, U.S. Dept of Forestry, Dustin Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept, PD, Ray Encinas, LAPD, Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD, Mario Alonzo, CDCR Ironwood, Larry Cervantes, LA Co Corners Office, Allison Jablonsky, OCSD,  Manny Amaya, LASD, Joshua Garcia, KCSO, Alex Perez, LAPD, Ruben Rosas, LAPD

Most Exciting Division


Division with most Potential

Super Heavyweight


Can’t Get a Break on the Scorecards

Craig Hamblin, CDCR Solano

Anthony Gutierrez, City of Orange FD


Retired too Early

David Bermudez, East Bay Regional Parks PD

Best Fighter You Have Never Seen

Gary McCoy, CDCR High Desert Prison.

Best Nickname

Mike “I Will Amaze Ya” Frazier, LASD

Never In a Bad Fight

Brent Burkhart, CDCR DVI,

Jesse Ruelas, Stanislaus Co SD,

Ricky Seward, Big Bear City Fire Dept

Jorge Caamal, LASD

UCA Prospects

Joe Gatie, CDCR High Desert,

Anthony Carrasco, Palo Alto,

Isaac Aleman, Bakersfield PD

Feliciano Perez, LASD

Anthony Camou, CHP

Pittsa Pholkman, USMC

Guerrero Gonzales, LASD

Marco Montano, U.S. Coast Guard

Mike Barragan, LAPD

Eriverto Montano, LAPD

2013 UCA Predictions

North vs. South Battle of the Badges will happen.

First female UCA State Champion will be crowned.

Super Heavyweight UCA State Champion will be crowned.

Team LASD, LAPD will defeat The NYPD Boxing Team, Fight for Life Event.

Dec 2012 20

The UCA is honored to be a finalist aside some great people in boxing for Amateur Promoter of the Year and Amateur Event of the Year,  CSNBayArea NorCal Boxing Awards.

2012 NorCal Boxing Awards: Punch your ballot!

 Can Andre Ward repeat as Fighter of the Year? (AP)

Another year of Northern California Boxing has come to an end, and local historians will look back on 2012 with particular fondness.

Over the past 12 months, seven local pros have held world titles of some sort, with all but one still in possession of their respective belts. (Our definition of a NorCal fighter is one who resides and represents any city from Bakersfield to the northern border.)


For the most entertaining, well-promoted Northern California-based amateur show in 2012

FINALISTS: Aleman Boxing Independence Day Show (July 7), Beautiful Brawlers 2 (Aug. 25), King’s Gym Holiday Showdown (Dec. 8), Northern California Junior Olympics (Apr. 22), Pacific Ring’s Showdown in Oakland 8 (Nov. 10), United Combat Association’s Battle of the Badges (Mar. 31), Velarde’s T.C. Show (Aug. 11)

For the amateur promoter/gym who has done the most for Northern California fans in 2012

FINALISTS: Aleman Boxing (Fresno), Blanca Gutierrez/BabyFace (Pacifica), Caballero’s B.C. (Sacramento), Pacific Ring Sports (Oakland), United Combat Association (California), Velarde’s T.C. (Fresno)

CSN Bay Area Boxing Insider Ryan Maquiñana is a voting member of the Boxing Writers Association of America and panelist for Ring Magazine’s Ratings Board.  E-mail him at, check out his blog at, or follow him on Twitter: @RMaq28.

Dec 2012 19

Every generation produces its exceptional athletes.  For the past ten years names like Lopez, Barragon, Diaz, Negrete, Guillermo, Bustamante and Gras pushed limits, instilled greatness and set the standard for the new LAPD boxer coming in. As legacies get passed on the cycle renews and a new crop of fighters evolve. The LAPD Boxing team is in a transition stage. New fighters, Alex Perez, Ray Encinas, Mike Barragan, Aurelio Vasquez, Ruben Rosas, Quincy Mirage, Jose Luis Rivera, Chuck Wampler, Miguel Mejia, Brendy Ponce, Josh Skeber, Eriverto Montano and Shannon Lopez will look to make a name for themselves and keep the LAPD Boxing tradition going.  The new convergence of talent can look back at the past accomplishments left by the pioneers of the LAPD Boxing Team and strive for their own greatness.

Dec 2012 17

The LASD Boxing Team has the most talented group of fighters in California and perhaps the Country. Not only are the LASD fighters talented, the LASD coaches are talented as well. Long time trainers Mike Young, Al Farijo, Hank Nagamini, and Armando Guzman, are former accomplished fighters that give the LASD team the benefit of their combined experience.  When you have the best fighters in California to train and spar with everyday, the team’s level of dominance can only continue to rise. The term steel sharpens steel, couldn’t be more true.

Below are some of the best fighters in the state representing the LASD Boxing Team.

Larry Cervantes, undefeated #1 ranked Jr Welterweight has the talent to dominate the division for a long time.

Jorge Caamal the 3 time Police Olympic Gold Medalist. Caamal said, “I want to hold titles in three weight classes, 147, 154, 160lbs,” and has the talent to do it.

Brian Stevens, the undefeated Cruiserweight Champion whose skill level is unmatched. The only fighter at his level is Jamaal Brathwaite, Orange Co, SD. They stand alone at the top of the Cruiserweight division.

Chris Barrios, Pound for Pound Super Cruiserweight. Since he started boxing he has established himself as a dominate force. Barrios is a fighter that has never tasted defeat and is widely feared.

Also in the same division is undefeated, Alan Rojas, the only thing missing is experience.

Mike Frazier the undefeated smooth as silk Heavyweight is also unrivaled in talent and is ready to challenge the best out there.

Rahsaan Harrison, is not your average Super Heavyweight. He is a very skilled, athletic big man.  Harrison moves and has speed like a middleweight. He wants a rematch with the #1 ranked Heavyweight Casey Johnson, Oakland PD. Harrison and Johnson fought to a draw in the Western States Police & Fire Games. The fight was decided by the flip of a coin. Johnson won the toss, advanced to the finals. “I will fight the top guy at Super Heavyweight or Heavyweight,” said Harrison. 

Another top level fighter on the LASD Team is Eddie Martinez, an undefeated Police Olympic Gold Medalist. Martinez is a very respectful, talented, humble athlete who can fight.

Other fighters on the LASD Team who have the potential to be on top are Erik Ramirez, who gets better with every performance and Angel Vasquez who has had some tough fights but continues to improve.

Two females on the team that have trouble finding opponents but will fight anyone in their division are Isabel Sandoval, and Roxanne Chavez.

Fighters just getting started on the team and have the potential to make a name for themselves are Guerrero Gonzales, Remin Pineda, Roman Mercado, Feliciano Perez, and Manny Amaya.

Dec 2012 14

For every boxer there comes a time when they have to decide whether they can continue to dedicate the time and energy it takes to be a top ranked fighter. To compete at a high level it takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice, and time.  After a lot of consideration, David Bermudez the #1 ranked Jr Middleweight from East Bay Regional Parks P.D. has made the tough decision to retire as an amateur boxer. With a growing family and a promotion at work he does not have the time needed to train, travel to different gyms for sparring, etc.  Although, boxing fans will miss out on one of the best Public Safety boxing matches, Bermudez vs. Jorge Caamal, LASD (rematch) we wish him and his family the best.

1.  How did you know it was time to retire?

I knew it was time when I got thumped and dropped in sparring and all I could think about was my baby girls as I was trying to recover.  I knew God was telling me something when that went through my mind.  That has never happened before.

2. If Freddie Roach, Robert Garcia, or Virgil Hunter agreed to train you for one fight would you postpone your retirement?

Wow, that would be SUPER tempting, but I would have to say no.

3. If you could have one more fight who would it be against?  Why do I think I can answer this one?

Of course Jorge. (Caamal)  I still believe I won the fight. But that’s in the past and it was a great time. I wish him the best if he decides to go pro.  Maybe also the boxer from Air Force I “lost” to in the finals in the National Tournament my junior year.

4. What is your most memorable experience in boxing?

Most memorable experience was being part of the UNLV Boxing Team and being a two time All American. I met so many great people and had awesome coaches. I’ll never forget it. Also being a coach brings a lot of fulfillment. I’m happy to represent the sport.

5.   Who was your toughest fight?

National Tournament my junior year, semifinals. I fought the returning National Champion and beat him by decision when I wasn’t even ranked. That guy hit like a truck!

6.   Toughest sparring partners?

Anthony “The Aztec Warrior” Martinez out of Las Vegas, NV.

Jonathan “Jonmac” Macalolooy out of Union City, CA.

Jose “The Punisher” Perez out of Fremont CA

Joaquin “Killer” Gallardo out of Oakland CA

Now those guys were tough and taught me A LOT :0)

7. You are not walking away from boxing completely, you want to coach?

Yes, I am currently looking for a place to coach in the Bay Area, preferably the East Bay.

8. What are your goals as a trainer?

One day training a champion. Whether it’s a regional champ, state champ, national champ, or world champ. But most importantly, guiding a fighter in being a productive citizen through the lessons boxing can instill upon someone.

On a personal note, David needed sparring for a USA Boxing fight he was having and he asked me to come to his gym in Pleasanton and give him a few rounds.  I consider David and I to be good friends. After we warmed up and got into the ring our friendship went out the window. When the bell rings David flips a switch and you are now his enemy. After a minute of taking a pounding I realized he was trying to kill me and I had to survive 4 rounds, I only lasted three. David is a pressure fighter and makes you fight every second of every round. There is no escaping and he doesn’t like it when you tie him up. For three, 3 min rounds ( 30 second rest) David tried to punch holes through me. When the sparring was over David was back to his old self, talking, joking and laughing. We sparred a handful of times after our initial sparring session and I thought I was prepared for him but I wasn’t. Bermudez is a beast! He is also a good man, husband, father and friend.

Dec 2012 07

The Fight for Life boxing Event took place Friday, November 30, 2012 at the Quiet Cannon, Los Angeles, California. It was a great night of boxing featuring some of the best fighters in California and some new fighters you will be hearing about very soon.

Bout 1. LASD, Andy Chen, LASD vs. Miguel Mejia, LAPD 165lbs. Two fighters making their Fight for Life debut made for an exciting match up. Chen and Mejia were well matched and for both fighters stepping into the ring for the first time they displayed good skills. After three exciting rounds, the fight was declared a draw.

Bout 2, Andrew Serrata, LASD vs. Chuck Wampler, LAPD 175lbs. It was clear early Wampler was the stronger fighter.  Serrata would get caught with some solid shots but he would shake them off and return some hard shots of his own. Aside from the Wampler’s power advantage he seemed to be a little more skilled, throwing straighter punches and knowing his range. When the bell sounded to end the fight the crowd was on their feet. Early contender for Fight of the Night.  Wampler, LAPD winner by decision.

Bout 3, Brandon Manning, LASD vs. 4th ranked, Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD 165lbs. When the bell sounded Vasquez came across the ring throwing punches with bad intentions. Vasquez was loading up on his punches which allowed Manning to see them coming and stay out of harms way. Vasquez would listen to his corner, Diaz and Negrete and find his rhythm and get off some nice combinations. In the 3rd round Manning came out throwing punches in bunches, but Vasquez would weather the storm and put Manning back on defense. Manning displayed good footwork and head movement in the fight but the volume of punches and power shots thrown by Vasquez would be the difference in the fight. Vasquez, LAPD winner by decision.

Bout 4, David Chung, LASD vs. Eriverto Montano, LAPD, 150lbs. No feeling out period needed for Montano, he jumped right on Chung. Montano was the aggressor and kept Chung backing up the whole fight.  Chung would land some punches with his back against the ropes but the pressure and fast pace set by Montano never gave Chung a chance to establish an offense. Montano, LAPD winner by decision.

Bout 5, Ernie Ferreras, LASD vs. Ruben Rosas, LAPD 190lbs. Ferreras was matched against a more experienced fighter in Rosas, but that didn’t prevent Ferreras from taking the fight to Rosas. He would land some punches and also receive some.  Rosas is a crafty fighter who knows how to avoid being hit. He slides in and out of range very effectively and has good head movement. He is a real smooth fighter with natural ability. The experience proved to be too much for Ferreras. Rosas, LAPD winner by decision. Rosas may have the most natural talent than everyone on the card however it could be wasted talent. As an amateur he fought Vanes Martirosyan and Andre Ward. Rosas is a young fighter who isn’t sure if he will continue to fight. Wasted talent is the worst thing in sports. Lets all hope Rosas continues to fight.

Bout 6, 8th ranked Roman Mercado, LASD vs. Mike Barragan, LAPD 175lbs. Remember the name Mike Barragan.  A young, tall, talented fighter who does everything well. In the first round Barragan came out throwing laser shots controlling the distance and keeping Mercado at the end of his punches. Mercado knew he had to close the distance and would have his moments landing shots on the inside. Barragan wouldn’t stay on the inside very long or allow Mercado to tie him up. Barragan seems to have it all, a good jab, footwork, speed, throws straight punches, and knows his range.  Barragan only has two fights but he is a gym rat and his experience proved to be too much for Mercado. Barragan, LAPD winner by decision.

Bout 7, Angel Vasquez, LASD vs. Ray Encinas, LAPD 150lbs.  Two well-schooled technical fighters meeting for the third time. When the bell sounded to start the fight Encinas seemed anxious to inflict pain on Vasquez. He jumped right on Vasquez pinning him against the ropes, throwing short hooks and body shots. When Vasquez would find the space he needed to establish his jab Encinas would rush in and make it an inside fight. Vasquez couldn’t seem to time Encinas coming in or tie him up. Team LASD didn’t have an answer to the unexpected game plan put together by Team LAPD. The aggressiveness, pressure and rough tactics by Encinas was the clear difference in the fight.  Encinas winner by decision. This fight will go down as another classic trilogy, next to Jorge Caamal, LASD vs. Ivan Guillermo, LAPD.

Bout 8, 7th ranked, Erik Ramirez, LASD vs. Quincy Mirage, LAPD 165lbs. In the first round Ramirez came out like a sharp shooter putting his punches together nicely. Throwing beautiful counter combinations that landed right on target. Mirage didn’t seem to have an answer to the crisp clean punches thrown by Ramirez. First round was clearly Ramirez. Mirage went back to his corner, listened to his coaches and came out like a different fighter in the second round. Ramirez stood in the center of the ring and waved Mirage in. Mirage is a heavy handed power puncher who you don’t want to challenge. Mirage took full advantage of the invite and threw hard punches to the head of Ramirez.  Ramirez kept his hands up however a few punches would get through. The 2nd round went to Mirage. Mirage came after Ramirez in the 3rd round but it was Ramirez who would find his rhythm and score punches to the body and head and didn’t stick around for Mirage to return the favor. Ramirez did a good job of neutralizing Mirage’s power by using his speed and reach advantage. Mirage would have his moments when Ramirez stood in front of him but it was Ramirez experience, accuracy and combination punching that would be the difference in the fight. Ramirez winner by decision.

Bout 9, Chris Barrios, LASD vs. Alex Perez, LAPD 205lbs. The Main Event featured the #1 ranked Pound for Pound, Super Cruiserweight Phenom Chris “The Bull” Barrios, LASD taking on upset minded Alex Perez, LAPD.  Would Perez be ready for the big stage? How would he deal with the pressure? He has never fought this caliber of fighter. How would he handle it? All those questions were answered. Perez can fight! He wasn’t affected by the crowd, nerves or being the main event. Team LAPD must have had confidence in Perez to thrust him into the Main Event against the #1 ranked fighter. Perez proved he is a warrior, he brought the fight to Barrios and never back down. Perez would be on the losing end of a very competitive fight however fighting three tough rounds with the best fighter in the state has definitely made Perez a top 10 Super Cruiserweight and a threat to everyone in the division. The fight was a hard fought battle, perhaps Barrios toughest fight since defeating Oscar Rodriguez, LASD for the Police Olympic Gold Medal, 2011.  Barrios returned to the ring Friday night after a long lay off but did not show any signs of ring rust. He looked very sharp showing good balance, combination punching and head movement. Barrios is a blue collar type fighter. He isn’t cute with fancy footwork or showboating. He is a work horse who keeps his hands up and comes forward with relentless pressure and power. He is always looking to get off first and controls the pace of the fight. Barrios recorded another win with a solid performance against a tough opponent in Perez. Barrios has never tasted defeat and brings his record to 9-0.  It remains to be seen if there is anyone in the Super Cruiserweight division that can stop him. He seems to be on another level and his level of dominance keeps rising. This nonstop all action Main Event fight would also receive “Fight of the Night” honors.

The super talented UCA Cruiserweight Champion Brian Stevens, LASD was not on the card. The next time Stevens will step into to the ring will be to defend his title in a rematch against #1 ranked, Jamaal Brathwaite, Orange Co. S.D. in April.

The Fight for Life Boxing event is in the books and it was a huge success. A packed house and a lot of money raised for the City of Hope. Huge credit to the event organizers.

Nov 2012 25

Armando “Mando” Guzman, a long time resident of Los Angeles and trainer of the “Lite It up Boxing Team” has always loved the sport of boxing. Armando boxed for the LASD team for about 20 years, winning the Gold Medal in the Police Olympics twice and a Bronze Medal in the World Police & Fire Games. Mando learned his craft from trainers like Clemente Medina, and the late Hall of Famer, Emanuel Steward. Mando had the great opportunity to run the “Youth Boxing Program” for the LA County Sheriff’s Department for about 25 years. Now the trainer of the “Light It up Boxing Team,” he trains professional and amateur boxers. Some of the professional fighters that have trained in his gym are Roberto Duran, Marco Antonia Barrera, Oscar De La Hoya, Chiquita Gonzalez, and Carlos Famoso Hernandez. Armando trained Jesus Ruiz for the WBC Light Heavyweight Championship and trained Famoso Hernandez, as well.  Aside from training pros and top amateurs he is involved in training some of the deputies for the LA Sheriff’s Department, one being the undefeated UCA Cruiserweight Champion, Brian Stevens. Other LASD fighters under Mando’s tutelage are undefeated 5th ranked Super Cruiserweight Allan Rojas and undefeated 8th ranked Super Heavyweight Eddie Martinez.

For more information about Armando Guzman and his contributions to boxing go to On his website, he posts interviews with boxing personalities and other celebrities; for true boxing fans check out his personal memorabilia collection.


Nov 2012 20

Is Williams coming out of retirement? “I’m ready for Williams vs. Gomez II. Lol, no, I’ll let him run things, I had my time (Bryan Williams, Fresno PD, defeated (decision) Mike Gomez, CDCR CSP SAC Aug 20, 2011, that was Williams last fight) “I keep the itch. I’m hitting it hard, I train and spar everyday. I’m addicted. I still want to fight but I don’t want to seem selfish towards my stable of fighters.” Bryan Williams.

Williams had an opportunity to hang out with Roger Mayweather and compare and share training tips, methods and techniques. “Roger is very cool, down to earth guy, very personable,” Bryan said.

Nov 2012 17

Fight Like a Girl – December 1, 2012 Pala Casino

Bout 1-125lbs

Marisol “Maravillosa” Gonzalez, TJTD (International) vs Audi Vasquez, Riverside EMT


Bout 2 – 135lbs

Claudia “The Latin Heat” Gomez, State Bros. Loss Prevention vs. Livi “The Queen of Sting” Coco, Orange Co Sheriff’s Dept


Bout 3 – 130lbs

Amber Reilly, Riverside County AMR vs. Wenndy “Brickhouse” Gonzalez, Riverside Co Sheriff’s Dept


Bout 4 – 180lbs

Yesenia “Ms. Inferno” Tufnell, U.S. Forest Service vs. Paula Arriaga, Pala EMT


Bout 5 – 125lbs

Sherry Estevez, Moreno Valley C.E.R.T vs. Sherrene “Wildfire” Flores, U.S. Forest Service


Bout 6 – 160lbs

Jessica “Tinee Dinomite” Loomer, Alleluia Bail Bonds vs. Juanita Aragon, Morongo Public Safety


Bout 7 – 160lbs

Lorraine Chacon, CDCR CIW vs. Laurie “The Unknown” Duenas, Riverside Co Sheriff’s Dept


Bout 8 – 155lbs

Sarina ‘Sweet Pea” Delgado, ARM Hemet vs. Alex Flores, Orange Co Sheriff’s Dept


Co-Main Event – 135lbs

Rachel “One &” Dunn, C4KC vs. 2nd ranked, Selina “The Native” Velasquez, Soboba Public Safety. “One & Dunn” may have the best female nickname in the game however it may take more than one round to get “The Native” out of there. Velasquez will be looking to get back in the win column after losing to the undefeated, 2nd ranked Welterweight Janie Cozie, SBPD.


Main Event – 155lbs

3rd ranked, Alison Jablonsky, Orange Co Sheriff’s Dept vs. #1 ranked, Margaret “The Handler” Stewart, LAFD. Jablonsky may be a surprise to Public Safety boxing. She is coming off a big win over the former #1 ranked Super Middleweight Yesenia Nelson, CDCR Chino. She represents Orange Co Sheriff’s Dept and they produce great fighters. Steward is also coming off a big win over LAPD’s 2nd ranked Shannon Lopez. This will be a big test for both fighters.


Nov 2012 09

Brace yourself, the Fight for Life Boxing card is stacked with great fighters. 12 bouts, including the undefeated, Pound for Pound #1 ranked Super Cruiserweight Chris “The Bull” Barrios, LASD taking on Alex Perez, LAPD.

In the  Co-Main Event the undefeated UCA Cruiserweight Champion Brian Stevens, LASD will face off with Mike Barragan, LAPD.

In a fight that seems to be a lock for Fight of the Night,  5th ranked Angel Vasquez, LASD will meet 4th ranked Ray Encinas, LAPD for the 3rd time. Both fighters have a win over each other and will be laying it all on the line to prove they are the better fighter in the rubber-match.

Super Cruiserweights Jeff Flotree, LASD and George Lopez, LAPD two seasoned veterans with more fights than everyone on the card combined will battle it out once again.  

Also on the card, 7th ranked Erik “The Lone Wolf” Ramirez, LASD will be taking on tough Quincy Mirage, LAPD.

Plus 8th ranked Guerrero “Pedro” Gonzales, LASD will be looking for another victory when he takes on Eriverto Montano, LAPD.

The current 4th ranked Light Heavyweight Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD will be stepping back into the ring after winning Fight of the Night honors in the Sacramento Battle of the Badges Oct 6, 2012. Vasquez is dropping down to the Super Middleweight division to take on 8th ranked Roman Mercado, LASD. This fight could steal Fight of the Night from Vasquez and Encinas.

Female fighters will also be featured on this card when 3rd ranked Roxanne Chavez, LASD takes on Officer Guillen, Burbank PD and Francine Rizzio, LASD vs. Shannon Lopez, LAPD. This card features some of the best Public Safety fighters in California. The fighters are training hard to put on a great night of boxing for the fans.

Fight Card

Bout 1, 125lbs  3rd ranked Roxanne Chavez, LASD vs. Officer Guillen, Burbank PD

Bout 2, 165lbs   Francine Rizzio, LASD vs. Shannon Lopez, LAPD

Bout 3, 190lbs Ernie Ferras, LASD vs. Ruben Rosas, LAPD

Bout 4, 160lbs David Chung, LASD vs.  Miguel Mejia, LAPD

Bout 5, 190lbs Clay Grant, LASD vs. Chuck Wampler, LAPD

Bout 6, 154lbs 8th Guerrero “Pedro” Gonzales, LASD vs. Eriverto Montano, LAPD

Bout 7, 168lbs 8th ranked Roman Mercado vs. 4th ranked Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD

Bout 8, 165lbs 7th ranked  Erik Ramirez, LASD vs. Quincy Mirage, LAPD

Bout 9, 205lbs Jeff Flotree, LASD vs. George Lopez, LAPD

Bout 10, 154lbs 5th ranked Angel Vasquez, LASD vs. 4th ranked Ray Encinas, LAPD

Bout 11, 190lbs UCA Champion, Brian Stevens, LASD vs. Mike Barragan, LAPD

Bout 12, 205lbs #1 ranked Chris Barrios, LASD vs. Alex Perez, LAPD

Nov 2012 08

Cleon Jones, Yolo Co Corrections. 4th Ranked Super Heavyweight

“Well I got back into the gym for the first time this week since my fight. (Oct 6, 2012 Battle of the Badges) It felt real good to get back into it. I have plenty of time to train for the next one.  Look for a new more in shape skilled fighter. 2013 is my year, believe that.”

Nov 2012 07

James Smith, CHP and Aurelio Vasquez, LAPD received the well deserved UCA Fight of Night award from their display of heart, determination, toughness and warrior spirit. Smith, and Vasquez, gave the Battle of the Badges fans what they wanted to see, two highly skilled fighters throwing caution to the wind and laying it all on the line. This was not a slugfest; this was a strategic hard fought battle. Smith and Vasquez brought their competitive spirit, talent and skills into the ring and brought it to life in the face of adversity. No matter what the circumstances were, backing down was not an option. When things got tough they never faded, they pushed through the discomfort and never quit.  Smith and Vasquez left themselves vulnerable to being hurt in exchange for victory. Both fighters learned something about themselves that night and the fans learned something too. It takes a special person to step through those ropes. Congratulations, James Smith, California Highway Patrol and Aurelio Vasquez, Los Angeles Police Department.

Nov 2012 06

Hank Nagamine was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007.  Hank holds several distinctions going into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. He is the first Asian boxer to be inducted and also the first peace officer to be honored.

Hanks story started in his native Hawaii where he first donned boxing gloves. At the age of 18 he joined the Army’s 3rd All-Hawaiian outfit and was sent to Germany.

His boxing skills were good enough to win All-Service Tournaments in Europe and the U.S.   In 1962 he moved to Los Angeles and turned pro under the tutelage of “Derby” Duke Holloway and Sammy Sanders. Following a short ring career, Hank joined the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Besides his duties as an undercover detective in the Asian detail, he also coached various boxing programs for the Sheriff’s Department.

Hank “Okinawa Assassin” Nagamine retired as a peace officer with honors in 1997 and is still a coach with the LASD Boxing team.

Hank is a big supporter of Public Safety boxing; he and his wife Jane attended the Sacramento Battle of the Badges October 6, 2012. Hank helped out at the event, giving advice and wrapping the hands of two fighters and those fighters won. “I have a special way of wrapping hands” Hank said.

Nov 2012 01

The most competitive division in Public Safety boxing has to be the Jr. Middleweights. The athleticism and talent in this division is solid from top to bottom. Sitting at #1 is David Bermudez, an open fighter from East Bay Regional Parks PD. If Jorge Caamal, LASD were to drop to Jr. Middleweight he would take over the #1 spot since he has a win over Bermudez. Add Caamal to the division and it’s that much stronger. Sitting at #2 is DJ Vargas the slick boxing southpaw from Avenal PD.  3rd ranked Logan Burns, U.S. National Guard came onto the Public Safety boxing scene in the SoCal Battle of the Badges, July 2012 beating the highly talented Dustin Rodriguez. Burns is a well rounded fighter with the skill and talent to become a champion.  4th ranked Dustin Rodriguez, Santa Monica FD suffered his first defeat to Burns. Rodriguez is a young talented fighter who has a bright future in the sport. 5th ranked Angel Vasquez, LASD is not an easy opponent for anyone and has faced some tough competition. Vasquez is most remembered for his two epic battles with Ray Encinas, LAPD. 6th ranked Carlos Cabrera, Sac Co SD continues to improve and poses a threat to everyone in the division. 7th ranked Anthony Carrasco, Palo Alto PD is another young talented fighter with a lot of upside.  8th ranked Guerra Gonzales is with the LASD Boxing team and may have the talent to make a run at the title. 9th ranked Joseph Flahaven, Glendale Fire Dept became an instant prospect winning the gold medal in the 2011 Police Olympics. Flahaven can be a surprise in the division. 10th ranked Joey Deluca, AMR Riverside shows a lot of potential.

Oct 2012 29

SoCal Battle of the Badges Promoter Jeff Penn and Cops 4 Kids and Communities has raised the bar once again. On December 1, 2012 the first all female Battle of the Badges Boxing Event will take place at Pala Resort and casino. Some of the best female fighters in California will be featured on this card. Jeff Penn is also working on the North vs. South Battle of the Badges Event.



Oct 2012 25

Emanuel Steward, owner of the Kronk Gym in Detroit and an International Boxing Hall of Fame trainer has died. His contributions to boxing will never be forgotten.

Emanuel (Manny) Stewart was given his first pair of boxing gloves at age 8. That started a love affair with the sport that would last 60 years from boxer to trainer to manager to broadcaster. He was not only a jack of all traits but a master of all of them. After a great amateur career as a boxer Stewart wanted to help young men as a trainer. In the process he made Detroit’s Kronk Gym a house hold name throughout the world.. He developed many world champions led by the great Tommy Hearns. In all Stewart would train 41 world champions from 1995 until his death. His 1996 induction into the boxing Hall of Fame was a confirmation of his profound impact on the sport. For all his accomplishments perhaps Manny will be best remembered as boxing’s great ambassador. Stewart made many fans for the sport with his great personality and knowledge of boxing. Manny is one of those people who will be missed in boxing because he did so much for boxing. The sport of boxing really defined his life but he also defined the sport for all of us.