“UCA Fight of the Night” honors are memorable battles that undoubtedly will be talked about years from now.   While most fights come and go Fight of the Night battles live on through the ages and become a part of UCA Boxing History.


CITRUS HEIGHTS (August 20, 2011) NorCal Battle of the Badges
(Welterweight) Francisco Flores-Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Dept. vs. Neil Tremethick-US Army


RANCHO CORDOVA (March 31, 2012) NorCal Battle of the Badges
(Super Lightweight) Jodi Brown-Sacramento PD vs. Nelly Mendoza-Fresno PD


SACRAMENTO (October 6, 2012) NorCal Battle of the Badges
(Light Heavyweight) Aurelio Vasquez-LAPD vs. James Smith–CHP


RICHMOND (April 20, 2013) NorCal Battle of the Badges
(Middleweight) Brent Burkhart–CDCR DVI Prison vs. Quincy Mirage–Los Angeles Police Dept.
(Super Middleweight) 
Julie Williams–CDCR San Quentin Prison vs. Stephanie Sparks-Los Angeles Sheriff Dept.


HANFORD (April 19, 2014) Central California Battle of the Badges
(Super Featherweight) Laura Morales-Fresno County Probation vs. Deirdre Fonseca-Los Angeles Police Dept.


SACRAMENTO (October 11, 2014) NorCal Battle of the Badges
(Super Heavyweight) Iulia Tuua-CDCR Mule Creek Prison vs Pierce Masse-Fresno Police Dept.


HANFORD (April 11, 2015) Central California Battle of the Badges
(Super Middleweight) AJ Forestiere–Madera Police Dept. vs. John Henderson–Hanford Police Dept.


HANFORD (April 9, 2016) Central California Battle of the Badges
(Cruiserweight) Michael Valle–CDCR PVSP vs Martin Gutierrez–Lemoore Police Department


LOS ANGELES (October 1, 2016) SoCal Battle of the Badges
UCA Welterweight Championship Title Fight
Mike Delery – LAPD vs David Bermudez – East Bay Regional Parks Police Department


HANFORD (April 8, 2017) Central California Battle of the Badges
(Welterweight) Hugh Estrada–California Highway Patrol vs Jose Bustillos–United States Navy