May 2016 09

FullSizeRenderBilly Adkins
Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office
Weight: 140-145
Age: 30 (11-23-1985)
Record: 7-3 amateur events

1. When did you start your career with West Virginia Sheriffs Department? I started my career with the Sheriff’s Office in 2011. Prior to working with the Sheriff’s Office I was a Corporal with the Beckley City Police Department in Raleigh County and was with them four years before switching over.

2. When did you start boxing? I started training back in 2009.

3. What got you started in boxing? I’ve always had a passion for it and absolutely love the sport. Growing up my friends purchased a pair of gloves and I fell in love with the sport.

4. What gym do you train at when preparing for a fight? Signal 12 gym

5. Who is your trainer? Steve Neal

6. Who is the best boxer you ever sparred against or trained with?  Adam Jones (Sergeant with the Beckley City Police Department)

7. What does a typical training day consist of for you? Cardio, Sparring, Bag work, strength training, ect. I mix up my workouts every other week.

8. Favorite fighter? Arturo Gatti

9. Favorite all time fight? Gatti vs Ward

10. Favorite movie? Southpaw, End of Watch

11. Favorite food? Grilled Chicken

12. First job? Worked in the Kitchen at ACE White Water. Preparing lunches for the Rafters.

 13. What do you like to do when not training or working? Love spending time with my daughter and my wife. They are my strength. I love working out, that’s my escape from the world.

14. Person you most admire? I admire all first responders/military for what they do. With everything thats going on in the world today it takes a special person to wake up daily and continuing the fight. I admire all those people and personally thank them all. I applaud them all….

I want to personally say thank you for all that you guys do. Its an honor and privilege to be able to participate in such a great event. It amazes me and I’m just thankful. I greatly appreciate the opportunity. Keep doing what you’re doing because its noticed. God bless and stay safe.