May 2017 24


Remin Pineda

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept

Nickname: “Rembo” “Pinoy Power”

Fighting Weight: 168-178 lb

When did you start boxing? 2008

Who or what got you started in boxing? LASD, Sgt. Mike Young offered boxing at his house during a jail operations briefing.

When preparing for a fight what gym do you train at? Sgt. Mike Young’s house, Crossfit La Verne, and Sityodtong Los Angeles.

Who is your trainer? Mike Young, Francisco Acosta, and Josh Aragon.

Who is the best boxer you ever sparred against? Hard to say…they’re all good in their own styles.

Of all your opponents and sparring partners who hit the hardest? Rogelio Garcia.

What do you feel is your strongest weapon in the ring? Overhand right.

What do you like to do when not training or working? Crossfit, Muay Thai, riding my motorcycle (2011 Honda Shadow).

Favorite fighter? Manny Pacquiao

Favorite movie? Dumb & Dumber.

Favorite athlete? Alex Viada. Endurance athlete and powerlifter.

Favorite food? Carne Asada super fries.

First job? U.S. Marine.

First car? Volkswagon Passat

Person you most admire? My late father (Herminio Manalo Pineda 1953-2015). Very humble and kind man. Grew up with nothing but raised me to be the best I could be.