Sep 2017 11

On DSC_3356 (800x658)Saturday September 9, #1 ranked Remin Pineda, LASD squared off with the former UCA Champion #2 Hector Mendoza, LAPD. Pineda and Mendoza were the headliners for the 911 Fight Night at Citizens Business Bank Arena, in Ontario CA. Pineda came into the fight a slight favorite having already beat Mendoza last year. Once the fighters met in the center of the ring and received their final instructions, it was on! When the bell sounded both fighters looked to implement their game plan. Mendoza used his ring smarts, and speed advantage to land quick punches against the stronger more aggressive Pineda. While Pineda threw punches with bad intentions as he was looking to knock Mendoza out. From the first to the last bell both fighters imposed their will on one another. Pineda was effective using an aggressive calculated attack landing punches but not the fight ending blow he was looking for. Mendoza used his boxing instincts and athleticism to weave his way in and out of danger. After 3 hard fought rounds this fight was going to the score cards. This 3 round war showcased both fighters grit, toughness and will to win. In the end it was Mendoza’s speed, timing, and counter punching that edged out Pineda to become the new UCA Light Heavyweight Champion. With the score now even at one a piece, boxing fans will demand a third fight. There have been some great trilogies in Public Safety boxing. A Pineda vs Mendoza trilogy would join the great trilogy classics of Jorge Caamal, LASD vs Ivan Guillermo, LAPD, Ray Encinas, LAPD vs Angel Vasquez, LASD and Brandon Manning, LASD vs Chris Martinez, Fresno PD.

 Hector Mendoza made UCA history by becoming the first UCA fighter to regain the title after losing it.