Dec 2018 28


No one said it was going to be easy to become a champion. It takes hard work, commitment and consistency to achieve dreams. You have to bite, scratch, crawl, and fight your way to the top. Often times people quit when the journey gets tough but champions hit the accelerator and go full speed ahead.  You can’t shy away from hard work or tough competition. A champion must always take the toughest road traveled. You must keep going even when you cannot take another step. You must stay focused on the goal and devise a means to achieve it. You must motivate yourself to keep pushing.

Champions don’t win only by their own efforts. Most times they have the encouragement and support of certain people in their lives who make the experience seem worthwhile.  No matter how small your circle is, you’re going to need their support and words of encouragement. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

Lastly most champions have one thing in common, this is their drive. You cannot become a champion if you do not have something, a reason that pushes you to continue the fight. You need a reason to not give up and once you channel that which drives you, in that ring, your opponent is at your mercy.

Only champions know what it feels like to finally reach the pinnacle. Having the belt wrapped around their waist only confirmed what they always believed. Champions are made not born.