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Loreto Garza:World Champion

Mr. Loreto Garza is currently a correctional officer at CMF but prior to his tenure as an officerhe had a very successful boxing career. Garza started boxing at 18 years old and did it for three years. He won the Golden Gloves award all three years and made the United States Boxing Team. He turned pro in 1983 at the age of 21. In 1988 he won the WBC Americas Light Welterweight Championship with a spectacular first-round knock-out of former World Champion Harry Arroyo. Later that year Garza knocked out former World Champion Charlie Brown in four rounds. In 1989, Garza, with a single right hand in the 7th round, knocked former world champion Joe Manley out cold. Later that year Garza won a unanimous decision in a 12-round battle to win the USBA Championship over #1 ranked contender Frankie Warren. Garza fought the last 5 rounds of that fight with his left eye swelled completely shut. Many boxing annals argued that Garza Vs. Warren should have been the fight of the year. On August 17, 1990, with only two weeks notice, Garza flew to Nice, France and won the WBA Light Welterweight world title by majority decision over Juan Coggi. Garza displayed beautiful counter punching in the fight. He came back to his hometown of Sacramento and defended his World Title against former World Champion Vinny Pazienza. Garza out-smarted and out-boxed Pazienza and had his face battered as Pazienza was being a dirty fighter. A frustrated fighter, Pazienza picked Garza up in the 11th round and tried to slam him in the ring. Pazienza would be disqualified for the incident. The following year Garza lost the belt to Edwin Rosario. He was promised another World Title shot but it seemed like all of the Champions would duck when it came to Garza. He retired from boxing in 1993.

Record: 32 Wins | 2 Losses | 1 Draw | 28 KOs

w r i t t e n  b y  n i c h o l  g o m e z – p r y d e

California Correctional Peace Officers Association Peacekeeper Magazine
Dec 2011 13

Galt United Combat Comp Soccer Team are the Region 6 Champions. Congratulations to the coaches: Troy Arntson, Jose Morales, Kevin Ginni and the players. They have worked all season to reach this goal and this is the reward for their hard work and dedication.  Great job! The UCA looks forward to watching these kids grow as athletes.

Dec 2011 10


The UCA sponsored, 16U Lady Ballers girl softball team finished their season 20-3 and placed 2nd in the NorCal Championship Tournament. These ladies are not only great multi-sport athletes they are also  4.0 students with bright futures ahead of them.

Dec 2011 10

Will To Win

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Match-ups are a funny thing; some are obvious, some are not. You could have 2 athletic guys with experience and the kill or be killed mentality and just automatically know that it’s going to be a good fight. It’s the reason you bought a ticket. You make sure you are in your seat when the fight starts. Then there are those other match-ups. You don’t know who the fighters are and you plan to mingle, get a drink or use the bathroom when they come on. The fighters may not have the best physique, the best jab, hook, or footwork. Yet they have what you don’t see. The will to win, the big heart, the, “never give up” mentality. Those matches carry that element of surprise. When the fighter is hurt, when he is behind on the scorecards, when he is faced with something he never expected. That’s when the “magic” happens. The fundamentals, technique, and skill go out the window and the fighter gives everything he has to win. He finds something inside himself that no one knew he had and maybe something he didn’t know he had himself. When the fight is over you realize you just witnessed something special. The will to win is a powerful thing.

Dec 2011 05

Pride and bragging rights were on the line for the Fight for Life, Battle of the Badges LASD vs LAPD Boxing Event. The first bout went to LASD’s Swanson getting a 1st rd TKO over LAPD’s Finnegan. Bout 2 Ray Encinas LAPD picked up the win over LASD’s Angel Vasquez. The 3rd bout was very close.  LASD’s Lespron picked up the split decision win over LAPD’s Rosas. Bout 4 had LASD’s, Mills facing LAPD’s Gras. These ladies had the crowd on their feet as the action went back and forth. Gras picked up the win for LAPD to even the score 2 wins for LASD and 2 wins for LAPD. In the 5th bout, Brendy Ponce LAPD scored a 2nd rd TKO over Erik Ramirez, LASD. Bout 6, LASD, Mike Hernandez vs LAPD Juan Bustamante. Very close technical fight. Bustamante threw more punches and picked up the win by split decision. With LAPD winning 3 fights in a row, LASD’s Rojas felt the pressure to get a win for his team. He scored a 2nd rd TKO over LAPD’s, Swan in bout 7. The best skills of the night went to LASD’s Brian Stevens. He looked very sharp picking up a 1st rd TKO over LAPD’s John Negrete.  4 wins a piece, 2 fights to go. Bout #9, LASD’s Frazier vs LAPD’s Skeber, what a war. Nonstop action with each boxer scoring knockdowns. The referee had to call time to slow these guys down. Frazier picked up the win by split decision. Their bout was voted  “Fight of the Night.” Going into the Main Event, LASD, has 5 wins LAPD has 4 wins. This is what the crowd and fighters have been waiting for. The Trilogy, Jorge Caamal, LASD vs Ivan Guillermo, LAPD and they didn’t disappoint. Nonstop action from start to finish. LASD’s Caamal was throwing bombs and wanted the KO with his over hand right. Guillermo fought a more technical fight, working behind his jab and throwing his punches in combination. LAPD’s Guillermo picked up the win. It was a perfect ending to a great event. LASD 5 wins, LAPD 5 wins.

Dec 2011 01

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and deputies from the Sheriff’s Department will step into the ring on Friday December 2, 2011 for the annual “Fight for Life” Battle of the Badges boxing event to benefit City of Hope.









MONTEBELLO — Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies and Los Angeles police officers are preparing to go toe-to-toe in the boxing ring to help the City of Hope battle cancer.
The 18th annual “Fight for Life: Battle of the Badges” began in 1994 after some East Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies befriended 9-year-old cancer patient Joshua Moreno and decided to become involved in his cause.
Though the young man who inspired the event succumbed to the disease, the annual charity event continues in his memory.

What a fight card it will be. In the Main Event Jorge Caamal LASD vs Ivan Guillermo LAPD. This is the rubber-match that both fighters have been waiting for. This fight will go down as fight of the night for the 3rd time. Jorge and Ivan are Police Olympic Gold Medalist and have a lot of boxing experience.

In the co-main event Chris Barrios LASD vs John Negrete LAPD. Chris is undefeated with wins over top boxers, Juan Bustamante LAPD and Oscar Rodriguez LASD. John Negrete will be a tough opponent for Chris. John is a Police Olympic Gold Medalist and has more experience than Chris which may give John a slight advantage. This fight will definitely clarify who is number 1 at 190lbs.

Pictured above: LA Police Chief Charles Beck, Ivan
Guillermo, Jorge Caamal, LA Sheriff Leroy Baca


Ray Encinas LAPD will square off with Angel Vasquez LASD in a rematch. Angel squeezed out the victory in their first meeting. This fight has a chance to edge out Caamal vs Guillermo for fight of the night.

To give the fans something to talk about during intermission, the always exciting Juan Bustamante LAPD will be fighting Mike Hernandez LASD. Make sure you are in your seat for this one.
Whatever the outcome from this event, whether the competitors win or lose, they are all in agreement that the true winner here is City of Hope and the individuals they treat yearly.

Nov 2011 28

The UCA is proud to sponsor the Galt United Combat under 11 yr old Soccer Team. These kids are impressive to watch, their speed and footwork is amazing. They are currently ranked 5th in the state. They are the Tracy Orange Bowl Champions, Union City Champs, Granite Park Champs, Sac United Champs and League Champions. In 2 weeks they will be playing in the State Cup. The UCA is very proud of these kids and is honored to be a part of their program.

Nov 2011 25

Badgefights Combat League, in partnership with SO-CAL Battle-of-the-Badges is seeking Amateur Fire/Law/Mil MMA fighters for the new Hero MMA Fight League. The World Hero Fight Series will commence with a March 3, 2012 event and quarterly thereafter in venues throughout California.

Please submit online fighter application for consideration.
Eligible fighters must be full time law, fire, and mil – must have background in combative sports (MMA, Boxing, Martial Arts, and/or Grappling) – and upon selection The World Hero Fight Series will provide our fighters with championship titles, purses for championship bouts, and national/world rankings. Consistent with our philanthropic support of worthy causes, the World Hero Fight Series will be for the benefit of fallen warrior and disadvantaged youth causes. Badgefights is 100% owned and operated by public safety members of our community and is a philanthropic champion of fallen warrior causes!

Nov 2011 08

Name: James Davis

Nickname: Doin Damage

Fighting Weight: 175 lbs.

Department: CDCR Folsom Prison


1. When did you start boxing? 2010

2. What gym do you train at? Smash Time Boxing

3. Who is your trainer? Greg Huerta

4. Who or what got you started in boxing? Hearing people talk about Battle of the Badges at work.

5. Toughest opponent? Nobody

6. Who is your favorite boxer? Floyd Mayweather Jr.

7. Favorite all time fight? Roy Jones Jr. Vs. James Toney

8. Prefight music? Tupuc- All Eyes on Me

9. Most memorable athletic achievement? Scoring touchdowns in high school.

10. When did you start your career in public safety? 2007

11. People would be surprised to know about you?  I can cook.

12. What do you like to do when not training or working?  Spend time with my family.

13. Favorite movie or TV show?  First 48

Aug 2011 21

Law enforcement and correctional officers, military personnel and a firefighter went toe to toe in the boxing ring Saturday night, raising money for charity in the Battle of the Badges Fight Series: Road to the UCA Championship. All matches were officiated and scored by the California State Athletic Commission

Held in the intimate courtyard setting of Liquid Nightclub in Citrus Heights, the well-attended event benefited charities including the Armed Forces Foundation, Firefighters Burn Institute and Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project.

First match saw Brent Burkhart of CDCR take on Gary Mungia of the United States Army. A wild brawl to start the night off, with both fighters throwing wild. But Burkhart landed more punches and came out ahead on the judge’s scorecards.

The 2nd fight featured Jose Hermosillo of the Williams PD against Jed McNamara of Alcohol Beverage Control. McNamara, who goes by the nickname “Fighting Irish” attacked with big power punches. Hermosillo fended him off with jabs in the first round, but in the second rd. McNamara pinned Hermosillo in a corner and landed a series of punches which prompted the referee to step in and stop the fight. McNamara winner by TKO 1:40 of the second round.

Heavyweight match between Dru McDonald of Sacramento Metro Fire and Craig Hamblin of CDCR Solano Big man brawl! Three rounds of haymakers from both fighters. But McDonald was more methodical with his power punches and put more of them on target. McDonald winner by judge’s decision.

Next up was a match between Francisco Flores, Stanislaus County Sheriff Deputy vs. Neil Tremethick, U.S. Army, 140lbs. This was a back and forth battle. The taller Flores used his reach to score from the outside. Tremethick in his first fight fought tough against Flores the Police Olympic Gold Medalist. Tremethick did get in his own shots once he closed the distance. Flores found the openings in Tremethick’s defense and punched his way to a split decision victory. Winner Flores.

Brenden Reavis of Child Protective Services found the openings in CDCR’s Javier Banuelos defense and punched his way to decision win.

Great fight between Eduardo Barajas of Williams PD and CHP’s Ruben Jones. Jones battered Barajas into a standing eight count in the second round and Barajas returned the favor with a bodyshot knockdown. Jones pressed the action more and came out ahead on the scorecards by a narrow split decision win.

After intermission, the fights resumed with Craig Colosimo, Mule Creek Prison Correctional Officer vs. James Davis, Folsom Prison Correctional Officer, 175lbs. Colosimo trains at Niavaroni’s Kickboxing Gym with top amateurs and pro’s. Craig is 45 yrs old but you’d never know it. The guy is in tremendous shape. Davis boxing less than two years is already an open fighter. Davis is always at the gym. He is in good hands with trainer’s Greg and Tahzay Huerta at Smash Time Gym. Good, sharp exchanges marked this fight as the fighters traded punch after punch. Davis edged this one out on the scorecards to claim the victory.

David Richardson, CDCR Solano vs. Chris McElroy, CDCR CSP SAC 212lbs. Two big guys with a lot of power. First fight for Richardson, 4th fight for McElroy. At the sound of the bell McElroy came out landing punches in bunches. McElroy’s relentless pressure scores a first round knockdown and Richardson never recovered from it. The fight was stopped at: 35 seconds of the second round. McElroy winner 2nd TKO. Richardson is in good spirits; he chalks up the fight as a learning experience and is ready to get back in the ring. Once Richardson gets a few fights under his belt he wants a rematch.

Chris Martinez, Avenal PD, traveled from the Fresno area to compete in this event and Orlando Rivera, Arizona Border Patrol flew into Sacramento Friday night from Arizona. Neither fighter traveled all that way for nothing. As soon as the bell rang the waiting was over and these fighters went after each other. Close fight, Martinez, out worked Orlando Rivera of the Arizona Border Patrol to claim the judge’s decision.

Second to last match of the night featured Mike Hernandez of El Cerrito PD taking on CDCR’s Noel Montes. A pair of sharpshooters in this fight.  Montes was first to hit his target opening a cut on Hernandez in the first round. The blood continued to pour and Hernandez continued to apply pressure to his opponent but the blood continued to pour. Due to the blood getting into Hernandez eye. The ringside Dr. was forced to stop the fight in the 3rd round for the safety of the fighter. Winner, Montes 3rd round TKO.

The Main Event featured 3rd ranked Bryan “The Punisher” Williams, Fresno PD 220lbs vs. Mike “Godzilla” Gomez, CDCR 260lbs. It was Williams’s last fight before retiring. He looked very sharp, throwing short left hooks, lead right hands & crisp counter punching. In only his 2nd fight Gomez showed everyone he is an athlete and would be no easy opponent for the more experienced Williams. Gomez was able to smother the speed and power in the clench to score hits of his own. Gomez put the pressure on Williams the whole fight, forcing Williams to use his footwork, work angles and slip the big bombs thrown by Gomez. Speed kills and Williams was clearly the faster fighter and landed punches with scary power behind them. The experience proved to be too much for Gomez. Williams, winner by decision.

WOW! What a night of fights. It takes a special person to step thru those ropes and expose yourself to family, friends and co-workers.  The hard work, dedication and sacrifices the fighters made to compete benefited three great charities, CHP Orphan’s & Widows Fund, Sac Fallen Officers, Armed Forces Foundation.

Aug 2011 15

Bryan Williams is a Police Officer with the Fresno Police Dept and is also a Police Olympic Gold Medalist who holds a record of 20-4. Williams is the UCA 2nd rated Heavyweight and will be hanging up the gloves after he fights Correctional Officer Mike Gomez, CDCR CSP SAC PRISON in the Main Event Aug 20th at the Battle of the Badges Event, held at Liquid Night Club, Citrus Heights, CA. The UCA sat down with the 2nd ranked fighter to ask him a few questions about the upcoming fight and if it is truly his last fight.

UCA – What kind of training are you doing to prepare for your fight?

BW – I have been sparring 4 days a week approx. 20-30 rounds a day, doing plenty of conditioning and light lifting.

UCA – What gym do you train at?

BW – Fresno Kickboxing Academy.

UCA – Who have you been sparring with to prepare for this fight?

BW – Some of the guys I have sparred with are Heavy Hands Strike Force fighter Brandon Cash, speed demon UFC fighter Josh Koscheck, one of my fighter’s Joey Lopez, and other pro and amateur fighters that train out of American Kickboxing Academy and Fresno Kickboxing Academy.

UCA – If you could call anyone out who would it be?

BW – James Dorris, (Folsom PD) is a fighter I would have liked to have fought prior to retirement. Why, because Dorris and his trainer (Shon Moore) think he is the best pound 4 pound fighter. I believe Dorris has a lot of holes in his game that are suspect

UCA – Do you study the old fighters?

BW – I watch old fighters but don’t necessarily study them. The fight game was different back in the day. Most fighters banged for 15 rounds, that isn’t my style. I study fighters that move and are very elusive, such as Floyd Mayweather and the lightweight fighters.

UCA – Who is your favorite fighter?

BW – My Favorite fighter is Mike Tyson because I emulated him as a young up and coming fighter. I was trained by Kevin Young who trained under the late great trainer Cus D’ Amato during the time Mike Tyson was training for the Olympics. I was trained to slip, bob, weave, create angles to throw and land my punches.

UCA – Do you have any predictions for your fight August 20th?

BW – My prediction is there will be a lot of punches thrown and a lot landed. I will land the majority of the punches thrown and my opponent will reap the benefits from learning from a true Champ!

UCA – Will August 20th will be your last fight?

BW – August 20, 2011 is Bryan “The Punisher” Williams’s curtain call, last bell, and final fight. Since the first day I walked into the Ring Side Gym in 1991, I gave all I had to the sport of boxing. I will leave with my head up high. I’ve learned plenty and I am passing on the torch to the next generation of great Law Enforcement fighters. I have fought and trained all over. From California to New York and places in between. I want to thank USA Boxing, CSAC, Police Olympics, Battle of the Badges throughout out California and the Sacramento Battle of the Badges for this awesome opportunity. Most of all the connections I’ve made with my fellow law enforcement agencies. Thank you.

UCA – Will you be one of those guys that come out of retirement if a title shot is offered to you?

BW – I will not fight again, not even for a title. Mentally I received all I need in fighting. I will train fighters till the day they ring 10 for me

Aug 2011 10

Battle of the Badges VIII, a charity boxing event, will take place Saturday, August 20, 2011 in Citrus Heights, as 22 law enforcement, firefighter and military personnel participate in the all new boxing series.

Battle of the Badges Sacramento, an organization of public safety and military amateur boxing, benefits numerous local charities on recommendation from the fighters. A handful of Correctional Officers from Folsom’s two prisons are slated for fight night, including 6-foot, 1-inch, 260-pound Super Heavyweight Mike Gomez in the main event.

Gomez fought in last year’s 2010 event at Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, where we won in a TKO in about one minute, thirty seconds.

The main event will feature Gomez against Bryan Williams of Fresno Police Department. Gomez has worked at new Folsom prison for four years. Gomez has a black belt in Chinese Hung Gar Kung Fu and is working on another in Shou Shu, a form of kung fu self defense.

“It’s going to be a bunch of cops beating the hell out of each other,” said Gomez with a laugh. “Getting in shape has been brutal. I expect to go in there and do the best I can and have fun while doing it. [Williams] is pretty good; he’s been boxing a long time. I guess this is his last fight, so it should be a good one to watch.”

Javier Banuelos and Chris McElroy are fighting out of the Red Corner as the two other new Folsom Prison Officers competing. James Davis, an Officer from Folsom State Prison, will fight out of the Red Corner.

All of the fighters from the two Folsom Prisons fought at least once previously with Battle of the Badges.

McElroy fought at the 2009 event at Raley Field in Sacramento. He weighs about 215 pounds and will be fighting David Richardson (212 pounds) of CDCR Solano Prison.

Banuelos (190) trains at Niavaroni Kickboxing and was awarded the most exciting fighter at the Battle of the Badges VII last year in Sacramento. He is fighting Brenden Reavis (190), a Child Protective Service Officer, in what Montes said should be one of the night’s most exciting fights.

Weigh-ins will be held at 6 p.m. Friday at Folsom Lake Sports Bar and Saturday’s fights around 6:30 p.m. at Liquid Nightclub in Citrus Heights. A pre-fight ceremony honoring fallen officers, firefighters and soldiers will precede Saturday’s events.

Sep 2010 01

Boxing returned to Sacramento Saturday night with Battle of the Badges VII, an annual charity boxing event featuring correctional officers, police officers and firefighters from the Northern California area.

Fifteen bouts of three two-minute rounds took place in front of an estimated 2,000-3,000 boxing fans at Memorial Auditorium, benefiting such charities as the Firefighters Burn Institute, Sac Fallen Officers Resource Fund, The Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project and Sacramento SPCA.

Some agencies represented in the matches included the Sacramento and Vallejo fire departments; the Sacramento, Davis and Woodland police departments; the California Highway Patrol and California Dept of Corrections.

There were 14 male bouts and one female bout. The majority of the fighters have been training for several months at LA Boxing.

After weigh-ins and a pre-party at Blue Cue, the prematch action began at Memorial Auditorium Saturday afternoon. Fighters were in many different states of mind as fight time drew closer. Some listened to music through headphones to calm the nerves, and others prepared their muscles by shadowboxing in front of a mirror.

After all fighters had their hands wrapped, and inspected the California State Athletic Commission called for a meeting backstage for the corners and fighters to go over the ground rules of the matches: Don’t hit boxers when they’re down, no hitting below the belt, no “rabbit punches” (hits to the back of the head), and others.

After the singing of the national anthem and the ceremony performed by the California State Prison, Sacramento, and California State University, Sacramento, Army ROTC Honor Guard, the bouts were under way.

Fighters chose the music they walked out to, and the songs were played by DJ A-1 accompanied by Justin Barnes on live drums. For those who are curious, “Gonna Fly Now,” also known as “Theme from Rocky,” was indeed chosen by one fighter, however, “Eye of the Tiger” was not.

The ready-for-action crowd erupted each time a fighter let loose a flurry of punches, as well as when fists connected hard with their intended targets – mainly faces.

The bouts were engaging for the fans, and the crowd was enticed to stay involved between rounds with the help of the Corona Ring Girls.

The event featured its share of blood, sweat and knockdowns. No one was knocked out, but there were TKOs (technical knockouts), and many fights went the distance, and the winner was decided by decision.

The Battle of the Badges put on another great night of boxing with the charities being the big winner from the event.

See results page for fight results.

Aug 2010 25

Boxing returns to Downtown Sacramento! Peace Officers and Firefighters present BATTLE OF THE BADGES VII a Charity Boxing event at the Historical Memorial Auditorium on Saturday August 28th, 2010. Come cheer on your favorite fighter as they compete to raise money for several worthy charities. The Sacramento Firefighters Pipes & Drums will perform a pre-fight ceremony as they honor our Fallen Officers, Firefighters, and Soldiers.

Firefighters, Police, Sheriff’s and Correctional Officers square off at the Historic Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Sacramento for the 7th year in a row with Battle of the Badges VII. This fantastic event benefits charities such as the Firefighters Burn Institute, Sac Fallen Officers, The Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project, the SPCA and more.

Get ready for a night of excitement when the Boxing begins at Memorial Auditorium on August 28th, 2010. The Sacramento Firefighters Pipes & Drums will perform a pre-fight ceremony as they honor our Fallen Officers, Firefighters, and Soldiers.

August 28th, 2010 is coming fast so be sure to reserve your tickets now at or by going to to show your support for this great cause.

Oct 2009 10

On a cool, crisp October evening at Raley Field in West Sacramento, law enforcement officers and firefighters from across Northern California came together to heat up the ring at the 2009 Battle of the Badges, a charity boxing event benefiting the Firefighters Burn Institute, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department Toy Project, and the Sacramento Fallen Officers Resource Fund administered by CSP-Sacramento.

In the first bout of the night, 39-year-old heavyweight Raymond “Sugar Ray” Cancel from CDCR CSP-Sacramento took on 35-year-old Ken Amodo from CDCR DVI. Both fighters were heavy hitters, with Cancel taking two standing-eight counts and Amodo getting knocked down in the 3rd round. Ultimately, Amodo won the fight with a unanimous decision.

Next up was CDCR Mule Creek State Prison’s Kelly McKinnon – one of four female fighters – against a firefighter Stephanie Johnson from Clarksburg Fire Dept. McKinnon made quick work of the firefighter, with the referee stopping the fight in the 1st round.

Fighting in the third bout of the night, Anthony “El Gallo” Chacon from CDCR CSP-Sacramento and Daniel Gehm from CDCR CMF-Vacaville were well matched. Chacon caught an overhand right punch from Gehm and was knocked down in the 1st round. After a standing-eight count, Chacon appeared ready to continue boxing but the referee chose to stop the fight, unleashing an uproar of “Boo!”from the crowd of more than 1500 boxing fans.

In the second female fight of the night, Nina Nunez from CDCR CMF was up against Julie “The J Cat” Williams from CDCR San Quentin. Williams showed great boxing fundamentals and scored with both jabs and power punches. Nunez fought back hard, but in the second round the referee stopped the bout and declared Williams the winner.

In a great battle of heavyweights, David Cummings from CDCR DVI and Christopher McElroy from CDCR CMF fought their hearts out, with Cummings winning by decision.

The 6th bout featured Eric Brazil, CDCR Mule Creek vs. Patrick Cox, Sac PD. This was an action packed highly skilled fight. These two fighters showed the best skills of the night.

Bout 7, Robert Cordray, also from CDCR Mule Creek, scored a three-round decision over Brenden Reavis from the Compliance Investigations Unit respectively, to lead up to a brief intermission in the action.

After the break, one of the most anticipated fights of the night pitted Cris “Heavy Hands” Garrison from CDCR CSP-Sacramento against “Slick” Rick Turner from the California Highway Patrol. In the first round Garrison pounded away, nearly knocking Slick Rick through the ropes. Turner was able to regain control and the referee eventually stopped the fight in the 2nd round, the victory this time going to the Turner from the CHP.

Abraham Sacay of CDCR CSP-Sacramento, and Arturo “El Tigere” Serrato, CDCR DVI, were up next, as Serrato entered the ring to the music of a live Mariachi band. The two correctional officers fought hard for three rounds, with Sacay scoring the victory by decision.

Next up was Antonio “Rocket” Rodriguez, CDCR CSP-Sacramento, vs. Shaun Dean, Folsom Prison. These guys fought hard for three rounds but Rodriguez would get the victory by decision.

Larry “Pitbull” Fernandez from, CDCR CSP-Solano scored a decision win over a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy, Carlos Cabrera bringing us to the main event of the night.

The two heavyweights entered the ring: Larry “Cyco” Ward from, CDCR CMF, and James “Lights Out” Dorris, representing the Folsom Police Department. Lights Out turned out to be an appropriate moniker for Dorris because that is exactly what Cyco had in store for him. Both fighters charged to the center of the ring; Dorris scored a punch that briefly – very briefly – slowed Ward’s assault, then Ward bounced back, unleashing a barrage of blows that put the lights out for Lights Out.

Battle of the Badges 2009 was a great success. All fighters emerged from their bouts with only a few aches and pains, no serious injuries, and ready to fight another day. The real winners of this popular event are the families who will benefit from the services of the Firefighters Burn Institute, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project, and the Sacramento Fallen Officers Resource Fund.

Oct 2009 02
Rocky goes for the punch and jab. It’s not Balboa, it’s Davalos. Twenty-seven year old fireman, Rocco Davalos, a.k.a. Rocky, of the Sacramento City Fire Dept. has been training in anticipation of the 6th annual Battle of the Badges scheduled to take place at Raley Field, October 10th, 2009. Rocky says, “I thought it would be fun but it’s primarily about the Firefighters Burn Institute.” Although he had never taken up boxing prior to signing on to participate in this charitable sporting event, he is often looking for new ways to keep in shape. The 6’4″ 240 pound firefighter has been training specifically for his match over the past three months and is looking forward to the experience.
After becoming familiar with Sacramento’s firefighter procedures as a volunteer, Rocco became an official part of the team about three years ago. When asked if he views firefighting as a dangerous job, Rocco stated that “I’ve never actually feared for my life … but the dangers of the job aren’t on the forefront of my mind.” “It’s not a focus as long as a firefighter keeps his wits and remembers to maintain the safety procedures … and we have others watching out for us.” The charity boxer made it clear that good teamwork and training are huge factors in keeping firefighters safe.


Rocco is the only contender from the Sac City F.D. this year but he watched his friends participate in prior years. His three-round bout is scheduled as a match with Michael Gomez with CSP Sac. Who will you cheer for? How about the three charities being benefited – Firefighters Burn Institute, Sac Sheriff’s Toy Project, and the Sacramento Fallen Officers Resource Fund.

Another contender stepping in to punch up the proceeds for these charities is Officer Rick Turner of the CA Highway Patrol. Rick has practiced boxing in his workouts through the years and decided to return for some more fun after his 2008 match held at the Memorial Auditorium. As a highway patrolman, he has had occasion to help travelers stranded on the shoulder of the highway with flat tires and provide assistance to accident victims too confused or hurt to know what steps to take to get a car towed, file a report, or handle the repercussions of a collision. Rick is a forty-year old public servant with three years experience and a lot of pride in his role at the CA Highway Patrol. After working a number of years at Aerospace as an engineer for space satellites, he decided to change into a career that he assumed would “never have a dull moment” and give him the opportunity to help people. According to Turner, the job “surpassed his expectations” for enjoyment and sense of service. He is currently stationed at the State Capitol where he protects the governor and state employees and patrols the grounds. This “prestigious assignment,” that has been a task assigned to the State Police in former years, came after extensive interviews to establish his suitability for the position.

The battle starts at 6:30 pm and you can cheer for 6’2″ 225 pound, quiet charmer “Slick” Rick during his boxing bout when he will battle Cris “Heavy Hands” Garrison of the CSP-Sacramento in the eighth event scheduled for the evening. Eager Rocco the “Mad Medic” Davalos is expected to battle in the twelfth event before the main match featuring James “Lights Out” Dorris of Folsom P.D. pitted against Larry “Cyco” Ward of CMF-Vacaville.

This final and highlighted event is actually a rematch and if Larry Ward has been following thirty-four year old Dorris’ training routine he would be busy six days a week, three hours a day conditioning, strengthening, and sparring. It’s a sport to which this officer dedicates himself with drive in the same manner he fulfills his role in law enforcement.

James Dorris has been with the Folsom Police Dept. for five years, and the Contra Costa County Sheriff Dept. five years prior. He is participating in the Battle of the Badges as a continued love for the sport of boxing that began as a boy who idolized Holyfield. Like many other everyday heroes who get up in the morning and don their respective badges, Dorris started his career in law enforcement as a means to assist people as well as fulfill his desire for daily challenges. He says, “every day is different … and its about helping people when there is a call for service … which can be someone who thinks there’s an intruder in their home, responding to calls about DUIs, or domestic violence victims … there’s a huge range of calls.”

Dorris has won gold for super-heavyweight in Idaho’s 2008 Western States Police and Fire Games, and after dropping twenty-five pounds, the heavyweight gold in Santa Clarita 2009 games. When queried about the various levels of experience and training for contenders in this year’s Battle of the Badges, he said, “they all deserve full respect … any fighter who puts himself in the ring in front of thousands of people to represent their department and for the benefit of charities deserves respect. … it requires a lot of time and training” and in the morning, after the bouts are done, they all go back to their public service duties.

And for the fans of lady fighters, two matches will star Nina Nunez, CMF-Vacaville versus Julie “The J Cat” Williams CSP-San Quentin, and Stephanie Johnson, Clarksburg F.D. versus Kelly McKinnon, Mule Creek State Prison. Go ladies!! Tickets are available at the Raley Field box office in West Sacramento for $25-30 where the event is otherwise known as Raley Field Rumble. If you love boxing or just love our public servants and would like to support their charities, be sure not to miss the battling, badge-wearing fighters punching it out for a good cause.

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Welcome to the United Combat Association
Aug 2009 01

Boxing people are a special breed, denizens of a strange world that few outsiders see and even fewer understand. It’s a dark world that takes what’s most savage in man and pushes it center stage against a backdrop of exploitation and pain. But beyond the spectacle of violent confrontation, boxing offers courage and beauty, loyalty and strength. Its adherents live in a world of flattened noses, scarred faces, beautifully muscled bodies and the will to overcome insurmountable odds. Boxing is like a narcotic, the most pervasive of drugs and once hooked you never get it out of your system.

The Black Lights-Thomas Hauser