Apr 2016 15

UCA 1 (7) (706x800)One of the most important fights on Saturday night was the match up between the interim UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Chris Martinez, Fresno Police Dept. and the reigning and defending UCA Jr Middleweight Champion Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept. Both fighters made their walk to the ring with the UCA belt in their possession but only one will leave with it. Before the bell sounded two men with so much in common stood in opposite corners of the ring. Both hold the UCA strap, have wins over the division’s elite, are considered the best at 154 pounds and it’s the first time two champions will square off with each other. When the bell rang Martinez got off to a blazing start pressuring and throwing heavy shots determined on stopping Rodriguez. It was a good strategy, Rodriguez has been inactive over a year while Martinez has become the most active fighter in the UCA.  Rodriguez showed no signs of ring rust, his timing, rhythm and cardio were spot on. While Martinez continued to pressure trying to make it a rugged fight, Rodriguez kept his composure and made his punches count ultimately forcing the referee to step in and give Martinez a standing 8 ct. The fight would go the distance and in the end it was Rodriguez quickness, timing, technical skills and ability to land the cleaner more damaging blows that sealed the win for him. And still….the undisputed reigning and defending UCA Jr Middleweight Champion, Dusty Rodriguez, Santa Monica Fire Dept.